Digital Time Holes LED Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

This simple LED watch design may look cryptic at first until you look at it from a different perspective.  But rather than move the watch to find the correct perspective, you move an element of the watch.

To see the time you first must start to rotate the bezel.  This illuminates the LEDs that shine through holes in the disk on the front of the watch.  The LEDs will appear random at first until you rotate the bezel further until the LEDs align with the correct holes in the disc and show the time.


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48 Responses to “Digital Time Holes LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Eric より:

    I really like the look and design. Maybe make the rotating part a little more rounded. I fear it may get caught on something and get turned. Otherwise i really like the shape and look.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Im glad you like it, there is plently of room for manouver on the shape in my book. For example instaed of having cut out figer grips the outside could have a textured rubber grip etc. If TF wanted to develop this one O would be happy for these kind of details to be tweaked.
      Thanks for the feedback Eric! :)

  2. avatar diclonius より:

    VERY interesting, i like it!!

    only thing, i hope a stainless steel band option would be avaliable.

    4/no without SS option
    5/yes with SS option

  3. avatar Everett より:

    Seems kind of cheezy. Keep the design, but do away with rotating the watch to get the time. Maybe a swipe method would be better like the Rogue Touch.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Th rotation of the dial is the main feature of this design, without that it would be a different design.
      Check out my Photofit watch if you like touch screen and swipe jestures to manipulate the time.
      Thanks for the comment! :)

  4. avatar Firdaus より:

    I think its an interesting concept. Rotating time hmm, simple but really a fresh idea. Like diclonius, I also think its better with steel strap. 5!

  5. avatar Patrick より:

    Hi Pete, two weeks ago, I sent on the blog, a project with a rotation of the dial, it has not yet been published, but I wanted to warn you that we had a similar idea, although this is not the same watch.
    So I can only put 5 * Yes, because your idea is similar to mine.

    • avatar Pete より:

      GMTA Patrick! hehe. That adds validitity to the concept if you had a similar idea.
      You and I have differeing styles anyway, if we were both told to design the same thing they would both turn out different, so I don’t think it will be an issue.
      Thanks for the heads up and the comment! :)

  6. avatar Pete より:

    Thankyou TF for adding this design to your blog! :)

  7. avatar Samukun より:

    Mhhhhh Peter is a source of many ideas :D

    Very nice idea to have an unreadable display at first and needing to turn the watch face to see the time. I can really see myself placing my other hand next to the watch and turn the bezel with the thumb. Thats a nice gesture. The shape of the bezel is cool, has just the right proportions for my taste. The perforated disc looks very stylish. I like the version with the black strap most. 5*/YES and respect to your enthusiasm and creativity.

    • avatar Pete より:

      wooohooooo! I’m glad you like it (and no reference to looking like a shower head! hehe)
      Yes ideas pour out of my head like water, sadly its is not always clear and often contains debris!
      Thats probably the best review I’ve had off you, glad to see the bribes are finally working! lol
      Thanks Sam :)

      • avatar Samukun より:

        Even if it looked more like a shower head (perforated chrome disc), the artistic statement would appeal to me. It more looks like the cover of a speaker. About the bribes, my lawyer contacts yours later for further negotiations.

        • avatar Pete より:

          hehehe, he’ll have trouble, my lawyers mobile is one of those clear plastic ones with candy inside!
          A speaker is a more diseirable comparison, Thanks Sam

  8. avatar rachid より:

    your skills are evolving at an impressive rate … 5/no (not my kind)
    simple interactive and ludic, altough the design could have been made differently (but that’s a matter of taste and visual identity) this is a well designed product.
    well done pete

    • avatar Pete より:

      This is a fairly early one of my entries, some good and some bad have come since! hehe
      Its perhaps not to everyone taste but Im glad you like the principle. I thank you for the stars even tho it is not to your taste. Thanks for the feedback rachid! :)

  9. avatar Cole より:

    I like it, cool time telling method and a unique means of activation.
    Different without being too different! 5* and Yes

