How Drunk Are You? This LCD Watch Design Will Tell You!

A new concept from the Tokyoflash Design Studio.

A touch screen LCD watch design that does much more than simply tell you the time. It also gives an indication of your blood alcohol content (BAC) to gauge your level of sobriety.

This concept is an LCD watch design which can be read at a glance because it has an ‘always on’ digital LCD display. It also features a multi-colored LED backlight, perfect for night time viewing. You simply have to touch the light function to illuminate the display.

After drinking, touch the button to activate the Alcohol Test Function, blow into the port and await the result. Your blood alcohol content reading gives an indication of your level of sobriety.

This chart describes the progressive effects of alcohol. Each level represents a range of feelings including increased talkativeness, disinhibition, over expression and impaired sensations.

This interesting and functional watch design would be great for checking just how intoxicated you and your mates are. The watch design is made of stainless steel with an asymmetrical case and features touch panel operation.



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43 Responses to “How Drunk Are You? This LCD Watch Design Will Tell You!”

  1. avatar Iluvatar says:

    Cool design, but with 0.86% you will be dead! You should fix this to 0.86‰!!!

  2. avatar Samukun says:

    0.86% = 8.6‰ right? So that’s correct. The highest survivable amount is about 12‰ so 1.2% (depending on the person and the google blabla you read).

    Apart from that, I don’t drink that much alkohol to need to know the amount. But according to reliable sources it’s a huge industry and some kind of culture if you will. I can see, it would be cool to have a personal alc tester and show your value to your friends while tumbling and giggling… I hope the case is robust. :P

    Some possible issues: I believe you can’t reach the blow hole on the side of the watch. (I tried to reach the side of my 12-5-9 L and that is pretty chunky already) Although it is pretty safe to place it there, I’d suggest to place it on the wearer facing side of the watch. I’m not sure if I would kiss/lick/suck/nom/blow stuff I wear like my watch/phone/cam/keychain. Hm, alcohol drinkers might kill all germs with their breath, so maybe no problem here :) Maybe you provide separate mouthpieces (embouchure?). Two advantages: germ free fun and you can share the experience with your friends, who would look jealous at you and want to blow too. A 100 pack for 5$, made of some eco stuff… hard cardboard, so you can it drop it when your drunk and nature doesn’t get harmed.

    4*/NO But thats me.

  3. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    Thanks for the feedback so far. The range 0.00% – 0.99% is just a guidance range for the concept design to show a wide variety of results. Of course, reaching this high blood alcohol level would be extremely dangerous.

  4. avatar Samukun says:

    0.99% is a reasonable limit. One the one hand you can’t blow anymore when you’re unconcious. On the other hand, the higher the upper limit, the more encouraging it is for the people to reach it (especially for the not rationally thinking folks)

  5. avatar Jen says:

    I think the location of the blow hole is perfect. You could touch your chin and blow down your hand. When you raise your wrist the side is a more natural position I think. Certainly not a problem, and looks way better than having some srew thing on the top. The face looks very cool. Love the icon of the glass! 5 out of 5

    • avatar Samukun says:

      I’m not sure how the alc testers work these days. My last memory was, you have to enclose a nozzle with your lips and blow for like 5 seconds. If it works with a soft breath, then I agree. What’s “srew”?

  6. avatar Alex Remander says:

    Just seen this post on a blog and wondered if there was any way to track this or receive updates on if it’s going to be made?

  7. avatar gordon says:

    im not a lawyer but i think this watch might drag you into a lot of DWI cases if the driver is wearing this watch and claims that they used it before driving. Any lawyers out there want to chime in?

    • avatar Samukun says:

      No lawyer too. The driver (possibly one beer to much inside) can claim whatever he wants, only the cops’ (sober, know how to use an alc test correctly) measurements count in front of the law… Tokyoflash might wanna add a hint like: “Drive at your own risk.” They would have to get some kind of certificate from each country saying “this is a certificated alc tester”. But even then the right usage depends on the driver, who is a source of errors. Conclusion: it’s a fun watch.

  8. avatar Patrick says:

    I love this watch, do you have an estimated cost with the purchase?
    Super project, YES!

  9. avatar Firdaus says:

    I don’t need to measure alcohol, I don’t consume it, I prefer to measure blood glucose level, cholesterol level, fat storage level, heart beat, blood pressure etc.. I think is better. I insist this design, with functions I suggest. But off course alcohol measure function has its market…. let make a pole who take alcohol quite often, I bet they are Mr Fursedon, Mr Todd, blah blah blah…. If this watch would sell, so go on.

  10. avatar Sandra says:

    I like this watch a lot. It looks cool and futuristic and it has a very useful bonus function, so I would buy it:)

  11. avatar Avatara says:

    Interesting! I love the design, the shape, the screen layout. All really up my street. It looks functional too; I see a date and alarm indicator on the screen as well as the alcohol tester.

    I kind of feel the ‘blow hole’ is in a good location too. I imagine it just needs you to blow near to the whole, not blow into it like a police breathalyser. I think this would be a fun, interesting addition to a watch; I like the watch as it is but this function would definitely add an interesting talking point.

