An LED Watch Design For Super Heroes


Design submitted by Calvin from the UK.

Calvin says: “I went crazy to try and come up with an idea for a wrist watch that everyone would love. So, I came up with a watch design that is for girls and boys. A Superman watch and a Superwoman watch!!

The Superman symbol has become a fashion symbol over the years for men and women alike. A watch like this would be famous world wide, if you don’t know the Superman logo then kick the bucket xD, everyone knows it!

To tell the time on this watch design, the outer part represents hours, the inner part represents groups of 5 minutes and the S symbol is broken into 4 sections to show four single minutes. The yellow backlight always shows when telling time so the outline of the S is visible. Basically, the time telling method is the same as Kisai Sensai LED watch.

I believe this watch design should be featured on the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog because it would be incredibly famous worldwide because Superman was everyone’s idol when they were younger. I have included images of how the time is shown.

I see EVERYONE wearing this design; girls, boys, men, women, because the Superman symbol is a fashion symbol nowadays and is so unique and cool, nobody in the world would have seen a watch like this! It stands out because its the only watch themed on a super hero and a fashion symbol.”

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35 Responses to “An LED Watch Design For Super Heroes”

  1. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    Thankyou Tokyoflash for uploading my design! :D

  2. avatar Januka より:

    wow! this superman watch is stunning comparing to other watches designs i ever seen. I am looking forward to buy this product if its made :D keep up the good work Jun Fan Lee.

  3. avatar Akinori Nemoto より:

    This idea will be more good if to paint a comic-like graphic on surface, I think.

  4. avatar Siru より:

    I had never cam across before in this tokyofalsh blog!! but this watch seems pretty unique of superman theme for the young teenagers. I like it.

  5. avatar Saroz より:

    damn goood :)

  6. avatar Firdaus より:

    So it is yours Juno-san aka Kaltovin. Well, my first impression, it is an attempt of western superhero invasion into eastern design studio. Even though I am more a fan of Kamen Raida than Superman myself, but I have to confess that superman has even more fans ranging from kids to adult worldwide, it’s once a world phenomenon, and supposed to be far more famous than tron movie. The question floating in my mind is, if the masses was crazy for tron watch design, how about superman watch design? Wearing jeans + superman belt, superhan t-shirt, have a superman watch, a complete package for superman / smallville fanguy. The verdict, its supposed to be a solid theme for watch design to penetrate worldwide market, it will sell. Good addition to existing superman analog watches. The only thing that will probably bothers user is the time telling mechanism, is it convenience enough for the superman fan if he is not fan of tokyoflash at the same time? And if I’m not mistaken the superman logo is copyrighted isn’t it? You probably need to share the royalty with DC Comic. Not my problem though, talking as prospective buyer, Goodluck, 5* & yes.

    • avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

      thankyou for your comment firdaus xD you are a good watch designer so i am glad to receive positive comments from you :D . I think many people unfamiliar with tokyoflash will love the time telling mechanism because its unqiue to the simple digital or analog watches they own, many people fall in love with tokyoflash ^_^ just like we did :D hehe

  7. avatar JesuSarange より:

    Oh wow ! : )
    I love how plain the design is with the superman logo .
    It ,however, is enough detailed to appeal to the teens and , i should say,wider range of target market!
    I like how even girls can wear it because of the fashion that is now on. :)
    I like that its not very complex design and goes with different outfits! : D
    including my ruffles girlie dresses
    hehehehe : D
    well donnee ^^

  8. avatar james より:

    it is awesme

  9. avatar MisterD より:

    I wished I could handle with Sketchup like that….

    • avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

      ahh, its very simple friend xD with practice makes perfect, i just wish i had the software like sam or firdaus! :D

      • avatar Cory より:

        google blender, povray, yaprm, and do some tutorials! you’ll be rendering with the best of em in no time.

        (all three of the above are free to use)

  10. avatar Andy Kurovets より:

    How about copyrights? How about Batman, Micky, Terminator? Good luckk!!!!!!!

    • avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

      Many MANY companies use the superman logo for theyre products with permission of course, hats, belt buckles, shirts, accesories…watches ;) hehehehe

  11. avatar Sophia より:

    Hey I’m loving this design its something I haven’t seen before, really unique! Would definitely buy it!

  12. avatar mauro より:

    Who wears watches now a days?

  13. avatar Avatara より:

    I quite like this design. There would definitely be licensing fees to pay though if you were to make this design. I quite like the idea of having a retro super hero symbol on my watch. I wonder if it could somehow transform from a regular “Clark Kent” style watch into this ?!?!

  14. avatar Jaynos Donnelly より:

    .: Lol, I see a lot of commic book geeks like sheldon from the Big Bang Theory and pre-teens wearing this. If it comes out in a brushed metal or such I can see a few trendies wearing it. It makes me wonder if this could be done (& done well) to any well knowen DC logo, ie: Transformers, etc. Unique Idea at any rate, and I could see maybe the merch departments for movies wanting to include that in their merch speels perhaps:.

  15. avatar ashuhoward より:


  16. avatar Pete より:

    It’s a sh*t.