(English) Sudoku watch puzzles the mind whilst telling the time.

(English) A new concept from the Tokyoflash Design Studio.

Quite simply, the watch face is a game of Sudoku. The missing numbers need to be solved to read the time.

The display is LCD & features would include date, alarm, EL backlight. The touch screen can be used to reveal the answers.

For people who enjoy puzzles & particularly Sudoku, its a great way to keep your brain stimulated during the day.

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(English) Sudoku watch puzzles the mind whilst telling the time., 3.0 out of 5 based on 99 ratings

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18 Responses to “(English) Sudoku watch puzzles the mind whilst telling the time.”

  1. avatar Albert より:

    Very interesting idea. I like the puzzle aspect and how it is a bit of a brain workout. Personally, I never got into Sudokus, and it would take too long to read/solve when I need the time somewhat quickly. My other concern is the small numbers might be hard to read.

  2. avatar Heather より:

    interesting, but takes a bit long…is it always the same game board, or does that change?
    maybe don’t include seconds?? it might be distracting to have the display change every second
    …and how do you show a zero?

  3. avatar Ranjan より:

    Playful, Nice n’ Vivid Design … Game of Sudoku is really artful watch … I really wanna see this concept … converting into reality … as soon as possible …. great watch for Puzzles Lover … :-)

  4. avatar Firdaus より:

    It’s Keisan in different look, with more complicated time telling. It’a not that wow but still worth it 5*, I’m not a fan of sudoku, but this watch is so thinkgeek!

  5. avatar Pete より:

    I can see this really appealling to puzzle heads, its not up mys street but I do appreciate the look of the thing.
    The reveal feature is a necesity for me. The numbers maybe a little small for glasses wearers. I think a coloured backlight would add a little something. 5 stars but no

    • avatar Pete より:

      What might be nice is different coloured backgrounds/backlights for each square which change overtime like a moodlight! The display would constantly change and look more arty I guess.

  6. avatar Samukun より:

    First of all, if someone makes a Sudoku watch, it should be Tokyoflash. It’s japanese, it’s a classic, it’s popular.

    For Sudoku fans it could be more difficult. For people who prefer >at a glance< displays, it's already too complicated. So finding a broad audience (like with more stylish, less geeky displays) is tricky. I think the seconds are too much. You already need a second to figure out a number and once you did, it's gone. You have 9 fields there. Maybe it's possible to use the 8 outer ones for time and date. Or just the four corners for time OR date.

    A touch screen for the answers is good. I would say, add a little stylus and make this watch a wrist game. Then noobs can learn and pro's have fun. You can train your brain and more difficult time displays are possible… I know the price would suddenly increase, but this had to be said :)

  7. avatar Gordon より:

    unfortunately for me the time would change by the time i figured this out, but thats just me, clever though

  8. avatar Patrick より:

    It’s a beautiful watch, but a bit complicated for my small head.

  9. avatar Jordan from Canada より:

    “Read the time from left to right by identifying which number is missing from the line.”

    Except that’s not how it’s read… At least not in your example. It shows reading from bottom to top in the first column, and then top to bottom is the other two columns…

    • avatar Pete より:

      Irrespective of the vertical plane, the numbers are still read left to right.

      • avatar Jordan from Canada より:

        True, but why not keep them all the same instead of having the hour numbers read opposite the rest?

      • avatar Samukun より:

        Although the time telling is easy to understand, it confused me at first too. Time telling should be top-bottom in a column & left to right then. But that’s a detail, Tokyoflash has to reach later.

  10. avatar Swift_451 より:

    I like this idea although it is tough to like. For those of you having issues with solving the puzzle it would be, like virtually any watch, simple to figure out once you owned it for awhile. This is especially true if the numbers don’t shuffle or move around. It would have a standard mode where the numbers stay in a static position and a puzzle mode. Besides it could be made easy in a “standard mode”: first, fourth, seventh columns always have all numbers. The second column would either have all numbers or be missing the 1 (possibly a 2 for 24 hour display), third column would be missing a digit between 1-9 or have all numbers to represent 0. That’s the hour… The remaining columns would then be missing 1-9 for that digit or have all numbers for 0. Furthermore columns 5 and 7 would never miss any digit higher than a “5″ since at “6″ its a new minute or hour.

    In summation this watch could be easy and have a puzzle mode. Plus in TF scheme, at a glance would confuse most people. Good idea, but would be hard to see on a small display. 5* but also no.

  11. avatar Mystery800 より:

    I like it. But I feel as though there should be a Shikaku watch also, as it is similar to sudoku.

  12. avatar mushy より:

    Really not a Sudoku fan, but you could cut down the number of squares so that the numbers are larger and the puzzles easier to solve.

  13. avatar MindyCHURCH28 より:

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