“Luna petals” LCD/LED watch design ideal for summer.

Design submitted by Nigel from Australia.

Nigel says : I was trying to make create a watch that was quirky and but ultimately functional. Ideally for young women.

There is no second hand on this watch to tell the time you simply read the three petals starting from biggest to smallest.

Its unique, I have not seen any that are similar in any way.

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"Luna petals" LCD/LED watch design ideal for summer., 4.0 out of 5 based on 155 ratings

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43 Responses to ““Luna petals” LCD/LED watch design ideal for summer.”

  1. avatar John says:

    How is it I rated it a 5 and it came up a 4? and I know many women who would also.

  2. avatar Heather says:

    I’m not really into flowers, so I probably wouldn’t wear it myself, but I like the idea! 5* (Satellite for ladies)

  3. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    Really feels like you’re on the beach in the summertime seeing this …ahhhh.
    The simplicity of this is almost relaxing.

    It also reminds me of a really old TF concept design. Girls version had petals, sky blue & pink. Mens version had snowflakes, black & ice blue. So if you’re not into flowers there could be other shapes, colours used.

    • avatar nigel says:

      Thanks I have just found this site. I love the business concept.

      I agree with you on the different shapes I have a lot of ideas re men’s versions etc in my head it’s just trying to get them onto paper. I had wanted to do a black version with red LEDs and more masculine shapes(it would have a real 80s feel to it) but I was really struggling with rendering it up correctly, I just cannot get it to look like what I have in my head.

      I kinda got exited when I seen this site and rushed my entry as you can see by my bad grammar:) i notice there are a lot of doubts re the feasibility. I to had doubts about this but I think I have figured out a simple way to produce it. If I was to draw up a quick explanation of how I think it would be manufactured could I email it to you or post it? Thanks

    • avatar nigel says:

      Hi i have submitted a file showing how the watch could be produced as i see the feasibility seems to be in questio. Would it be possible to included it with this entry? thanks!

  4. avatar Pete says:

    Hi Nigel,
    Im a chap so clearly this design is not aimed at me. That said I think it looks very funky and the time telling method is nice and simple. If this could be made as per your images this would sell like hot cakes. But it looks un-feasible with current technology. If it could be made with out too much compremise I would happily buy this as a gift.
    I have rated you 5 for the funky look but no as it is not really for me and I have my doubts about the feasibilty.
    Best of luck! :D

    • avatar fetamy says:

      Agreed, the color is not looking very good. I think I don’t like bight ones.

    • avatar nigel says:

      Hi Pete thanks for your comment I am new to this site I really like it so far. I was thinking the same re how feasible it would be to make and I think I have a few solutions as to how it could be done I really should have drew up something explaining how I think it could be made to get some feed back. I will try draw up a quick sketch of how i think it could be done and see if I can post it somehow. Thanks again Pete

      • avatar Pete says:

        Hi Nigel, I didn’t realise you were new to the blog. Welcome! It a nice concept, if you have more details that show the feasibility it’s worth submitting them, even if it’s just for TF’s eyes. Then if they did choose to develop the idea you may have steered them in a way that doesn’t compromise the style. Anyway that’s enough rambling from me. Wecolme and best of luck! :D

    • avatar Pete says:

      I see TF have added you feasibilty explaination. The only issue I could potentially see is a lack of depth for the electronics to fit into, the bangle looks very thin. Is the white inner core curved in cross section? ie thicker in the middle that the at the edges. If not this would be an easy wasy of increasing the internal cavity for the elctronics, in fact if you curved both the inner and outer so it is like a plan wing in cross section there would be plenty of room whilst keeping the slim line look! I think it has potential! :D

      • avatar nigel says:

        Hi Pete. I have made it curved in cross section for this reason however I am pretty sure the integrity of the design would not be compromised too much if it had to be made a little thicker. I was just looking back on past designs that have made to production on TF and I have not seen anything that has deviated too far from the traditional watch layout so I’m sure it may be too much of a risk for them right now. I have other less outlandish concepts I might flesh out and post.

        Pete could you take a look at my other work and let me know your thoughts?



