Create an Abyss on your Wrist with Mirrors and LEDs


Design submitted by Radu from Romania.

Radu says: “The idea for this watch design came to me when I saw some Christmas lights in a department store being reflected between a glass display case and a mirror. I have wanted for some time to submit a design to the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog but nothing original enough occurred to me so this was a stroke of good luck.

The design is pretty simple but I hope it creates a spectacular effect. The principle is the endless reflection of light between two mirrors. The watch consists of a mirror dial, 60 small LEDs on top of the dial and glass crystal over everything. The twist is the fact that the glass crystal is a slightly smoked one way mirror facing the dial. Between the two, 60 LED lights are positioned which when turned on will create the impression of an endless tunnel starting from your wrist towards infinity. Telling time is simple and very similar to a normal analog watch. One LED shows the seconds, a group of two LED lights show the minutes and finally three LED lights will tell you the hours. The difference is the hour indicator does not slide between positions gradually but rather jumps from one position to the other. I think people who like this watch would be individuals that enjoy a clever idea, have probably never lost their sense of wonder as adults and like me indulge in a good sci-fi book from time to time. Romantics may also find the symbolism of an endless tunnel in time appealing.”

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55 Responses to “Create an Abyss on your Wrist with Mirrors and LEDs”

  1. avatar i m より:

    i guess that to have an exact hour reading i not so easy, maybe you could use some indicators as in an analogue watch, but yeaaahh i would buy this awesome watch

    • avatar qntt より:

      Another idea to improve readability would be to briefly light up all the hour markers before actually displaying the current time. I am glad you like it! Regards!

  2. avatar Chris より:

    This is the first watch I have seen that actually truly made my jaw drop. This would me an amazing idea.

  3. avatar Albert より:

    NOOOOO! I designed a watch VERY similar to this that I was going to submit. Yours looks awesome though.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      I also submitted another infinity mirror idea after my first one and hoped, I would be the only one :) This idea is so cool, I bet there are more ideas like this in the waiting line.

      • avatar Patrick より:

        Yes Sam, I remember very well.

      • avatar qntt より:

        I was not aware of your design but I think yours looks great also. I was also thinking about RGB LEDs but in my opinion it will be very difficult to actually produce something like that. There are 120 LED terminals on my concepts and probably about 240 in yours. You need a processor capable of controlling all those digital outputs and that if it exists can’t be cheap. Regards…

        • avatar Samukun より:

          Oh cool, you seem to know some about LED technology :) Yeah, my concepts tend to need some serious tweaking to be producable, hehe.

        • avatar Albert より:

          Actually, my design has less than half the LEDs. It is no more than many of the other LED watches being produced. My main concern is thickness. If the mirrors are too close together it may not look so good, and the further apart they are the thicker the watch.

        • avatar Samukun より:

          Interesting :) Maybe we see your concept in the future. The one I sumitted some weeks ago has no LEDs, hehehe.

  4. avatar Gabriel_BB より:

    Congratulations Radu. Awesome watch. 5 stars and yes.

    Ma bucur sa mai vad si alte idei din Romania aici pe site. Bine ai venit. :)

  5. avatar Heyme より:

    Awesome watch! Can I get it with blue leds?
    Really great, if it is produced please let me know!

  6. avatar Karla より:

    I would love it in purple….The belt and all purpleish… :D

  7. avatar Antonia より:

    Fantastic idea, love it! Five stars and Yes!

  8. avatar atom より:

    I want!!! Beside the fact that it looks really modern it also has a concept!

  9. avatar Samukun より:

    Well well, what can I say, I love infinity mirrors! The time reading system is working really good and has enough LEDs to look eye-catching. I second i m’s comment about the indicators, that were also wished for my concept last year. That would add some comfort to this cool idea. I like how you visualized the LEDs… shiny! Good luck :)

  10. avatar I bijoux dello Stregatto より:

    This is absolutely wonderful! I’d like so much to have it!
    Five stars!

  11. avatar Imran Khan より:

    Make this watch please don’t wait for 1000′s of requests asking for it to be made its a no brainer this watch will sell and I will buy it!

  12. avatar Time Keeper より:

    Great concept! I love it as is, but a nifty addition would be the watches ability to have the LED’s respond to sound. If you went out dancing you could enable the LED’s to react to the music.

  13. avatar Tim より:

    Pimp Jive Turkey Did this concept but in square years ago. Maybe a revised round version is in order.

