Time in Notes Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

A watch concept with e-paper display showing time in musical notes. Time is indicated by notes and sounds.

There is an AM/PM function and also includes 440 Hz “A” sound to help in tuning musical instruments. The sound functionality can also be disabled so only time in shown in notes.


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Time in Notes Watch Design, 4.6 out of 5 based on 324 ratings

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41 Responses to “Time in Notes Watch Design”

  1. avatar Greg より:

    This watch is amazing, I am predicted legend status much like the 7r0n.

  2. avatar Samukun より:

    Very nice concept! The sound option is a very creative way to tell time. I’m not a musician, I also don’t play an instrument so I cannot judge if the display is authentic or “just” fun. It would be perfect, if a musician can tell the time instantly ;) E-paper is a wise choise, because notes are normally written on paper and this looks reasonable. The case is verrry nice. I like the shape and the material. It is piano black right? Laszlo, this is a hit (I hope Google tranlates it good back in hungarian, hehehe).

  3. avatar Patrick より:

    Hi Laszlo, a real good idea, very friendly with the music that tells the time, what better to show the passage of time (with e-paper, incredible technology).
    5 * / Yes, very good idea!

  4. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    Great watch. The concept is totally unique and a clever way you have made the time telling through musical notes! 5* and yes…i would buy this!

  5. avatar Pete より:

    Im not a musician and cannot read music so this doesn’t really grab me.
    I like the look of the thing however and agree that it is a clever and unique idea.
    If it had a reveal mode where the time could be shown in digits (that perhaps morpth from the notes) that would increase the appeal to non-musicians perhaps.
    Nice but not for me, but still worth a 5 for originality :)

  6. avatar rachid より:

    1/No ! because i am jealous and mean :(

    but seriously very good job the display is clear and i think there is a huge potential in “ear training” i imagine people willing to learn solfège without making any effort using this watch or a variant, or simply playing at recognising the sound.

    i want this watch

    and ok i give you 5*

    • avatar Laszlo より:

      I like your opinion. Solfege…
      I learned solffege for 4 years and i’m hate it, but i think it’s the easy way to learn music.

  7. avatar Gabriel_BB より:

    Nice work again, Laszlo. excellent concept. inlcuding the watch, strap, presentation. all of them made in a professional way.

  8. avatar ranjan.watch より:

    It’s really a great musical design … beyond one’s imagination …

  9. avatar sl0wb0t より:

    How do you display a zero? What would the time look like at exactly 12:00, or at 12:05?

  10. avatar Laszlo より:

    Yes, Thank you Sam for the help.

  11. avatar Rob より:

    Im a musician and this would be an instant purchase for me! an absolutely amazing idea! The tuner is an amazing add on that would be used constantly by musicians. What if for times like 2:10, the 10 was a half note instead of quarter notes? and for zero a quarter rest? My personal opinion would also be to have bass cleft as PM not AM. Id be glad to offer any support or help as a musician! If this gets made I’ll gladly be the first to order one!

  12. avatar logan より:

    I’m not enough of a musician to wear this, but I like the case shape. Other than that, I have only one comment:

    Ralf Hutter? What would Liszt think? :)

    • avatar Laszlo より:

      Kraftwerk Kraftwerk is, Liszt is Liszt. (The first good quality jpg what i can find on the net: Neonlights.

  13. avatar makino より:

    Hello Laszlo,
    1st of all i’m not a designer & also have nil knowledge on the technical aspect of a watch. I’m just curious as why do you still go with e-paper in your design when obviously TF has commented in your previous design that there are several problems with e-paper?

    As for this watch, i actually prefer a watch that can tell me the time at a glance but i like the look and the concept & its very unique. It would take me some times to familiarise myself with the time reading. All the best to you.

  14. avatar Jordan from Canada より:

    I had an idea like this :3

    Yours is better though

  15. avatar Xenagogue より:

    I LOVE this watch. I have studied music most of my life, and think this is one of the most brilliant things ever. Laszlo, you have outdone yourself. I’ve been lurking this site for some time now, but I couldn’t keep from commenting on this watch.
    With as many great designs as you’ve come up with, this one strikes me as perfect gift for my musician friends.
    5*/y/y/y/y (I would buy 4.)

  16. avatar Firdaus public より:

    I’m not really a fan of e-ink, and the reading system, but I think this design is cool, and solid. Would like to see a bard wears it.

  17. avatar Koekeishiya より:

    I love this, and I have the perfect person in mind for it, my only thought would be to make it a little more female friendly?

  18. avatar John より:

    I hope you make this as I have it in mind for a wonderful gift

  19. avatar Tom より:

    I can’t read music so this one is out.

  20. avatar Hduarte1 より:

    Oh Dear GOD!!!!!! Where do i swipe my card, i want this RIGHT NOW! Amazing strap and Notes OMG just make this already what are you guys waiting for???? Just like Music uuuuuhhhhhhh!!

  21. avatar RB より:

    This looks great but I would prefer the “A” sound to be 424MHz. Maybe selectable?

  22. avatar HeatherDuana より:

    I do really would love to buy this musical time watch if it isn’t way too expensive like over a $100.00 & if it’s over a $100.00 I won’t be able to afford this watch at all but if its under $ 60.00 or close to $70.00 then I can try to save up my money to buy this watch & I love it a good job & I give this product a percent of %990

  23. avatar SK より:

    This watch has such a great feel to it!

    I would LOVE to always wear music around my wrist!!!