(English) Tenji LCD digital watch design, cleverly hints at numbers

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(English) Tenji LCD digital watch design, cleverly hints at numbers, 4.5 out of 5 based on 279 ratings

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45 Responses to “(English) Tenji LCD digital watch design, cleverly hints at numbers”

  1. avatar Pete より:

    Nice Colab guys, very sleek looking and simple but cryptic time telling method. Can’t find any negatives! Good work 5* and O’yeah!

  2. avatar Heather より:

    Thank you, Tokyoflash, for posting this design to the blog! :D

  3. avatar onisan より:

    Love it!
    The square block type case & rubber/leather strap look great & with blue LCD it looks very futuristic.
    Time telling is great. Regular digits with a twist, its so easy but sneaky at the same time.
    Definitely would wear this.

    It’s kind of perfect as it is, but I always look for a way to improve or criticise the designs I see on here. I hope you don’t mind.
    The only thing I could say is if you experiment with the lines & dots a bit.. maybe thicker lines… then it might be easier to recognise the numbers at a glance. (a smaller gap between dot & line helps the brain fill in the missing parts easier)
    I wouldn’t want to disturb the excellent design you already have, but very thin LCD lines, right next to the edge, might be hard to see in reality. (due to shadows etc) & just a slight thickness change could make a big difference.

    • avatar Heather より:

      Hey, Onisan…Constructive criticism is always welcome. I agree about the lines – I feel it looks good now, but just a bit thicker could do the trick to make it a bit easier to read for some. Especially “in reality” when Tokyoflash decides to produce it, of course. ;) (as you said, due to shadows…nice idea)

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Oh yes please, constructive critiques are gold!

      Yeah, some little tweaking here and there is allowed. Heather and I also tweaked around and were content at a point. If Tokyoflash take it, they will have their own testing time until they are happy. We don’t know about about the shadyness actually. I am suggesting a neon bright background. You know, like those text marker pens. Those colors always stand out, even at weak light. We’re idealistic here of course, hoping it would work. Adding more space around the numbers wouldn’t harm the concept.

      Thanks alot Oni!!

  4. avatar Sasha A. より:

    hey Miss Sable! I love your watch design! Hope you get it published!

    • avatar Heather より:

      Thank you, Sasha! ;)

      • avatar Eric T. より:

        hey Mrs. Sable, awesome design, just one thing. Maybe lessen the angle of the tilt a bit, so it’s easier to read. Overall great design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. avatar Lily より:

    This is such a cool design! It took me a minute to see the number patterns but, once I did, it looked sooo cool. Great job!

  6. avatar diclonius より:

    very cool!
    i’d get it….. :)

  7. avatar Gordon より:

    wow this is great and it lokks right up tf’s alley, good work guys 5* oh yeah

    • avatar Heather より:

      Hey, Gordon! Yeah, we did aim for something that would be up TF’s alley… Love to make people go “wow”. Thanks for your comment and vote!

  8. avatar Justin より:

    Creativity at its finesttttttttttttt

  9. avatar Amir より:

    Really nice design… when will it be available?

    • avatar Samukun より:

      We can’t say at this moment. Let’s see how it goes along here (comments, rating) and if Tokyoflash can imagine it in their catalog. With some luck added on top, this watch could become real… Thanks for showing interest :)

  10. avatar Pete より:

    WTF 3.8 was 4.2 only a couple of hours ago!

  11. avatar Firdaus より:

    This message is from designer, and customer of Tokyoflash who actually purchase watches, and will be continuing to purchase only the awesome from Tokyoflash. So please listen to voice of people like me!

    As for this watch design;

    This is fantastic, I really mean it. The reading method is genius, the decorative led lines make it very special and unique. It’s minimal and suitable for unisex. The design is very creative. Very successful cooperation here. This design deserve flat 5* whether like it or not. Whoever hit other star than 5 is confirm jealous. Whoever hit 1* many times, need to see a doctor. I will purchase this watch if its ever being produced.


    Tokyoflash Ni multicolour LED
    Sensai Black
    Twelve 5-9 Q version black
    Shinshoku / Corrosion
    Kisai RPM Acetate granite
    Kisai Kaidoku black+blue LCD
    Kisai Seven white LED

  12. avatar Nino Bucco より:

    This is a very creative and unique design. Should be a big seller

  13. avatar NL1 より:

    Cleverly simple, simply clever.

  14. avatar Patrck より:

    Ah, it’s a watch that I like well, with a metal bacelet for me, but this watch is very beautiful like that.
    5 * / Yes.

  15. avatar Jane より:

    Sorry to say this, I know you all are mature enough to handle this, but the design is honestly tedious and while flashy, rather impractical. I would not use this. I do not know many people who would. There are a few, but not many. Fact is watches are classy and traditional… this would not be my cup of tea. The numbers are rather annoying, the design is mediocre, but your enthusiasm is spectacular. Keep that and the sky’s the limit.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      No problem Jane, we do apreciate honesty and personal taste is nothing to be sorry for :)

      I’d like to comment on some things you mentioned, that go a bit beyond personal taste.
      “Impractical”: Yes, we are letting comfort go in favor of the look.
      “Not many people”: We are indeed not designing for the masses.
      “watches are classy and traditional”: A clear No. I recommend checking the rest of the blog and also the Tokyoflash shop to see, what environment this watch concept is situated.

      Thanks Jane, we’ll keep the energy :D

  16. avatar Beto より:

    Sam, it’s been a while.

    I want this watch.
    It’s perfect!

    Great design seriously.
    Great job to both of you.
    I really hope it gets chosen for reality.

  17. avatar Laszlo より:

    Again amazement! Wonderful creative pairs. Honors and maximum support.

  18. avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

    the numbers look awesome! so easy to read too! that’s what I’m talking about on the arashi watch. here we have one color, a simple order with little confusion and you just read it and don’t count. that’s perfect for me. the case is just a box? first I thought, it looks too cheap, but more details would be too much actually. are there no buttons? let me guess, its touch activated. I would’ve liked to see a red or a green version. anyway, *****/YES

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Good point about the case. You see it right (well, like me at least). The numbers are the eye-catcher, the rest serves as carrier and is kept neutral. We wanted to keep the case clean. The time setting buttons are on the backside. And oh yeah, the backlight is touch activated :D Thanks for your insight Acan!!