        • avatar Pete says:

          I must admit over time I have rained in my crazy a little, and made my later designs more feasible (some of first submissions were very loose concepts which were probably un-makeable).
          But you never can guess what will float TF’s boat.
          If you have more concepts I would definately encourage you to get them submitted, you have a nice style. I had a quick look at your portfolio, there some nice stuff there. Do you design for a living?

  5. avatar Sandra says:

    Ah, can’t remember the last time I saw a design for women here. So thanks, Nigel! I really like the shape of it and the colour which almost happens to be one of my favorite colours, but like Pete said, I’m not sure whether this design is feasible or not.. I’m not an expert on these things :) I’m not into flowers much, but I’m sure many ladies are. But like TF already said, there could be different colours and shapes. Maybe a sakura branch with blossoms… :D

    • avatar nigel says:

      Hi Sandra thanks a lot for your comment! I agree re Sakura branch! I have lots of different ideas re shapes etc it’s just getting them rendered to look like what I have in my head is a real problem for me. Regarding feasibility I think I might have a way in which it could be produced I will try draw it up and post it. Thanks again
      Feel free to take a look at my site all feedback welcome http://www.nroddy@prosite.com

  6. avatar Ranjan says:

    Nigel … Design is very romantic … great magic … after long time …

  7. avatar Firdaus the herbalist says:

    Very girly and relaxing. It’s a paradise kiss kiss watch… Girl power! Yeah!

  8. avatar SiHH says:

    Very cool.

    Any other colours planned?

    Black strap and green/yellow flowers would be great!

    • avatar nigel says:

      thanks Sihh! Yeah I really wanted to do a black version with red LEDs (80s style) but I was had a lot of trouble getting it to render I just couldn’t get it to look like what I had in my head. I am trying to learn new software now so hopefully I can do this.

  9. avatar David Codish says:

    Just love it! would defenitely buy 1 (or more…)

    Let me know when it’s available :-)

  10. avatar Samukun says:

    Hi Nigel, welcome to the blog!!

    Your watch had already some fame online, I saw it when googling for inspiration. It’s a vibrant and fashionable 12-5-9 concept. Although it’s too floral for me, I can definitely see this in this shop.

    Did you plan this watch as a bangle or did you leave any further details (adjustability, closing mechanism) away in favor of presentation purity? That would be totally ok :) I just like to know more thoughts about your project.

    Good luck with this one!

    • avatar nigel says:

      Hi Samukun thanks for your comments. Good to see it’s doing the rounds on the net. When I started creating the watch I had it in my head that It was going to be function follows form approach. The bangle style just made sense for a lot of reasons the number one being i really wanted to maintain a clean look but also I like the idea that it would hang loose on the wrist. I also figured that this would make it easy to produce because essentially it is a two piece bangle with a little set of LEDs cut into the inner core. I Re the floral design yeah its not for me either it’s just one of the directions I have branched off in I have several more in my head but I’m having a lot of trouble rendering them to look good. Feel free to have a look at my site it has a little more info on the watch a different variant on it. http://Www.nroddy@prosite.com thanks again!

  11. avatar Татьяна says:

    Good afternoon, excuse, if my question to you already set time and again. Cost and exit date given interests hours. Thanks.

  12. avatar japanhamster says:

    Hi, Nigel! What’s a wonderful design! The great gift for my dauther in this summer. She likes the flowers very mach. I hope this concept will not die as many others…

  13. avatar fiona says:

    Yeah, I think a girl will like it for sure. It’s like a bracelet. I bought my self one on http://www.ideann.com/gorgeous-color-bracelet-led-watch-purple.html. It is pink, I love it too. Thank you for sharing!

  14. avatar Richard Dickerson says:

    A good watch for women

  15. avatar Lock says:

    If you can get this working, it’d be amazing. Would love to see it.

    • avatar nigel says:

      Thanks lock! I hope that TF could give it a go! But if not I may hav a go myself to prove concept.

  16. avatar Fred says:

    Superbe design ! Bravo.
    Elégant, épuré, ludique et lisible…
    Un bijou autant qu’une montre ; j’aime beaucoup.
    J’attends sa commercialisation.

  17. avatar Viktoriya says:

    I would like to buy this watch. How can I do it and where? Can not find this watch in a store..

    • avatar nigel says:

      Thanks for your interest Viktoriya it’s still a concept but if you ask TF nicely they might just make you one:)