Radiation Level LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Yamada san from Japan.

This submission, which seems relevant in the current climate, is reminiscent of the Radio Active watch design previously sold by Tokyoflash Japan. The nuclear themed display shows hours 1-12 across the bottom, groups of 5 minutes, 5-55 in the top left section and four single minutes in the radioactive symbol in the top right. The effect is something that looks like a display for measuring radiation levels.

The case of this watch design is laid out asymmetrically creating an industrial appearance and is finished in black. The design has a charging indicator so would presumably be a USB rechargeable watch. The design has an animation which can be viewed in video below.


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22 Responses to “Radiation Level LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar iznogoud says:

    Great Design!!!

  2. avatar MEstherNM says:

    I bought your “Radio Active” watch for my husband and if I you sell this new one I’ll buy it too!! Its really Great!!!

  3. avatar Avatara says:

    Awesome! A really interesting design, lots to look at on the screen, captures your attention.

  4. avatar Cory says:

    Definitely eye catching! the layout is superb, and the shape is original, yet not too strange. 5/y! Yatta!

  5. avatar Samukun says:

    This could be a nice revival of the Active Reactor watch in the watch museum. Radioactivity hm? *cough cough* Well, you get the most attention with this watch now, not in a year, so good luck :) It comes from Yamada-San, a japanese, so this is authentic… if you know what I mean. Really great case! Too toy-like display for my personal case. But the animations are cool. Imaginable for the shop. Tokyoflashy in any case, thanks to the original.

  6. avatar Firdaus says:

    Citizen of Tokyo need this watch now. In the future, my country might also using nuclear as energy source. There is also rare earth processing plant under operation in an industrial area of my workplace, and there is havoc about possibility of trace radioactive. If this watch really has the function, I can use it for dangerous goods inspection during site visit, but if no, it is still a must as fashion icon. Cool! Launch it on earth day! Who knows in the future personal radioactive detector will be a necessary. Get ready! Subarashii Yamada-sensei… niceto timing.

    • avatar Ace says:

      Dude, this just a watch, not a radiation measuring tool. Also, nuclear energy is pretty much the only way for many years to come, no matter what hippies might say. And lol, you have watched to many apocalypic movies. Once mankind will master nuclear fusion, there will be no nuclear danger coming with nuclear energy. Even today the danger is very small, and only by exception you get a nuclear disaster.

      • avatar Firdaus says:

        Ehhh? Am I a dude now? haha, but without experience most of we are skeptical… I know it is safe, don’t take my comment too seriously… Just to add storyline for this watch theme though. Kanpai!

  7. avatar ??? says:

    Wow. This is just amazing. Out of all of the designs I’ve voted for and commented on, this one is by far my favorite. I hope this gets made because I NEED this!!!

  8. avatar Ace says:

    Awesome, a great throwback to one of the watches that defined Tokyoflash.

  9. avatar Aphosno says:

    What? Nuclear energy is NOT the future! Small risk bla bla. When the desaster happens, people don’t care about how small the risk was. Nevermind. Making money with radioactivity themes is inelegant (said politely) when Japan is suffering from the recent desaster. It seems you try to surf on that wave of publicity. Tokyoflash tolerated it, ok. Sorry, but I think, this is cheesy.

    • avatar Bryan says:

      Nuclear is the future. Fission isn’t. There are two ways to get nuclear energy: Fission and Fusion. Fission is the method we currently use that produces harmful radioactive materials and has the possibility of meltdowns. Fusion is the future. It has no radioactive waste and 0% chance for meltdowns. I can’t get into the technical aspects of it here but you’re free to research it yourself. Too many people have bad connotations with the wrod nuclear even though Fusion is safe and powerful, we just have not mastered it yet.

      As for the watch design, I love it and I would buy it. It is a terrible thing that happened in Japan, but this watch didnt cause that. Just because it has a radioactive theme doesn’t mean it’s meant to mock the Japanese crisis. People wouldnt have a problem with this watch if it was made a few years after the crisis, there is only an uproar now because of current events.

  10. avatar TomRoll says:

    Too soon dude, too soon.

  11. avatar niclet says:

    Well this is what I’m calling “humor” . Great design BTW.

  12. avatar Jack Layton says:

    This design is in poor taste.

  13. avatar Caliga says:

    This design is not only clunky but in very poor taste given the recent crisis with the tepco plant. I may not be Japanese but I wouldn’t buy this out of principal, the same way I wouldn’t have bought a richter scale watch design after the events in Haiti.

  14. avatar Makino says:

    i’ll give it a pass…

  15. avatar rajesh says:

    How many watch do I need to buy? I already own 3 tokyoflash watches and liked this too. This is again another great design. I regret I should have waited for this one. Everytime I think the same and finally go for the watch.
    How many times more?? If tokyoflash keep coming with such good watch design then what can I do

  16. avatar Tim says:

    A great idea for a unique kind of displaying time.

    The design is better and more modern than the old Active Reactor.

    Thinking about the cruel events in Fukushima the design shows us the danger of nuclear power. Therefore it’s also a great political statement.

  17. avatar collocutor says:

    + radiation meter = useful

  18. avatar assassin says:

    MUST have, great design and easy to read

  19. avatar Pete says:

    P. R. I M. I. T. I. V. E.