Tree Rings of Time Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

The idea for this watch design was inspired by the rings of a tree which tell how old the tree was when it was cut down.  This watch uses rings to count the time in a similar way.

To tell the time you push the button on the side which illuminates the rings, count the rings from the middle to tell the time.  Solid rings indicate full hours, partial rings for partial hours in an intuitive manner.

The design and the interface are very simple and clutter free and would appeal to sophisticated types and tree huggers of course!


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Tree Rings of Time Watch Design, 3.7 out of 5 based on 59 ratings

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74 Responses to “Tree Rings of Time Watch Design”

  1. avatar Gordon より:

    another original concept! I like the method of time telling, not so crazy about the form though

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks Gordon, I must admit this was one of those concepts that looked great in my minds eye, but the model/renderings lost something in translation. I’m glad you like the time telling method ;)

    • avatar HelmzKing より:

      This watch looks boss if you put it on the market i would buy it of the back but if you make a black wood oak with red led i would pay top dollar

      • avatar Pete より:

        That sounds like a nice colour combination, I like the darker colours too. Let’s hope tf see the potential! Thanks for the comments. ;)

  2. avatar Patrick より:

    An original concept deduced from a physical sense of the age of trees, the idea is beautiful!
    5 * / Yes

  3. avatar Samukun より:

    The base idea is cool (everybody loves eco) the time telling is new (as far as I know) and simple – very good.

    Blue doesn’t fit so well to the brown wood. Orange is good and I think white or green would work too. The metal alternative is ok, but I would concentrate to develop the wooden version because the ecology theme is a wave you could surf on. “Wooden watch tells time with growth rings!”

    The “straps” are not fully my cup of tea, I’d like to have a flatter and segmented strap. If TF touches the design, it will be a 5*/YES so you get that now :D

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks Sam,

      I agree the overall look of the thing needs work, it looked so much more dynamic on paper.
      The wooden one came first, the organic shape of the strap was an attempt to make it look like tree roots.
      Like you say TF can do magical things, lets hope they see the potential and raise it to another level.
      Thanks as ever for the positive vote and the stars ;)

  4. avatar Pete より:

    Thanks TF for adding this design to the blog

  5. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    5 stars and yes!!!
    The way the light colour changes completely when it is am or pm is so epic!
    And the time telling is simple, easy to read just what I like!
    And that is just genius…when a tree grows it gets more rings in its trunk…so doing a watch that has rings that increase as time goes just epic haha

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks Jun,

      I wish everyone had your level of enthusiasm and positivity! We could all do with a bit more of it around here! Thanks for the great comments and the all important stars! ;)

      • avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

        True dude…I rate other peoples designs how I would like others to rate my designs. Instead of noticing negative things, Its better to notice the positive things that the person has worked hard to design, people must remember that the designs on the blog are not the finished product, so we must rate and see peoples design potentials and what great watches they could become.

        • avatar Pete より:

          I completely agree.
          Most of my entries are rough concepts, they require refinement.
          My renderings are not as polished as others but as long as they get the concept/idea across job done. The hope is of course that TF see the potential of the idea or the idea inspires something better!

          Out of interest, if TF likes an idea do they ask the designer to submit more refined designs using feedback from peoples comments or do they take over the design and develop it from there?

        • avatar Samukun より:

          I would ask TF if they need more material and produce it, if they decided to make one of my watches. But if a watch is ever being considered to be made, TF has done alot research already I think.

          I also wish, people would see the potential in concepts which are less concrete. This is a blog for everyone. See, Kaidoku was based upon a sketch, that’s pretty awesome. And see how much 3D Unlimited changed from the start to the final product. There is enough space for changes/improvements/development.

      • avatar Pete より:

        Thats what made me ask the qusestion, both the fan submitted concepts that have made it into production were loose sketches where the idea shone through, and were then developed and improved upon. I know with my entries, people have made some very good suggestions to improve the concept which I probably would’t have thought about. I too would be more than happy to produce extra work and varients if it helped develop an idea further :)

  6. avatar Clare より:

    Another unique concept, all your ideas are completely different! I like the simplicity of the display and it seems very intuative. I could also imagine it being very tactile (kinda ridged) What sort of display is it?
    5* and Yes!

    • avatar Pete より:

      I have tried to do a mixed bag of concepts, hopefully all different, hopefully all worthy of the blog!
      I wanted to do something very simple and this seemed like you say an intuative way of displaying the time.
      I originally thought that ithe display would be LEDs, but I wonder how small they could be to get a graduated effect on the partial hours (how small incruments 5 min blocks, 10 mins etc) especially on the smaller rings, so it might work better as a Backlit LCD in negative. So the LCD blocks go out to let the light through (TF would be far better at deciding that if they thought it was worth developing)
      I agree the rings would give a very tactile feel. Thankyou for the feedback and the stars! :)

  7. avatar rachid より:

    very nice concept poetric and following the eco trend, i think there is a market for that concept,

    about the design i am not convinced by the band, it could be interesting as a wall watch, but not on a wrist it looks massive and unconfortable , very nice rendering of the brushed steel effect by the way.

