Mechanical Movement Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Azahara from Spain.

With the use of rotational movement, this mechanical watch design tells the hour and minutes with a single needle mark.

This watch design would appeal to people who love mechanical watch designs with a touch of vintage and innovation.


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Mechanical Movement Watch Design, 3.9 out of 5 based on 92 ratings

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26 Responses to “Mechanical Movement Watch Design”

  1. avatar Cory より:

    I dig it, the half moon look of the needle and the minute disc makes for a great presentation. Case could be more innovative, but the idea is really cool.

  2. avatar Firdaus public より:

    considered mainstream enough, I love this mechanical art. its simple, doesn’t feel vintage at all but mechanical, and has a bit of astronomy element. you can add seconds and compass to this watch design and my buy. 5*.

  3. avatar Heather より:

    I like this design – simple analog with a twist. Very innovative, and nice presentation. :D 5*

  4. avatar Jordan from Canada より:

    Very nice, 5*

    Technical concern though, wouldn’t the non-centric spin axis result in the needle overlapping with the side numbers quite a bit when it turned to the right position? If it doesn’t spin centered then it’s sure to reach closer to one side of the face and further from the rest…

    • avatar Jordan from Canada より:

      I may be incorrect with my concern, I can’t quite picture the movement in my head, and it’s also fairly late at night ;)

    • avatar Jordan from Canada より:

      Never mind, my brain doesn’t function past 12am without excessive amounts of caffiene.

      The war in my head has ended and this design has come out victorious.

  5. avatar Gabriel BB より:

    This watch is a must be. Awesome. 5 stars from me. Maybe the case can be improved. Maybe moonphase can be ad also as a special feature. Mecanical watches and moonphase goes excellent togheter. :)

  6. avatar Patrick より:

    This watch is interesting, just that I would not use the white color to avoid confusion with the quarters of the moon? Or then to put a special function for the Moon?
    5 * for the idea / Yes!

  7. avatar Pete より:

    I like the simplisty of the mechanism and the method of telling the time. I agree this will apeal to people who like mechanical watches and classic styling. For me it just doesn’t grab and shake me by wow handles! 4+ / No

    • avatar rachid より:

      it’s so sad…
      thanks for noticing

      • avatar Pete より:

        Rachid, what makes this sad i don’t understand?

        • avatar rachid より:

          hum sorry i have not made the researches on the Designer : Löytö Esineiden, that is located in spain and could be the same person.

          mea culpa a bit of precipitation on my comment, the watch is very nice by the way very proffessional execution

      • avatar Patrick より:

        It is a watch that I had noticed elsewhere (without knowing where?) And if the Designer Löytö Esineiden comes on this blog, it is rather an honor.
        By cons is great to have a kind of police on this blog (I paid the price at my expense), because compliance with Creative and Copyright is important!
        Tout le monde peut se tromper Rachid, ce n’est pas bien grâve.

  8. avatar Gordon より:

    beautiful inteligent watch, but is it Tokyoflashy?

  9. avatar Bruce より:

    Deceptively simple – great work

    • avatar Bruce より:

      Scrap that – just seen the link as per comment above… TokyoFlash you need to take this down now, you’ve been duped!

      • avatar Firdaus public より:

        Calm down dude, this watch concept was designed by Azahara Morales aka Löytö Esineiden, from Madrid, Spain. She is the same person.

  10. avatar Samukun より:

    Really clever mechanism and the look is nice. It’s tame, minimalistc in style and fashionable. It looks good as it is, but it’s not making my heart beat faster. 4*/NO and my full respect for the work.

  11. avatar richo より:

    It would be a great improvement if the needle points and stays stationary right on the hour indicator otherwise the hour reading may be confusing.

  12. avatar TKSH より:

    AWESOME! Although, this doesn´t the TF style, but I think that’s good! I think that TF designs are so so so similar (LED´s, digitals, lights…) and no one surprised me lately except this watch design!

  13. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    This is very cool my friend, its a genius idea of time telling, original! 5 star and yes dude

  14. avatar agung より:

    it is use battery?