Hard-shelled LED Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Gordon from the USA.

Time is told like an analog watch.  The outer band of lights represent the hours, the second band of lights represent 5-minute intervals, and the inner band represent single minutes.  The light in the center lights up when the is PM.

The clasp hooks onto the watch and tension is kept by a band made of elastic material to create a one size fits all comfort fit.


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Hard-shelled LED Watch Design, 3.8 out of 5 based on 71 ratings

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48 Responses to “Hard-shelled LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Maybe Brian より:

    not my style, but pretty cool

  2. avatar Heather より:

    i love the puzzle piece shape of the case- it’s very different. Also love the holes in the strap and the one size fits all is a great concept. The display looks very futuristic. I prefer the metallic looking strap choices. Great design, very readable. 5*/no from me. It’s only a no because it’s not very feminine – too clunky for a woman, but sleek and nice for a man.

    • avatar Gordon より:

      thanks Heather, I just threw another version with a link strap at TF, I hope they see fit to post it on this entry. Stay tuned

  3. avatar Patrick より:

    Hi Gordon, the strap looks like a backbone, it’s pretty special, perhaps intended for adolescents “Gothic”?
    5*/Yes for originality.
    By the way, have you still your ant named George who knows and speaks the time, does it interest me?

  4. avatar Pete より:

    Its very different, its got a bit of a Flinstone’s (rounded edges and chunky proportions) look about it. Very chunky and fun, I can imagine this appealing to teenagers. A nice piece of rendering too.
    Not my cup of cha, 4*

  5. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    This is Ledge.
    It looks likes bones (H) damnn cool.
    the reading is simple so its good, and shape is epic, i want to buy the red and black one (H)
    5 stars and yes heehehe…i can fully see this in the TF store

    • avatar Gordon より:

      Thanks Jun, love your positivity, stay tuned for future images of this watch to come with a different twist

      • avatar Pete より:

        Are you going to add them to this entry? How do you got about it? I have tried adding images via the submission form with minimal sucsess.

        • avatar Gordon より:

          yeah, me too, I think I am gonna make a flicka page right now and post the link here

        • avatar Pete より:

          Thats the reason I started a Face Book page, click on my yellow name if you wish to see. Its very useful, especially as it can take a while for entries to get onto the blog so its nice to be able to post them there.
          Look forward to seeing your other images.

        • avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

          True…a facebook page can allow us designers to give feedback for each others designs..instead of being lonely on our computers sharing designs with yourself haha xD…its good to show each other before it gets to the blog..it keeps you motivated xD

  6. avatar Gordon より:

    http://www.flickr.com/groups/1745527@N24/ can anyone tell me if this link works to my new flikr group with additional watches to accompany these

  7. avatar Xenagogue より:

    Big fan of the strap, not so much of the face. The link strap concept is quite brilliant.
    beautiful rendering. Fully fleshed-out concept, but just not my style. Do love the Black case Orange display idea.

  8. avatar Firdaus より:

    This is pop art great for skaters!

  9. avatar Gordon より:

    Hi TF, I appreciate you posting the additional pics but you put them in the wrong submission, those belong in the Billet watch i last submitted

    • avatar Pete より:

      Doh! at least your additional images got added even if they are on the wrong entry. Additional images for two of mine never landed, God knows where they ended up.

      • avatar Gordon より:

        Hey Pete, Im learning how to use flickr it seems to be a good way to go. That way if people are interested in your design you give them a link to dig deeper

        • avatar Pete より:

          Its definatley usefull to have somewhere you can link too, to show extra/new images!
          That was the reason I started my FB page (just click on my yellow name)
          I don’t know how many people have taken the time to look but its there if they wish too.
          Also its good cos I get very impatient with the time it takes for entries to get added so if I want to post stuff early I can.
          Its all good stuff! Keep up the good work Gordon!

        • avatar Gordon より:


  10. avatar Travess より:

    They look good. very cool style. So many LCD’s its hard not to like HAHA.

  11. avatar Gordon より:

    thanx brother!

  12. avatar Tim より:

    The shape of the case looks like a children’s’ toy. It’s not very appealing. More goofy than artistic looking. Unnecessarily complicated. It doesn’t know what it wants to be.

  13. avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

    It’s not my taste. The shapes might look good graphically but not within the context of a wrist watch. I can see the toy analogy of Tim. Good luck next time. The three last images are another concept right? That’s how a watch has to look like.

  14. avatar Pete より:

    Best of Luck Gordon! :)