    • avatar Pete より:

      I tried to come up with a simple time telling method that uses easily recongnisable digital style numbers, that is critptic at first and involves the user more than just pressing a button. Thanks for the comment and the stars! :)

  10. avatar CLP より:

    Another new and unique design, how do you kep coming up with these ideas? This isn’t my favorit of your designs but I like it enough to give you 5stars and yes

    • avatar Pete より:

      Ideas just pop into my head when I’m not really thinking about it, some good some bad! hehe
      Thanks for the comment and the vote! :)

  11. avatar Gordon より:

    way to go Pete, I can hear those gears in your brain turning from here. I had an imediate positive reaction to this one, the little red lights give it a retro feel which is cool

    • avatar Gordon より:

      my mind said red, now i see they are blue oh well wishful thinking, blue is nice too

      • avatar Pete より:

        For you I can do a red version! will work with the stainless steel strap I promised.
        I imagine you can hear the grinding of said cogs from your side of the pond! hehe use the clutch!
        Thanks for the comment Gordon! :)

  12. avatar Dek より:

    I agree with Gordon, this is cool in a kinda retro fashion. Red LEDs and stainless steel strap would be sweet.
    5 stars and get it done

  13. avatar Pete より:

    I have added a few new images of this concept (stainless steel and red LEDs) onto my FB page (PF Design) in response to feedback from comments. Click on my yellow name to link to my page.

  14. avatar Xenagogue より:

    This is a great concept, Pete. I have one question: does the pattern require a different turn with every minute, or is it only visible in one position, and that position is the same all the time? In other words, could someone turn it to show the time, and it just stays that way?
    Either way, I like it. I agree about the stainless, but that’s just preference.
    5* for a fresh idea.

    • avatar Pete より:

      The idea is the LEDs would appear random every time the watch is activated, you turn bezel untill the LEDs line up with the appropiate holes in the perferated disc. The time is diplayed for a set duration before the LEDs go off. Next time the watch is activated the LEDs will be random again. The bezel turns the LEDs rather than the perferated disc so they appear random every time and when turned always show the time in the horizontal position. Hopefully that explains it clearly, have you seen my stainless steel version on my FB page?
      Thanks for the comment Xenagogue! :)

      • avatar Xenagogue より:

        That explains it completely, thank you.
        I didn’t understand that the bezel turns the LEDs, not the disk. Ultimately, it didn’t matter, as the idea is brilliant. But understood, it’s even better. I’m at work, with no access to full-client FB, but I’ll check it out on my home PC, when I get there.
        Thanks for continuing to bring original designs to the blog, Pete. Great work!!

  15. avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

    Interesting that the most creative concepts are underrated and the most boring ones float in the heavens. The design is just great! Look at it people, can’t you see? It’s a joy to look at! A flat boring array of numbers is nothing against this expressive and still not overloaded design. I think you don’t need the scrambled display. If it were LCD, then yes. Then you would look at it all the time and would ask yourself, what’s the time? Here you experience confusion a second before you know the time, why actually? To be more clear, it’s like an extra obstacle. You wanna know the time now but no, you get code first. Make it LCD, let it be unreadable all the time, make people look and THEN turn the bezel to reveal the time. By the way, you have an interesting range of concepts Pete.

    • avatar Pete より:

      The LCD would be an interesting variation, something for TF to take into consideration.
      I have tried to do a mixture of ideas, to be honest they haven’t all worked but my philosiphy is to put them out there becasue they might spark a reaction in someone. Plus design is a subjective thing, a couple of mine I thought would get slated have been well recieved, so you never really know.
      Thank you for the constructive critique and feedback.

  16. avatar Pete より:!/media/set/?set=a.281887658508774.74026.218820284815512&type=1

  17. avatar Samukun より:

    Good luck for this one Pete! I realy like it!

  18. avatar Pete より:

    According to the computer voting is closed.
    So I will simply say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to vote and comment.
    Thanxs everybody

    Pete from the UK :)