    4* no

  8. avatar Pete より:

    I hadn’t thought about a wall clock, but agree that might look nice.
    Also more conservative people maybe more likely to put a tree themed clock on the wall as apposed to their wrist.
    Thanks for the feedback Rachid :)

  9. avatar Cory より:

    I’m not a huge fan of the environmentalism movement, I like my indoor plumbing and air conditioning too much.

    That said, the idea has a market for sure. The split strap isn’t my favorite, but the display achieves its goal of looking like a tree’s rings. The metal one looks a bit like an exhaust manifold, maybe repurpose that part for a muscle care themed design? Now THAT I’d go in for!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Th tree theme perhaps isn’t for everyone.
      I must admit I like mechanical things and car related themes myself.
      Thanks for the comments

      • avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

        Even if people do not like the bracelet or the tree theme…the time telling method here is unique and cool enough to make an entire new watch….just imagine a strap like RPM’s and cool silver case with this time telling on top…that would be another cool watch!

  10. avatar Tzu より:

    5 stars for the concept. I would however change the blue colour for a green one, (blue dont really fit with the tree theme, orange is great tho). I would also make the strap 1 whole strap insteed of 2 small.
    Still, a really good concept.

    • avatar Tzu より:

      I’ll just have to add: Im really glad i saw this method of showing time, truely unique and fun. So simple yet it have a complex touch to it.

      • avatar Pete より:

        I agree that green would be more appropiate than blue. The strap doesn’t seemed to be to many peoples taste. I would be more than happy for that to change.
        I’m glad you like the display method, Thanks for the great feedback Tzu ;)

  11. avatar Cole より:

    I really like this design, its almost got a classic feel to it with the wood vaneer effect strap.
    It gives it a high end feel like an executive car or yacht.
    Its probably not for everyone but I think that adds to the exclutivity which is what TokyoFlash is all about.
    Also it lends itself to limited editions in different wood effects, like the acetal rpm varients.
    The display also appeals to me, im not one for having to learn a new language or code just to tell the time.
    5* and Yes

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Cole,

      Limited editions is a great idea, I could imagine a range in different materials and colours!
      I know what you mean about the time telling method, I prefer simple quick methods, ones that appear criptic at first but are simple when you know how. Thanks for the feedback and the stars! :)

  12. avatar Pete より:

    This concept gets a mention on “Another Huge Tech Site” does anybody know how to add a link?

  13. avatar Firdaus public より:

    I think this watch is over creative. Not my type as it looks more like a native clan handicraft than a watch, especially when it designed for TF.

    Guys, PLEASE do not too comfortable with +ve comments that sound too good to be true. You need to guide your creativity to design that TF wanted if your purpose is to have your design to be considered for manufacture. This design can be great for nature, classical artist, but, I’m not sure if it suites TF product lines.

    I’ve rated 5 but please consider my comment. Also, being featured on the external blog is a very good sign, but aware that the blog admin, sometimes feature your design to attract audience for his/her blog, which will help to increase hits of his/her website/blog— notice the advertising, they survive with it. But atleast, being featured proved that professional geeks see your design as worthy and be glad with it.

    Keep improving!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Firdaus,

      I have tried to produce a very mixed colection of concepts as you will see as my other designs get on the blog (Hopefully get on the blog!) So some are probably “over creative” but they are only rough concepts. I agree that in its present form I can’t imagine TF making it as it is, but if they choose to use the display style alone that would be a success.
      Like most concept cars which start off as vivid over exagerated figments of peoples imaginations but by the time they are anywhere near production have been toned down, refined and simplified. I would expect this to happen to the majority of my concepts if they were ever taken into consideration.
      I must admit of all the entries I’ve submitted this is the one I didn’t expect to get onto the blog, so TF must have seen some merit. :)

      • avatar Pete より:

        Its probably worth pointing out that my F1 concept which is far more realistic and appropiate for TF (in my opinion) has had far less positive comments and ratings than this one. I think trying to guess what TF wants to see in a watch design is a difficult thing, and trying to guess what other people want to see in a watch design is even harder!

  14. avatar Will より:

    This is stupid

  15. avatar Aphosno より:

    Will meant he is stupid. What kind of comment is that?