    I certainly wouldn’t expect to use this to get me out of any DWI incidents. I don’t drink anything when I drive. Period. I think the product would probably come with a disclaimer.

  12. avatar Cory says:

    Now, if TFJ can just find a way to create a watch with the technology necessary to instantly sober us up, we will truly be onto something BIG!

  13. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    A watch for drunkards? Wow…
    I do not drink alcohol…so i guess i wont buy this watch :’(

  14. avatar ryan says:

    I would by this in a second.

  15. avatar E says:

    Any idea of projected retail price?

  16. avatar Jimmy says:

    I am buying one of these for sure when it comes out no doubt in my mind!

  17. avatar Gabriel Balas-Baconschi says:

    Very cool idea. I love watches that have some extra posibilities, not just telling the time. I really like the shape and the strap. PERFECT.

  18. avatar l7yan says:

    Love the idea and have been wanting to buy one of these amazing watches! I would buy one if that are made available!

  19. avatar Laszlo says:

    I do not believe this…

  20. avatar Keiron says:

    hell yeah! this watch would definately go down well in uk, although some people might die trying to make it to the red zone! interesting point Frideaus made about having another kind of health sensor, – or maybe it could tell u when u have bad breath? maybe with an emergency breath mint dispensary mechanism? lol

  21. avatar logan says:

    Since you are using multiple colors of LEDs for the testing display — green, yellow, red — how about allowing the user to select the color for the normal time display, like on the Tokyoflash Negative?

    If your market research says that the alcohol testing feature would sell, I say go for it! Great display — looks like beer bubbles!

  22. avatar CRob says:

    I would buy this right now

  23. avatar James Fursedon says:

    There are plenty of portable alcohol testers available in the UK, I wouldn’t worry about the legal aspect. This watch is fantastic, great looking and with a unique feature, it seems to have gathered a lot of interest too. I hope it gets made and would certainly consider buying one.
    I wear my watch on my right hand so I would prefer it if the nozzle was at the bottom to make it more universal, perhaps a rectangular vent, any thoughts?


  24. avatar sosoran says:

    Love the concept, I think that it would be better if we can choose when the screen changes to yellow or red. Depending of the use, some customers may never see the red one, we could set this to our own desires.

  25. avatar yoad says:

    hello, my name is yoad

    i just wonder whats the price of the watch, and how much it will cost to send it to me( i live in israel).

    thanks alot, yoad

  26. avatar Jaybaybay says:

    I’m an extremely heavy social drinker, and I would buy this watch in half a second. Important points for me would be:

    - That the detection mechanism is accurate
    - The BAC is displayed numerically instead of just graphically
    - That the margins at which the screen changes color could ideally be user-set
    - A possible alarm clock function not gauged for time, but instead set for at or above a certain BAC

    Whatever happens, I think this is a genius product, and I will certainly be lining up to purchase.

  27. avatar poil says:

    i saw this product on a tech website and they were not saying this was just a prototype so i was coming here to buy.. now im sad :(

    id buy this watch right away. like someone else said, the most important feature is to be able to have custom settings as different countries have different alcool tolerance.

    most important thing is, PRECISION, it needs to be very very good.

    i could sell these by the box here

    • avatar poil says:

      just forgot one thing. i know it looks fancy and tech to have numbers like this, but an important thing to remember is that people who will use this watch will be drunk. now im not and i have difficulty reading the numbers. so there is some work to do on the display i think. i would like it to look classy

  28. avatar Johnnagoya73 says:

    I want this watch. Fun idea, nice design. When can I pre-order?

  29. avatar Jupira says:

    Alcohol test where to buy in Brazil?

  30. avatar Thomas says:

    I love this idea. Having an alcohol tester with me is a life-long dream. However, I highly doubt, you get measure-results that are even close to something usefull, unless you get full controll over the air, blown out of the user. So you might need to put the sensor in a tube that goes through the watch and have the user surround it with his lips, to blow right through the watch (like you blow through these alcohol-meters of the policemen). If you somehow accomplish to get realistic and usefull measure-results with this concept, I would love one.

    The design itself is ok, but could be a little more modern and stylish – I get quite an old-school impression on this particular one. What about developping that sensor itself and show this piece of hardware to all the designers here to see, what ideas they got to show time and blood-alcohol-level on a watch that includes this hardware?

    • avatar Jen says:

      the hand held ones they sell at the supermarket here don’t require you to put your mouth on them and they work well, so really don’t think a tube is needed.

  31. avatar Jacques Dubreuil says:

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  32. avatar tony love says:

    this is a hot item

  33. avatar tony love says:

    this is a hot item every frat boy and drunk will want this I nees 2 of them lol

  34. avatar I need this says:


  35. avatar Will says:

    Any lawsuits that they might get would probably thrown out. If that was the case, then there wouldnt be a public release of an bac testers

  36. avatar Ferox says:

    I don’t drink alcohol. If I do, it is very rare. I cannot provide feedback on this, lol.

  37. avatar Yves says:

    Sorry, for me that’s not a watch. Shall drink and not buy this one :-)