Cross-sectioned Watch Design

Design submitted by Andy from Ukraine.

This watch design is based on an idea using cross-reading and 4 circles to show the time.

Cross section format is used to tell the time.  Horizontal digits are hours and vertical digits are minutes.  Colors are also used where red indicates hours and blue the minutes.  All digits are in round format making the design smooth, simple, and amusing.


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Cross-sectioned Watch Design, 3.9 out of 5 based on 96 ratings

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55 Responses to “Cross-sectioned Watch Design”

  1. avatar namcy says:

    This design looks so sick!! I love the colors and tbe font of the numbets!!!!

  2. avatar Samukun says:

    Cool idea about the round holes and the round typeface – like that pretty much. The display reminds me of a playstation controller at first glance… mhhh I should use that for a watch, hehe ;) I like you color variants, different colored numbers for each watch would’ve been nice. I would take a full black version with white hours and red minutes.

    5*/y for this smooth, simple, artistic, eye catching and unisex wrist watch.

  3. avatar question mark says:

    Your colors are great and telling the time is simple but still very unique. I’d also like an all black version, but the all read one is great too. 5 stars and a yes!!!

  4. avatar Patrick says:

    Hi Andy, it’s been awhile since you were no longer on the Blog.
    Very nice your new watch.
    As we say in France “cool” ah ah ah
    5 * / Y, of course!

  5. avatar Firdaus wants to learn says:

    What a stunning watch design. I wonder is it lcd watch? I’d buy either white or yellow version. An amusing watch in a good way, simple, and sleek. Love it.

  6. avatar Lamondray says:

    I think, and if the company wanted to, this could be your first massively produced watch. If you allow for a full spectrum of colors/patterns and the creative ability to mix and match the bands with the watch faces, this product could take off in a huge way for Tokyoflash. Set this product at an affordable pricetag and it could potentially be what draws new consumers to the company. Maybe create limited edition acetate/ brushed metal watch faces and leather/suade watch bands/clasp.

  7. avatar erwinh says:

    What a great design this is! You could easely add a date display mode to it! I would keep the 7 somewhat simpler by leaving out the small dash in the middle in order to make it easier to produce but that’s only from a production perspective :)

  8. avatar Cory says:

    Very chic design, Andy! I’d go with the black w/ white band for sure. Reminds me of a zoomed in version of TF infection, and that’s not a bad thing at all! 5/y

  9. avatar rachid says:

    my first 5 on this blog, it’s a very good job, exept for the missing buckle but lets say it’s a detail, (i think few have noticed) your product has a strong visual identity, easy to read and can be customised at almost no additional costs, it has a very good potential.

  10. avatar Andy Kurovets says:

    Thanks for you 5 and nice words about my design, Rachid

  11. avatar Glory says:

    The best summer design! Nice shape and idea! 5 points on it!

  12. avatar Gordon says:

    great work Andy!!!!

  13. avatar Jordan from Canada says:

    Looks like the Eleeno watches that were made a couple months ago except nicer :D 5/y

    • avatar Andy Kurovets says:

      Yes, maybe like Eleeno, maybe like Playstation, our vision on things lives in our brain. Thanks for you comment, Jordan

  14. avatar Tzu says:

    5 for the design. I would most likely not buy this watch, but i belive that allot of people would.

  15. avatar Fernando says:

    Andy, your idea is great and i cannot find any negative point to it, i love the white one and i cannot wait to see it on sale, so will be lloking forward to it. congratulations on this very good taste idea!!!!!

    Cheers from Mexico City.

  16. avatar Tee Fred says:

    This concepts needs to become reality! I would buy this with out thinking twice!

  17. avatar Aphosno says:

    Great design for both, men and women. I totally love the numbers! My girl likes the red. I take the white. *****YES!

  18. avatar MD1500 says:

    Love the watch. My only suggestion would be to make the centre line of the 4 extend all the way, if you see what I mean. At the moment, it looks too much like a 9.

  19. avatar Doug says:

    This design is hotfire! Needs to become reality soon!

  20. avatar hermit says:

    5*/yes. Love the circles! Looks great and looks like it would feel great. I would like a black strap color option though

  21. avatar Industrial Design says:

    If I can vote, this should be the next concept to reality watch from TokyoFlash. What a clever design, simple, minimalist, yet futuristic. The beauty is in the simplicity. Great Job Andy!

  22. avatar Laszlo says:

    Wonderful performances, but not very original idea. (Only the game signals) but it’s really amazing! (5 * / N)

  23. avatar Andy Kurovets says:

    Thanks, Laszlo!

  24. avatar white kitchen cabinets says:

    Excellent designs Andy.. Cool.. I like the comment from Samukun that the watch looks look like a playstation. This is fantastic and future concept to watch time. Thanks..

  25. avatar Aphosno says:

    Lol, thats an interesting way to spam blogs. Kitchens huh? Lol.

    As a gamer, i understand the playstation connection, even if unintended. The display is very stylish. The full white version is my favorite. But also here, the price has to be right.

  26. avatar Andy Kurovets says:

    Thanks for you comment, Aphosno!

  27. avatar Peter Fletcher says:

    I must admit it took me a few looks before it grew on me but 5* and Yes

  28. avatar Samukun says:

    Andy, I said before, this reminds me of a Playstation controller and I made a concept, based upon one. I would like to share this here, cause you made me do it :) Here is the foto album.

    Good luck to you and keep up your stylish work!

  29. avatar Pete says: