(English) Renesis watch sets gears in motion.

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(English) Renesis watch sets gears in motion., 3.8 out of 5 based on 111 ratings

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47 Responses to “(English) Renesis watch sets gears in motion.”

  1. avatar DCast より:


  2. avatar Gordon より:

    at first sight love the mecanical aspect. Not sure I can get the time reading system. Your style is errily familiar to that of Pete from UK.Or is it just me

    • avatar Cory より:

      I pegged this as a Pete, until I read your comment, then scrolled back up O_o

      Anyway, awesome design, would love to see an animation of it to get a better feel for time reading method

      • avatar Pete より:

        Im happy to take the credit! lol

      • avatar Cesar より:

        Hello Cory,
        if you google rotory engines you will see animations of how they rotate. This rotates in the same manner. The center cam turns 12 times for every one full rotation of the rotor. The rotor is esentially the hour hand with rotates in a eccentric manner. If I get the chance I will make a simple animation.
        Thank you for the comment.

    • avatar Cesar より:

      Hello Gordon,
      Thank you for showing interest in my design. The time telling is quite straight forward, the hours are displayed by the tip of the rotor with the dot on it like a regular analogue watch. The minutes are displayed by the cam in the center of the rotor, the dot points towards markers around the gear teeth, this turns with the rotor so is always on the move.
      Thank you for the comment.

  3. avatar Alan より:

    I swear I will buy at least one, and maybe another for a friend.

  4. avatar Pete より:

    I have to say I rather like this. I am a petrol head and have done a couple of car inspired designs myself.
    It looks very classic looking considering an engine was the inspiration. I think it could do with a few more numbers/details on the bezel, but thats a development thing. Other than that me likey!
    I have used a tyre treaded strap on a couple of my designs, I hope you have better luck with it, mine got rather low scores! lol
    Best of luck 5 stars and Yes! :D

  5. avatar Samukun より:

    I like the mechanical approach and pretty much the result. The Materials look precious, the geometry is cool. First I wasn’t convinced by the 8-shape of the case. But it’s the logical consequence of the hand movement so all is fine. I like cogs and they are used very nice here.

    It’s a bit a pity, the numbers are just white paint. They could use some depth. The four minute numbers are a tad too small. Everybody, they can be read best on the third image. There you can understand the reading method. I like the fact, the mintue display rotates. Not too hard to read and reminds you, the whole thing is rotating (which you normally can’t see cause it’s so slow).

    Very clever analog concept. With a strong mechanism it’s not too hard to be made I think, even with a traditional one. I always imagine how a watch would look on my wrist (you should see my face when I do, hehehe) and this watch would look great. 5*/YES

    • avatar Cesar より:

      The shape of the case relates to the engine inspiration, which like you say is a consequence of the eccentric movement of the rotor. I agree that the numbers could have been made more of a feature.
      I think this would be easy to implement, the cam would be powerd by the minutes sprocket of a conventional analogue movement, the rotor is powered by the cam and the gear teeth.
      Thank you for showing interest in my concept.

  6. avatar Patrick より:

    Very nice watch, 5 * / Yes!
    A little history: In the beginning, the rotary engine was placed on the Ro 80, the last vehicle sold under the brand NSU. It was produced between 1967 and 1977. Besides an innovative aerodynamic for its time, it is distinguished by a Wankel rotary engine.
    I’m surprised that Sam did not notice this accuracy, the engine Mazda was based on the Wankel engine, a German patent.

  7. avatar Firukun より:

    The idea is great, but the design is too mechanical look IMHO. I’m diggin the mechanical scout coat of arm here

    • avatar Cesar より:

      Im glad you like the idea, the mechanical look is dictated by the inspiration. Maybe different materials would help make it more subtle. haha I see what you mean about the coat of arms when you look at the last image.
      Thank you for your comment.

  8. avatar Gordon より:

    I see how it works now!! I agree with Sam the minute numbers should be easier to read, but Istill like the concept

    • avatar Cesar より:

      Thank you for taking the time to get used to it, yeah the numbers seem to be detail most people would most like to change/improve. Thank you for your comment.

  9. avatar GC より:

    I really like this, its got an engineered look which I like. The time telling in conventional enough to be readable but different enough to be interesting. I would buy this if it was produced. 5 stars/Yes

    • avatar Cesar より:

      I agree it does have a very engineered look, which may not suit everyone but Im glad you like it.
      I hope that one day you can buy this, thank you for your interest in this concept.

  10. avatar mushy より:

    I really like the elegant mechanical look of your design, Cesar. Good luck with it and I hope to see more ideas from you on the blog soon. 5* & Y.

    • avatar Cesar より:

      Im glad you like it, thank you for your interest. We will see how this one goes before I consider more. Thank you for your comment!

  11. avatar Dek より:

    I have commented on a couple of car and race inspired watches on this blog but this is my new favorit! I love the fact it looks mechanical and engineered, that really appeals to me.
    I hope this one can be realised! 5stars and Yeah!

  12. avatar Chief より:

    I really like this, it looks expensive and precious with out the need of shiney materials and too much detail. I agree that the numbers around the outside could have been more of a feature and maybe more strap materials but they are minor details. Get it made TF! (its not to late to add it to that selection of designs you picked for consideration!) 5 stars/Yes

    • avatar Cesar より:

      Thank you for taking interest in my concept, I should have included more colour options. This is something TF would do if they chose the idea anyway. Thank you for your vote.

  13. avatar TheWulf より:

    I want this. Please let this be made.

    • avatar Cesar より:

      I want you to have it TW, I hope you get the chance to have it one day.
      Thank you for showing interest in this concept.

  14. avatar VioletColeman18 より:

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  15. avatar brap brap brap より:

    how is 9:34 and 11:58 9:40 and 11:03 or are you just retarded?

    • avatar Cesar より:

      The dot on the rotor points towards the hours and the dot on the cam in the centre of the rotor points towards the minutes marked on the gear in the centre of the rotor. And no I am not retarded! If you are unable to understand the concept this not a reflection on my intelligence. Please refrain from making offensive comments on the blog in the future!

  16. avatar dave より:

    Love the design. I would buy two, if they were < $150.

    • avatar Cesar より:

      I’m glad you like my design, I hope that one day you will be able to buy two! thank you for the comment and vote

  17. avatar BrapBrapBrap より:

    Would it be possible to make one of the button features rotate the rotor @ a faster speed so that when people ask about it, they can actually see it live? I was thinking like: 3 fast & smooth rotations or 3 second “burst” after which it returns to correct time….

  18. avatar Cesar より:

    To have an animation type mode would depend on the movement.
    If TF were to develop this concept and used a conventional analogue movement you might be able to take it out of gear and turn it manually like you do when you set the time on a conventional analogue watch.
    If they used some kind of digital motor to spin the rotor than I could image a button could be pressed to run the animation porgramme. So it theory at least it is possible.
    That would make a really nice feature to show your friends etc, thank you for the feedback and the interest in this concept.

    • avatar BrapBrapBrap より:

      BTW: I’m NOT the same person as the Brap Brap Brap that acted like an A$$ (I posted before reading all the comments-oops, lol). Love the design!! 5!! I’d buy @ least 2!! Proud owner of an Rx-7!!

      • avatar Cesar より:

        Thanks for saying, I appreciate all interest in this concept. The images arent perfect, I had to manually position the rotor for the time examples but hopefully they get the general concept across.
        Thanks for the interest and the comments, RX7/8s rule!

  19. avatar Cesar より:

    Time runs out soon so I would like to thank TF for adding this design to the blog and everybody who commented and voted.


    Cesar from Spain

  20. avatar Brx-7 より:

    Sign me up for two.

    • avatar Cesar より:

      Thank you for your interest in this concept, hopefully one day you will be able to order two! :D
      Thanks for the comment :D