    • avatar qntt より:

      Not really the same thing… This is not just some clever graphics, it’s actually giving the perfect 3d illusion of depth. Thanks for your comment.

  14. avatar Ignatius Reillius より:

    I like the idea! It reminds me of the videos “Infinity Mirror Illusion!” and “Infinity Clock Illusion!” of brusspup (search them on youtube ;) ) Of course, I had in mind to take that idea to a concept watch :/
    Good luck ;)

  15. avatar Sirli より:

    Wow, that´s an awesome watch, would like to see it in real life :)

  16. avatar Heather より:

    How would you show 6:30:30 ?

    • avatar Laszlo より:

      Good question… maybe 6 LEDs at the same time?

    • avatar qntt より:

      6:30. Just 3 dots at the 6 hour marker. It is impossible to make a mistake this way and, a similar problem occurs with analog watches when the hands overlap. Another idea to improve readability would be to briefly light up all the hour markers before actually displaying the current time. Thank you for your question.

      • avatar Heather より:

        I like that idea…then there is no need for indicators on the case..
        so when off, it just looks like a mirror?

        • avatar qntt より:

          The mirror on the crystal is facing down towards the dial so all you should see is a dark crystal as close to black as posible.

  17. avatar Pete より:

    Not entirely new this idea but looks fantastic, love the effect and the case looks nice also. I see a few issues with the time telling but nothing that cant be sorted. 5 and Yes

  18. avatar Andromeda より:

    I already have a Tokyoflash watch and was hunting for another… now this surely got my attention, I haven’t seen anything like it… Let me know if it’s produced so that I can buy it before my friends do :) ))

  19. avatar Nubia Buitrago より:

    Congratulations Anca, your idea it’s very innovative and dinamic. I liked the design and your idea!
    I hope that yours get chosen :)

    Nubia Buitrago

    • avatar qntt より:

      :) Anca is my lovely girlfriend and I think she is promoting my design a little too much but I thank you nonetheless.

  20. avatar R@ndi より:

    Awesome watch!

  21. avatar Theo より:

    Very cool idea. I’d buy this for my boyfriend.

  22. avatar Michael Coady より:

    I love this idea … very cool!!!

  23. avatar Pascale より:


  24. avatar Charles より:

    Nice, but maybe a different shape variant would work, like IDK, a square or hexagon (hex is more convenient), I love infinity idea on it :)

  25. avatar Sabrina Dungan より:

    Beautiful. Love how modern it looks :)

  26. avatar Cristina より:

    Congratulation, it is wonderful! 5 stars and YES, yes, yes, yesssssssss!

  27. avatar richard meehan より:

    like, not a fan of red but great idea

  28. avatar Timeless より:

    Very interesting concept… would love to see it produced!

  29. avatar DWP より:

    Telling the time at 1:07:08 or so might be difficult for a couple of seconds, but nice design. Good luck!

  30. avatar simiondesign より:

    Original ideea and looks very cool too!
    Mandru ca sunt roman!

  31. avatar Brittny Anderson より:

    Love it, great concept! Hope it will be produced

  32. avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

    well “original” is something different, but this watch idea rocks anyway! the jive turkey is sold out and obviously from another decade. too cheesy for my taste and the mirror illusion isn’t even used to tell time, if I see right. this concept would be a nice successor but it looks a bit too contemporary, actually retro. the infinity mirror illusion is a thing from the 80′s and should get a futuristic renaissance, not a repetition. I think sam’s version is it for me. well, whoever get’s the ticket, I’ll buy the watch in every color it gets made. *****/YES

    sam, did tokyoflash ever contact you about your virtual tunnel watch?

    • avatar qntt より:

      I doubt anyone can claim to have invented the actual physical phenomenon of the endless reflection; I am sure more designs will follow using this and other physics-inspired creative means of expression in many different ways… after all, the laws of physics are timeless. Hope one of these designs will be appreciated enough to be produced, maybe mine will be the lucky one, if Sam’s wasn’t. Thanks for voting!

    • avatar Samukun より:

      I actually wonder, when the first infinite mirror effect was created – but indeed, this effect can’t be claimed anymore today.

      As for your question Acan, they made a comment back then, but remained quiet then. I like what you said, that no matter who gets picked, you’ll buy it. I can second that :D

  33. avatar Mahmood Sairally より:

    What a wonderful design. Congratulations for this idea. Well done my dear Anca.

  34. avatar rmbordalo より:

    Looks great, 5 stars and Yes! I hope it will be produced!!!