Time in Kanji LED Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Travis from Canada.

Travis wanted to create a watch that is not only practical for learning Japanese, but also incredibly stylish with style based on the modern city of Tokyo.

With the press of a button, time starts from the top left and falls down the Kanji characters until it hits the correct number.  That number will stay lit up and the light will continue to fall down and fade out at the bottom.  The user then reads to the left going down each column to get the correct time.  AM/PM shows up on the bottom left.


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22 Responses to “Time in Kanji LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Lamondray より:

    Well duh, I’d buy this!! Lol

  2. avatar Eduard Korhonen より:

    This NEEDS to happen! I’d buy this instantly :O

  3. avatar Firdaus public より:

    This is so happening, I need this!

  4. avatar Samukun より:

    Very nice! I like the kanji and the matrix-like falling down. I’m a big fan of my Twelve 5-9 L (which is the one with kanji and SOLD OUT) and if it ever get’s a successor, it’s this one!

    The question on the right is a cool idea. What about letting the answer be a whole sentence too? You just have to add 時、分 and です。

    Good luck for this one and welcome to the blog!

    • avatar Pete より:

      I forgot about the Kanjiflow (matrix stylie) watch you did a while back, that was sweet!
      Did TF ever look into making that one?

  5. avatar Spamurai より:

    I’ve not commented before and I love most of the designs on here. However this is my favourite concept so far. I need this in my life :D
    It’s stylish, modern, cool, slick and just looks awesome. Its perfect.

  6. avatar Pete より:

    I’m not usually into designs that mean I have to learn a new language or code (because my brain takes to long to absorb information) but this may prove to be the execption. It looks great and I like the cascade of the characters, It does make me want to learn Japanese! I would still like a reveal mode to see the time in digits when in a rush or my brain doesn’t want to work that day. a high 4* from me ;)

  7. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    I Love Japan, so I automaticly love this watch. 5*

  8. avatar logan より:

    I like the style, but I’d ideally want some change to distinguish it more from 12-5-9 L.

  9. avatar Gordon より:

    Are these characters that tell the time in Japanese? I thought they use numbers, will someone explain

    • avatar Samukun より:

      In Japan they originally use chinese kanji as numbers, probably also for time telling before it got infuenced by the western world. The latin numerals are pretty often used by now, but the original numbers are not forgotten :)

      So if you don’t know them, you have to learn them: 一=1 二=2 三=3 四=4 五=5 六=6 七=7 八=8 九=9 十=10 十一=11 十二=12. ○ = 0 (you see, they use a latin zero with their numerals because sometimes leaving a space is not cool or because 零 is too complicated) 午前=am 午後=pm. And finally 何時ですか= What time is it?

  10. avatar Gordon より:

    thanks Sam

  11. avatar Ranjan Arora より:

    Great imagination … nice color … just an unbeatable wizard elegant watch … a watch from heaven … what else I say …

  12. avatar Tzu より:

    Please let me buy this…

  13. avatar cypher より:

    needs matrix green

  14. avatar Guilherme より:

    Excelente! a cor, o design e o conceito são muito bons, vai ser ser um pouco difícil aprender a ler as horas, mas e daí, se era pra ser fácil comprava um chapion .

  15. avatar geoffrey matt より:

    I love this. I do like the kanji to tell the time, but I think the execution here, especially including the am, pm indication, is really excellent.
    I also would buy this the second it was made…

  16. avatar Aphosno より:

    I don’t have this “never seen before” feeling here and don’t feel the urge buying it. The idea is cool and the concept looks nice. **** for the designs and NO.

  17. avatar DamnitCamn より:

    Want. I want the HELL out of this.

  18. avatar Avatara より:

    This is fantastic too. This blog is on FIRE at the moment! I would buy this, it’s such a fascinating statement. I’m sure it would be easy to read before long.

  19. avatar Kit より:

    This is koool — dud buy it as i have three watches by this company.

    BTW – Where are the E-Paper watches????? I want one of those too! C’Mon way no response! Might have to get them done by someone else!

  20. avatar Jens より:

    That is a very cool watch! O__O
    I’d definitely buy it, just for the novelty.

    I do wonder if it might not be a bit too thin, but hard to tell from just that concept.