Hinged Analog LED Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Gordon from the USA.

Gordon says that he wanted to make a watch that incorporated a double hinge band for a man.

Time is told like an analog watch.  The outer ring of lights show the hour, the second ring counts 5 minute intervals, and the center triangles count single minutes.  Straps are spring loaded and will stay open in the open position.

Gordon sees men wearing this watch, perhaps engineers or designers.


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Hinged Analog LED Watch Design, 3.7 out of 5 based on 59 ratings

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49 Responses to “Hinged Analog LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Russ Green より:

    Very cool design.

  2. avatar i m より:

    i want it!!!

  3. avatar Gordon より:

    thanks guys , this one was fun

  4. avatar Gordon より:

    when i say hinges stay open, think about a jewelry box hing. once it is open its stuck open, but when it is closed it creates downward pressure on the band.

    does anyone see the first three pictures, they are not showing up on my page.I would appreciate a lot if someone can say they are up there cheers

  5. avatar Jordan from Canada より:

    Interesting design :3 looks like it could perhaps be a walking creature when the hinges are open! :D

  6. avatar Pete より:

    I like it Gordon, steel and carbon with the red face for me. I like the combinations of material and the chucky industrial feel. Nice work 5* and Yes

  7. avatar Patrick より:

    I like this watch, but I can not wear it, I’m not an engineer or designer? Too bad!
    Little joke.
    5 * / Yes!

    • avatar Pete より:

      You are definatley a designer dude! :)

    • avatar Gordon より:

      ha ha ha,Yeah they ask and thats all i could come up with. I gues I should have said this watch is for anyone with a wrist

      • avatar Cory より:

        hehehe, I may steal this comment for the “who would you see wearing this design” for a future submission. “anyone with a wrist and a pulse” lol

        Love the idea, here, Gordon. The hinged design with the hex bolts makes a nice Robocop like vibe. Time telling method fits well too. I go 5/y (but still like Ouroboros better :D )

  8. avatar rachid より:

    very nice job, “refined”design, i hope TF see the oportunity.

  9. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    This watch definately works, simple time telling but incoporated into a cool futuristic pattern…this is what tokyoflash is all about (H) 5 stars and yes. its real good dude

  10. avatar Anton より:

    3/N it’s boring

    • avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

      explain why its boring, explain where he could improve…explain the reason you rate it so low, is it the case? is it the time telling, the bracelet? come on people…give reasons so us designers can improve our designs.

      • avatar Anton より:

        Watch not in my taste in general. And still: the principle of display of time is beaten for a long time in others concept more successfully.
        Personally it not to be pleasant to me, and to whom that it is assured it is necessary to taste.

  11. avatar Gordon より:

    Question for TF. I cant see the first 3 images on my sign in on 2 different computers yet others say they can, do you know why or how i can fix?

  12. avatar Xenagogue より:

    Very nice design. I’ve wondered about the efficacy of the “spring band” design for a while now. Never had one, being a man, but thought it would be nice to have the option.

    Clean design, easy to read, wearable: 5*/y.

  13. avatar Gordon より:

    Thanks Xenagogue, I have seen this spring mechanism in womens cuffs done with a leaf spring. Were you able to see the top 3 pics?

    • avatar Pete より:

      If you couldn’t find an appropiate hinge, you can easily get the same feect with a compression spring and a v shape on the case where the strap meets it, the spring would be mounted inside the bracelet and acts against the V to give you an over top dead centre effect. The spring could be made a feature, which would tie in with the industrial look.

  14. avatar Samukun より:

    I really like the hugging mechanism :D You can adjust the screws to make the final position of the rigid bands wide or narrow. The materials are also cool. I realy like first version most – red and black ♥

    The diplays could be a bit more powerful. Dividing a rectangle and let the several parts tell the time is just ok. Maybe you make it asymmetric by pushing the center a bit more to the lower left, or you let the display look like being broken or you blur it or add details which let it seem 3d… something is missing there. But maybe I’m biased by seeing too much new concepts. It is still hard to find such a display in the real world, so it will turn heads :)

    Imagining, the display rocks more in the end, I give you 5*/Yes for this cool work.

  15. avatar Gordon より:

    Thanks Sam, your opinion matters to me. I agree the display lacks a uniqueness. Your Idea of assymetry might be just what it needs, as if what is now the center was falling into a corner. But i am glad you like the over all feel of the watch

  16. avatar logan より:

    I agree with Sam. The case and strap are great and new, but the display isn’t as exciting. I’d like to see more with the aesthetic of this case and strap.

  17. avatar Lisa より:

    purely elegant

  18. avatar Firdaus より:

    Yes, be able to vote again ;-)

  19. avatar Lisa より:

    I want to see it on my mam

  20. avatar Pete より:

    Last day for this entry, this was another solid design! (excuse the pun) good luck Gordon! :)

  21. avatar Gordon より:

    you the man!!