Chaotic LED Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Rachid from Switzerland.

Rachid based this watch design on an idea of an organic shape with a sci-fi futuristic aspect, that appears chaotic while being well ordered.

This watch design has LED display using different shapes to show time units – quads for hours, triangles for 10 minutes, and segments for single minutes.  The number of shapes is defined by the time in random positions.

The shapes are inspired by living cells and crystals.  The band is made of rubber “overinjected” on semi-translucent rubber.

What makes this design unique is the contradiction between random display and time display which is not often seen in other designs.


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20 Responses to “Chaotic LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Samukun より:

    Very cool design, very interesting time reading – difficult but definitely worth learning it. I also like the rubber straps – smooth and comfortable, and the random LED positions – always a differnt and challenging display.

    The “0 minutes can be displayed by 6 or 0 triangles” can be removed. You could use the extra triangle to indicate am/pm – some people need that :) Maybe a quad with a concave edge would be better as am/pm indicator – that’s a shape you don’t have yet…

    Anyway, this design rocks! 5*/y

    • avatar rachid より:

      thanks for your comment, yeah i think you’re right about the triangles the sixt must be removed, iwas tring to play with the equivalence between 60 and 0 , but it is just adding confusion.

  2. avatar Patrick より:

    Hi Rachid, beautiful graphics and harmonious end, watch easy to read, but being well concentrated.

  3. avatar logan より:

    I like the display concept very much, but I think I’d prefer a plain band. Great original design.

  4. avatar question mark より:

    It’s difficult to read, but I would be more than willing to learn. This is too good to pass up!! 5*/y

  5. avatar Yves Bertola より:

    Very nice and freak design. So, the 6 or 0 triangles could be kept in that way ! Have you tried others colors which could give more contrasted for on and off cells ? Even with mixed colors, why not.

  6. avatar Firdaus wants to learn より:

    A funky artistic design. If you own a Kisai broke, don’t miss to vote up on this design. The reading is quite heck complicated but worthy to learn. Nice execution. Good luck starsz…

  7. avatar ronnie robb より:

    Absolutely love the watch. It only takes a few minutes to work out how to tell the time. once you can read that, it is easy. I love the design, and it is another out of the ordinary timepiece. Great.

  8. avatar Alex より:

    I showed my sister this watch and she loved it. She said she would definitely buy it

  9. avatar rachid より:

    thanks for all your comments its very encouraging

  10. avatar Aphosno より:

    The preview image was promising, the other images kept the promise. It looks so cool! Time reading is hard tho. But an easier reading would mean a more systematic look which we saw alot already. Give you *****YES

    • avatar rachid より:

      thank you very much, i apreciate your will to see original concepts i’ll try to keep the spirit for my next submissions.

  11. avatar hermit より:

    This watch is absolutely brilliant! I would buy one without a second thought. I never would have thought to use the number of sides of a shape to tell time. 5*, I would definitely buy it

  12. avatar ~ kay ~ (@flawless_not, twitter) より:

    The design is very beatiful. Yet I find it very hard to read the hours… I’d still buy it though -if I could afford it. It’s very original, I like it. Have you consider color variations sucha as a dark deep green or a teal color maybe? What about a red one!

    This one’s lovely… I hope it gets the most votes.

    • avatar ~ kay ~ (@flawless_not, twitter) より:

      and what do you have to do to submit a design to Tokio flash?… do the contact you?… Do you contac them? Is it only for designers? O_O

      • avatar rachid より:

        thanks for your comments i’ve tryed the blue not the green, but i wasn’t convinced next time i’ll include more variants.

      • avatar rachid より:

        you click on design challenge and you have the instructions there.

      • avatar Samukun より:

        It’s not only for designers, it’s for everyone. Most of the people who buy watches aren’t designers, so these people can tell Tokyoflash now, what they wanna have :) Looking forward to seeing a sdeign from you kay :)

  13. avatar Aphosno より:

    Absolutely underrated! Look at this, this is wow!

  14. avatar Peter Fletcher より:

    Hi Rachid,

    I love the idea of this watch, I think it could do with being even more Alien in its apperance if that is possible but well worth development. 5* and Yes