SF View – A Minimalist Sci-Fi LED Watch Design

(English) Design is submitted by Nico from Belgium.

The SF View concept watch design is a minimalist LED watch with an empty space in the middle of the case with time shown within that space.  A sci-fi shaped watch with a 3-part display that reminds the inside of a spaceship flight deck.

The case is rigid and the strap follows the shape of the case to obtain a smooth continuous curve.  Hours and minutes are displayed with digits on the main screen (from left to right and from top to bottom), while seconds are shown with strokes on the sides.  The display gives the impression of a “private panoramic screen”.  LEDs are turned on for a few seconds when hitting the central button.


SF VIEW Concept Watch by NL1 from NL1 on Vimeo.

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SF View - A Minimalist Sci-Fi LED Watch Design, 4.5 out of 5 based on 269 ratings

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86 Responses to “SF View – A Minimalist Sci-Fi LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Greg より:

    Amazing! I would like to have the ability to block the view of my wrist though, seeing a white and hairy wrist would ruin the view!

    • avatar BoJoe22 より:

      I agree with Greg. The watch looks absolutely awesome in the designs, but I could imagine it being a little weird with a patch of hair in the middle of this great looking watch. I absolutely love the design though! Would not hesitate to drop top money for this watch.

  2. avatar Cherubim より:

    It would be nice to have a thin LCD for the center with uploadable pictures or themes.

  3. avatar rachid より:


  4. avatar Harry より:

    Love it!!!! By the way, isn’t he from the Netherlands instead of Belgium? After all, his name is NL1….

  5. avatar logan より:

    I’d like to see this idea with a more interesting display of the hours and minutes.

  6. avatar Samukun より:

    Awesome! This looks really pro. The shape is wow! Edgy but smooth and elegant. The smooth trapezoid concave-ish hole with the LEDs is super sci-fi. Cyan is a fresh color. For all who have a bushy wrist, you can playe a chrome plate in the hole – myabe removeable. That could give the “being different from the rest of the watch”-feeling to the hole without letting hairy tentacles tickle the numbers ;) 5*/Yes

    • avatar Pete より:

      The watch should go on your wrist not yout hairy tentacles Sam! lol

      • avatar Samukun より:

        Hehehe :P I’m just aware of this mankind shaking problem, since I got told that at my own hollow case watch concept before. And it’s comprehensible :°

    • avatar Patrick より:

      The problem of hair through the holes of the Watch was raised by me (with my apologies) on a draft Sam, then I saw his arm “hairy” (see previous project on the blog), but next to me, it is beardless, ah ah ah

  7. avatar Pete より:

    I like this, I like this a lot! This is right up my street. I like the sci-fi look, the time is quick and easy to read.
    My only critism is that I dont think it needs the three lights on the front, I think you could incorporate them into the “hole” but thats me being picky. 5* and Yes :)

    • avatar NL1 より:

      Hi Pete
      There is no light on the front, only buttons that are enlightened, for the explanation, on the animated gif.
      Thank you for your comment !

  8. avatar Patrick より:

    I admire the work of the project in 3D.
    How to watch the LEDs are very sympathetic nerve.
    5 * / Yes

  9. avatar Gordon より:

    wow!! as to the people afraid of arm hair i have one word, shaver. Just kidding, great watch and rendering

  10. avatar nicolai より:

    Wow, looks really cool and, as you already mentioned, very sci-fi like.
    I also like the cyan color which fits the black and white straps perfectly I think, also it should be simple to make, so for me this is clearly a 5*/y :-) .

    • avatar NL1 より:

      Sci-fi and simple to make : Sci-fi indeed. I would rather say “makeable” than “simple to make”, I checked that the watch uses existing technologies, but I didn’t make a prototype so far. Since I sent this concept to TF I learned a bit about manufacturing techniques & in fact a few things could be slightly modified to turn the concept more “simple to make” :)
      Thank you for your comment !

  11. avatar diclonius より:

    love it! definatly a “would buy!”

    seems like something people would be wearing on star trek :)

    • avatar NL1 より:

      That’s an idea of brand placement ! I should make a visual of the watch worn by Spock for the second Star Trek movie ;)

  12. avatar erwinh より:

    Another brilliant design! I do like the hole in the middle, I already have the O-Ring watch from Fossil-Starck for years which also has a hole in the middle and thus indeed shows ‘my hairy wrist’. :) I would really like to buy this watch, and it should be available in both colors as I like both…

  13. avatar Alexandre Beyns より:

    I want one!!!

  14. avatar Alexandre Beyns より:

    I want one!

  15. avatar Jenzbest より:

    Amazing , I lova that : simple, beautiful and powerful

  16. avatar Overdrive より:

    Amazing design, i’d really like to see it realized by tokyoflash….i’ll surely get it!

    Would be nice a third coloration: black with red leds, i think you should try to render and post an image with this color combination, i think that it will perfectly fits to your design (anyway black-blue combination is quite overused by a lot of people who posted their concept led watches lol)

    obviously 5 stars and YES!

  17. avatar ilyas ouadrassi より:

    I want a dozen of those, they look amazing!!!

  18. avatar candymanz より:

    i love this watch in black 5/5

  19. avatar Ranjan より:

    Really a great design … Luv to have this watch … A new wizardly watch …

  20. avatar Adrien より:

    Hm, really like this watch, you’ve do some great job in it.
    Want this in green for my band :)

  21. avatar B.five より:

    Ho shittttttt……..this watch is so nice, so futuristic, so design. good job, good feeling. GREAT

  22. avatar Mike M より:

    Excellent ! Maybe another font for the time ? Anyway, really fresh & unique design !

  23. avatar Kathy より:

    Nice watch! Good luck!

  24. avatar Chrislair より:

    The Design is very nice and proffessionnal, i like it !!!!!

  25. avatar David より:

    Wonderfull design. I want both of them. Hope it will be create. Congrats to the creator

  26. avatar NL1 より:

    Thank you all for your votes and inputs !

    I also was (a little) concerned by the “hairy wrists” problem when I drew it, and I tested a few alternative solutions that you can see here:

    (I added a model with a chrome plate, as suggested by Samukun, but I’m not really comfortable with that material on the watch)

    It appeared that, to me, keeping the space empty is more coherent (it was imagined that way) and has a stronger identity.
    So I kept it as is, but don’t hesitate to tell if you prefer one of these !

    Anyway, glad to see that you like that concept.
    Thank you for your support.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Oh yes, I can see why chrome doesn’t fit well, it’s the only appearance there. If the clasp would be metallic, then it’s has a response there and this material finds its purpose in being an accent. But besides that, the black one looks good.

      Maybe this watch get’s indeed offered with an optional plate. Some have blank arms, there the watch looks great as it is. Some have bushy ones, and even the transparent plate wouldn’t help – imagine sweaty hairy skin pressed against glass… With available options (TF likes options) all can be made happy :D

    • avatar Pete より:

      I like the one with the glass, you can still see skin through it but a hairy wrist won’t effect the looks. Also the glass adds to the sci-fi look.
      Going back to my earlier comment, I think the buttons (I said lights before) “clutter” an otherwise clean form, maybe if they were colour coded to the colour of the body? but again I’m being picky, its a nice piece of work! :)

      • avatar NL1 より:

        I actually tried to put them inside the hole, instead of the Kisai-ish logo, and I thought it would be a little to tricky to use them, this way. But I like the idea of keeping the surface as clean as possible, so maybe with these buttons in the same color than the case, indeed.
        Thanks again for your returns !

    • avatar NL1 より:

      Yes, an optional plate is definitely a good idea – mostly the black one – to make every wrist happy !

  27. avatar Laszlo より:

    Congrats Nico! I prefer the original version! This is amazing! *****/y

  28. avatar ShinigamiRod より:

    This watch is so cool, i love it ! It would have been even better if the hour wasn’t so easy to read. I think about Kanji or why not a kind of new typography like the one used in the “V” series. 5* and yes for sure if Kanji.
    Great job, thanks for this little piece of dream !

  29. avatar laurence dardenne より:

    wonderful. i want one for my 40th birthday.

  30. avatar Shurakano より:

    I want one, too!!! Amazingly Wonderful!!!

  31. avatar Fredric より:

    Yes, please!

  32. avatar NL1 より:

    Thank you, again !
    Hope you could have 1, one day ;)

    @ShinigamiRod: I used that simple font because I wanted to put the accent on the shape, and I wanted the time to be easy to read. But yes, a “V” kind of typo would suit it very well !

  33. avatar MKD より:

    Really love it. I want this one !

  34. avatar Jorge より:

    I love it. Love that hole in the center of the watch. I’d buy it.

  35. avatar Fix より:

    Yeah, You’ve done a really good work. Congrats!
    I hate wearing a watch but this could get me wanna have one :-)

    Keep doing stuff like that

  36. avatar NICNiC より:

    hot stuff like this thing….when can i buy it !?!

