Art in a Watch

Design submitted by Firdaus from Malaysia.

Dimension art, geometry, and angles are what inspired Firdaus’s new watch concept.   The design also has a little artistic element of kites and octopus.

This watch design is a conventional easy to read analog movement watch based on unique and artistic Tokyoflash designs.  There are four levels of luminescent disks with three cut into sectors of different angels to form a state of the art analog dials.  The lower disk sector points to the hours, the second sector to minutes, and the third sector to seconds.

The geometrical time movement forms artistic art effects without the need to press any button.


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Art in a Watch, 4.1 out of 5 based on 105 ratings

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40 Responses to “Art in a Watch”

  1. avatar Jordan from Canada says:

    Bold, colorful, creative, simple, stylish, original.

    5*, no doubt in my mind.

  2. avatar logan says:

    Very nice display concept, Firdaus, and the case shape is well-matched.

  3. avatar Laszlo says:

    Very clever Firdaus!! I like the analog watches. Just an observation: the wavy lines is not my taste. I would love to wear this! *****/ Yes!

  4. avatar Samukun says:

    Now this is awesome! Fir created a hit again!

    The geometry is aweome and the time reading system is great – simple and effective. Very artistic eye-catcher. I bow to your skills :)

  5. avatar Pete says:

    Very Cool!!! 5*/Yes

  6. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    A very interesting design. Not mainstream that’s for sure but in a good way. The bold colours and wriggly lines add to it’s uniqueness. Keep up the great work! Oh love the rendering as well. ;)

    • avatar Firdaus says:

      A very interesting comment, and its from TJPSD. Keep up the great work on your side too! Oh love the compliment as well. ;-)

  7. avatar Gordon says:

    This is a work of art and makes quite a statement. Telling time might get difficult but you still get 5*

  8. avatar Akmal Sentinel says:

    Wow..thats amazing wathch.this watch is fullfil of art and suitable for teenagers..good work firdaus!!

  9. avatar Atiqa Obes says:

    Hurmmm..i like this design and its shape..good looking.

  10. avatar Makino says:

    Another surprise from firdaus ;) i love every bits & pieces of this watch, unique, original and fun, simply amazing. I gotta have the yellow one.

    • avatar Firdaus mobile says:

      i gotta thank you makidono. My favourite is blue, hmmm but yellow is cool too, so matching with livestrong band

  11. avatar Cory says:

    Considerably underrated hmmmm…. Very original design. Strange, yet cool. Smooth the sharp edges on either side and I’m in. 5/y for originality.

  12. avatar Patrick says:

    It’s just a watch “Cubist” that deserves a 5 * and a big Yes!

  13. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    Aku cinta firdaus who makes cool watch ehehhe xD

  14. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    5 Star *YES*

  15. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    the rendering is so magnificent too hehe

  16. avatar Cherubim says:

    Intriguingly mysterious! I love it especially the first two frames.

  17. avatar Pete says:

    You know what might be nice on this one: As the display looks like an art installation you could have a range of different bezels, they would almost be like picture frames (perhaps even interchangable) ;)

  18. avatar AcanthaceousShrike says:

    Too squirrely for me. I like less colors, less confusing shapes and the more futuristic look of Tokyoflash’s watches.

    • avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

      one again you note only negative things on peoples desings

      • avatar Samukun says:

        Ok I’m maybe biased cause he was gentle towards my designs, but he/or she says what he/or she thinks in a rather repsectful way (compared to what people actually can do in the internet). That’s better than those people who constantly rate down without a word and we wonder why. If I see a watch that I don’t like, I also point out the elements which make me leave the watch in the shop :)

    • avatar Firdaus public says:

      You are right Acant~~~~Shrike, and I must respect your taste. I have futuristic-look version of this concept too, but I decided to submit these ones because to me “futuristic” is subjective, and sometimes, is only good as concept design. I try to propose design as close to reality that and don’t want to fake the audience eyes with fancy futuristic design that would create problem for manufacturing – even it looks nice on rendering. The theme of this design is ART and geometry so here it is. This is a designer watch, rather than a futuristic ones. Thanks for your feedback!

  19. avatar diclonius says:

    this is a perfect example of “it’s not just a watch, it’s art.”

    • avatar Firdaus says:

      Diclonius, thank you for noticing this design. Love the quote. Let, see how this artistic concept will survive the challenge. To me, ART is always POP hmmm….. thank you again for liking this realiginal piece, Tako-chan will love you. ;-)