1245 LED Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

This watch design uses only the numbers 1, 2, 4, and 5 to display the time and date in three columns.

The first column on the left shows the hours, middle column shows the minutes x10, and the third column shows the single minutes.   Simply add the numbers in each column to read the time.  Press the button once and the time is displayed.  Press twice and it will show the date.


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14 Responses to “1245 LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Patrick より:

    I like this watch for its simplicity and design class.
    5 * / Yes

  2. avatar Pete より:

    I like this, the style is simple and classy and the time telling method is criptic at first but simple when you know how. One of your better recent entries for me 5* and Yes

  3. avatar akicam より:

    Yes it’s really very simply to read. I like the black one. The silver and the gold one are very exlusive.
    Great! 5*

  4. avatar Samukun より:

    Another minimalistic fashion statement by Laszlo. Clever and beautiful usage of simple numbers. I like, that the numbers are there geometrically, not only seen on a flat display – looks more precious. This watch could be made at a very good price and would sell definitely.

  5. avatar Gordon より:

    very clever, this is why i love this blog, another fresh idea

  6. avatar Firdaus より:

    A fine looking retro style watch design. I’m not a fan of classical font as proposed but the entire minimalist design is appealing enough to be sold on market, especially to guy like akicam.

  7. avatar Xenagogue より:

    If this was available in black w/red LED, it would be an instant buy for me.
    Sleek, simple concept. Cryptic enough to be interesting, but easy to read.
    5* /Yes

  8. avatar Tim より:

    This is kind of silly. It doesn’t have much artistic design. Graphically it is not pleasing.

  9. avatar Ranjan より:

    Really a outstanding concept … I wish … this one will launch @ New Year … Wish you Happy New Year in advance …

  10. avatar david より:

    Nice idea but the asymmetric numbering looks a little strange. Since the layout is very easy to memorise perhaps you could have one option where the numbers are replaced with a simple bar “I” or a symbol such as a “*”.

  11. avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

    Outstanding? Are you kidding? In the best case it gets realized. Next to counting rectangles, counting numbers is the most boring and inconvenient way to tell time. You cannot deny this. I can see that phases and counting and all these encryption methods can be a cool challenge. But then please, MAKE IT COOL! There are billions of shapes out there, you take rectangles as you did on your inafu and colony watch. There are trillion ways to make people count, you take numbers. That’s not clever, that’s first grade. 4.5 huh? Seems your 100 friends are lazy this time. I can’t see the 4.5 here. Blame me for sounding rude, but making this a marshmallow party wouldn’t help anyone.

  12. avatar Pete より:

    Best of Luck Laszlo!