  37. avatar RchLuvSlly より:

    That’s a very cool design, it looks very futuristic and seems like what we might have usually seen in movies with future settings such as Star Trek among many others. However, I think that somehow a bit more complicated font or way to tell the time will make the watch look even more futuristic. Also, what if the strap is made of stainless steel, without changing the design of the strap at all since it’s already cool as it is now? But, well, that’s my preference. :)

    • avatar NL1 より:

      Thank you RchLuvSlly. I worked on the shape of the display more than on the font used on it, but maybe I’ll think about something a little more complicated/uncommon, since I see a lot of people here and elsewhere asking for it.

  38. avatar RchLuvSlly より:

    Butterfly strap will also be cool. :)

  39. avatar RchLuvSlly より:

    Hope there’ll be some cool animation modes, too, for this watch. :)

  40. avatar SaraBe より:

    I love it! I would buy it instantly! In fact I thought this was a watch on the market, I had no idea this product design studio existed and to be honest I was a bit sad that I cannot buy this watch. It is such a cool design, and I actually prefer it with the hole open in the middle, I agree that the hole is a main part of the concept. Also I don’t have very hairy arms.

    I do hope it comes in ladies or at least unisex sizes!

    • avatar RchLuvSlly より:

      Agreed! The hole is the main concept and, in fact, it’s really cool. Btw, I hope TF will make both the white and the black colored version, just like in the images we see above. :)

  41. avatar Ina より:

    I am a woman, I dont care about hairy arms but I think it would look strange on a hairy arm of a man ^^ but I would buy it… definetly. It’s awesome!

  42. avatar NL1 より:

    @SaraBe, Ina: Thanks, I see it as a unisex watch and I ‘m glad that some women like it too.

  43. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    This definatly is awesome, Original, SUPER futuristic, Epic geometry, and epic layouts…well done dude…5 star and YES

  44. avatar Firdaus より:

    Not entirely fresh design, but still very solid concept, and not to mention the artwork. I feel I’m not quite eligible to critic it because it really damn cool watch design. TF should consider making this.

  45. avatar NL1 より:

    Hello, does anyone here know about TrendHunter magazine ?
    I’m not sure that it means a lot, but they put this concept at the 5th place of their top, for all categories :)

  46. avatar Niuzy より:

    Niuzy love this concept !!!

    • avatar NL1 より:

      Hello Niuzy,
      Glad that you like it.
      Most of the websites that published this concept didn’t mention a link to the blog, but you did, so thanks twice !

  47. avatar NiCNiC より:

    i like this concept and hope i can buy it soon

  48. avatar John より:

    Absolutely love this design. If you can get it in Acetate, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

    • avatar NL1 より:

      That means a band with acetate links should be designed too, but it is possible.
      Thank you John !

      • avatar John より:

        I’ve got the white RPM in acetate, and I love it! I just think the material would bring this watch to the next level. Super stylish and super light, a perfect combination and an immediate must-buy from me. :-)

  49. avatar jose より:

    Yo Jose estoi interesado en el relog NL1 para comprar. Gracias

  50. avatar TripleG. より:

    Hey NL1…a fantastic and unique design…….i hope this comes to reality…..wow…. :-)

  51. avatar christian lequeu より:

    i really love the design!!!! I hope that you can win the contest because i want this watch !!!!!

  52. avatar NL1 より:

    Thank you Christian lequeu !

  53. avatar Piet より:

    Tje design is beautiful. I like . Congratulation et good luke

  54. avatar NL1 より:

    Okay it’s almost the end, happy to see that people liked this concept here, also found dozens of publications on other sites… No matter the result, thanks TF for the opportunity to share my work.
    (Note to self: never choose a concept name that means things such as “nice view on San Francisco bay” :) ) To find external publications, search ["SF VIEW" "NL1"] in google.

    Now let’s hope TF people will consider making something with it.
    Also, your useful comments will for sure help to improve my next concepts (and maybe even this one), so thanks again to everyone for your feedback.


    • avatar Pete より:

      Best of Luck Nico! :)

    • avatar John より:

      Best of luck indeed! If they don’t pick this one up, I will be seriously disappointed.

      • avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

        I would be disappointed if this watch doesn’t get made. But I think, it’s not tokyoflashing. It’s just normal numbers, no sign of creative deformation. That only appears in the rest of the watch. It’s like taking a gold bar, graving lavish ornament in it and then just adding three watch hands and telling, it’s a cool analog watch. Don’t misunderstand me, this watch looks great, but looking great doesn’t hide the weakness of the concept.