Portal 2 Inspired Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

This watch design is inspired by today’s most popular video game, PORTAL 2.  There are two designs available: OLED (orange and blue colors) and analogue with fluorescent ink.

Both designs have an analogue type format which makes it easy to read.  Check out this YouTube link to know how to read time on the OLED designed watch.

The colored dots and lines against the silver body leaves a striking impression.


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24 Responses to “Portal 2 Inspired Watch Design”

  1. avatar Jordan (Jordair) says:

    Wow, even the box radiates with awesomeness. This ones an eyecatcher. 5* and I’d like to see this design always-on.

    Keep up the spectacular work.

  2. avatar Greg says:

    Very nice, if this gets produced it will come out 6 months or longer after the 7r0n, plenty of time to save up for it! I am especially impressed with how the entire face of the watch looks. They both look fantastic, but I would get the analog with fluorescent ink. I would like to add that if this gets made it is essential to keep the metal ring on the face because without it, it would not have the portal look. 5/5 Would buy.

  3. avatar lufromcalab says:

    This is Awesome! Absolutely would buy this watch, for me and a friend.

  4. avatar Rhys says:

    This is a great design. I’d defiantly buy it if it was produced.

  5. avatar Lee says:

    ******* awesome, would buy in an instant.

  6. avatar Tco says:

    I think we have our next “user to real model” winner/person.

    Maybe the 2nd lines (the small ones) could be a bit bigger but not sure how it would change the already awesome look (very EYE).
    Hearts can’t be used I guess because of copyright stuff but thats not really a big deal. ;)

    Finally something unique and different but still very “watchy” instead of the liqued LED’s and lego block.

  7. avatar The Doctor says:

    Beautiful design, and an awesome box to boot! It captures Valve’s design aesthetic well. I would definitely buy this.

  8. avatar Bogarte says:

    I agree with Greg this is an amazing watch and should be made. This and the 7r0n are the coolest watches I have ever seen. 6000000 stars. Please make this.

  9. avatar Ferox says:

    This is amazing. The pics are awesome. 5

  10. avatar akicam says:

    Yes, this is a beautiful and amazing desing. It’s cool. 5

  11. avatar Tco says:

    If this watch doesn’t get made I will start sending very mean e-mails to TokyoFlash.

  12. avatar Bogarte says:

    Haha I’m with taco

  13. avatar Cory says:

    I would wear a portal watch. This was a triumph! I’m making a note here: HUGE success!

  14. avatar John says:

    You sir deserve a cake! Another neat addition would be to make a red one (like the turrets!). Excellent job!

  15. avatar Aphosno says:

    I am a huge fan of portal, but this watch looks too clumsy. The displays look good tho. The analog one is my favorite. I cant share the enthusiasm of the rest. So ***YES I think the analog version can be made in a good price and then its mine!