    The straps or whatever we want to call them are too bulgy for me. I don’t like this tube like design. It looks ok if it were a bracelet for girls but not for me. A proper strap with segments, also ok if they were in wood, please. The time reading is pretty cool. So simple but not seen before on here. Right now it is a ****/YES, so with a good price and proper straps it is mine.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Aphosno,

      For you I would happily re-design the strap (the current one seems to be a step to far for most people)
      Im glad you like the time reading method its probably the most significant element of this concept.
      Thankyou for your critique and the all import stars ;)

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hey Guys, How do you go about adding updated images onto an existing blog entry? do you just submit them as per normal with a note asking TF to add them to the appropiate entry?
      I’m going to act on the feedback and add a segmented strap to the tree hugger watch! :)

      • avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

        that would be epic if we could do this, TF at the moment are extremely busy with so many potentiol watches they are researching and creating like the tron watch etc…so I doubt a request to add additional pics would work :’(…why dont you setup a facebook page like me and sam? then we can click your name here and see all your glorious designs :D

      • avatar Samukun より:

        If you prefer a blog page, you can use such. There is alot of free webspace out there. In any case, if you never used it before, it takes some time to get used to it. The advantage towards >uploading images and sharing the link< is, you only need one link for all images. Plus, the link can be hidden in your name here (all yellow names are links). Pretty practical.

        I'm not sure how quick the response time for resubmissions with the official way is. But I recomend it. Tell TF that it's an addition to an existing design and they may please add it as soon as possible. I don't know if this causes confusion, but it's how you can to do it. Being able to react to what the other users say, is good.

        • avatar Pete より:

          I’ve got nothing to loose by sending them to TF, Thanks Sam

        • avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

          Pete, to make your name turn orange as a link like mine and sam, click your name “you are logged in as Pete”…then you can edit your information, then paste your facebook page link into the website section and the next comments you make will always be an orange link :D easy access xD

    • avatar Pete より:

      If you haven’t yet, take a look at my FB Page “PF Design” for updated Tree Hugger images with a more conventional strap (I do listen to feedback :) ) Klick on the shortcut below or my name where it appears yellow on more recent comments.

  16. avatar Pete より:

    I have pasted the link in lke you said.

  17. avatar Samukun より:

    The new version of the tree hugger watch rocks! It looks elegant professional and buy-worthy!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks Sam, I’m Glad you like it, endorsement indeed. If you buy this watch you can officially say “I got wood” without getting funny looks! hehe. If you would like to see my other concepts that haven’t yet got onto the blog please click on my yellow name. If I get one more “like” on my page I will show some new stuff!

  18. avatar Tom より:

    This design makes me sad. It reminds me of cut-down trees. How about something with leaves, or growing branches instead?

  19. avatar Pete より:

    Don’t worry Tom, the trees would be sustainably sourced and more new trees would be planted.
    I will have a think about a concept based on your thoughts!
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment :)

  20. avatar Cole より:

    I’m loving the new images. I liked the originals but these are even better! If I could vote again I would 5* and Yes (again).

    I presume you don’t own any wooden products if this concept makes you sad!?

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Cole,

      I wish you could vote again too, I could do with a few more positive ratings!
      Thanks for the comment and the theoretical extra vote! :)

  21. avatar Pete より:

    Wow 3.6, fancy that both my entries drop a point on the same day. Thats not remotely cynical voting! hehe

    • avatar Cory より:

      I’m not too incredibly hung up on the star ratings. They’re easily manipulable (i.e. taking one’s comp to 5 different wifi hotspots and voting again w/ a different IP; voting on a home computer, then on a phone, then on a work computer are just 2 examples) and the comments are a much better litmus test of how well the fans and community like a design.

      Also, the folks at TFJ has said before that the star ratings are only a part of what’s considered in whether a design makes it to production or not.

  22. avatar Cory より:

    New images are a big improvement! 5/y!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Cory,
      Thanks for the therotical extra vote and the positive comment!

      I’ve stopped caring about the ratings, they are sometimes completely rediculous. There been a few concepts just recently that should have been well into the 4s (I don’t mean mine :) ) and have just scrapped the 3s and others that I don’t particuly like seem to do incredibly well.
      Its a shame becuase it should be a good indecator.

      • avatar Cory より:

        Right you are, mate.. it seems like the earlier designs still benefitted greatly from the star ratings, back when RPM and Console were still just concepts. Now it seems like a design will start off strong, and then invariably take a steady decline until the voting stops well over a full star lower than the first 2 weeks or so of voting.

        I’m just sitting back and enjoying the creativity at this point! :)

        • avatar Pete より:

          I think thats the best attitude, I do enjoy sharing my ideas irrespective of the voting and potential prize, and like to see what other people come up with (very jealous of a few of them!) Keep up the good work! ;)

  23. avatar Pete より:

    Not long left on this one people, if you haven’t yet voted or commented (positively :) ) nows the time! hehe

  24. avatar Pete より:

    As there is only a few hours left before this entry RIPs, I would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote and comment.

    I would also like to thank the external blogs that featured it on thier sites.

    Hopefully the talented folks at TF will take pity on this humble little watch and develop it into something special :)

    Kind Regards

    Pete from the UK