Ronu – Classic Watch and Futuristic Clock Combine

Design submitted by Ignacio from Spain.

Ignacio says: “Some months ago, I was watching my clock and I asked myself: “Why must the hands rotate? Why not the numbers?”  This inspired me to come up with this watch design. It took me several months to make the final concept because it has been difficult to find the best design.

I think this watch mixes the looks of a classic clock with a futuristic watch. And it makes very easy read the time: It has four rings with numbers, from 0 to 9; the first and the second shows the hours, and the third and the fourth shows the minutes; and the time is showed in the right-centre place. It’s easy isn’t?

Anyone can wear this watch! Is very easy to read, so I think this watch design is perfectly suited to those who are new to Tokyoflash watches, to introduce them to the world of futuristic watch design; and it’s ideal for “hardcores” too of course, because it’s a good example of a classic clock and a Tokyoflash watch.

I think my design is new because it blends classic clock looks with futuristic watches from Tokyoflash. The 4-independent rings design make it different from normal watches, and is as unusual as the Tokyoflash’s watches but is not as complicated as some, since it’s being very easy to read.

This watch design has 4 rings with numbers from 0 to 9. The time is showed in the right place, where numbers are aligned and rights. The first and second digits show the hour; the third and fourth shows the minutes. It has a button and a wheel. The button turns on the 4 LEDs beneath the numbers. And the wheel change the time like a classic clock.”


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21 Responses to “Ronu – Classic Watch and Futuristic Clock Combine”

  1. avatar Steve says:

    Great concept, but I’ve seen a watch with a very similar idea to yours already, on an eBay shop.

  2. avatar Keiron says:

    very cool design, reminds me a bit of the lip mythic watch, only with more swatchy styling, lol. Top marks for readability, looks like it would be simple to build too. =)

  3. avatar ??? says:

    Awesome design!Does it have a 12-hour mode??

  4. avatar Aphosno says:

    The display looks too turbulent for me. I think some black gaps between each ring would make it look more harmonic. The straps are way too narrow for me too. But pretty cool idea with the rotating rumbers and the backlight! Do the numbers move slowly like the minute hand of an analog watch, or in steps? I hope in steps. I like 24h mode! If you can, and others want it too, please try a wider strap.

    • avatar Ignatius Reillius says:

      (My nickname is Ignatius Reillius, but I’m the designer)
      I think that is better in steps; a movement slowly can confuse to someone. But now I think that a movement slowly can be cooler.
      Thanks for your comment!

      • avatar Aphosno says:

        Yeah slow could look cool. But you already have discrete fields so steps are fine :) Wider strap please??? ;)

        • avatar Ignatius Reillius says:

          I have just respond to Firdaus about that. I just don’t knew how to make it, so I did a simple band. :P

  5. avatar Firdaus says:

    Brilliant! 5 starz for you. My only critic is about the band, why the heck its so tiny?

    • avatar Ignatius Reillius says:

      Just I don’t knew how to make it. Most important thing is the idea isn’t?
      Thanks for your 5 starz! :P

      • avatar Firdaus says:

        SO true. Heh but the watch is go good, looks professional already, I can’t believe you don’t know how to resize or scale the object. BTW no problem.

  6. avatar Samukun says:

    I second Aphosnos idea with the gaps between the number rings and the wider strap. I understand that you had…technical issues, hehehe. But those little things make people go crazy ;)

    I tried an alternative look here, I hope you don’t mind Ignatius.

    I did it, because I like the base idea. I’m not sure if that’s totally new, but I like it. The lighting is also cool. So, good luck!

    • avatar Aphosno says:

      That’s why you are one of my favorite desigerns samu. You see what people like. For me this alternative looks great.

    • avatar Firdaus says:

      This is what I’m waiting for. Should I grab my phone and commit another vote?

      • avatar Ignatius Reillius says:

        Please? :P

        @Samukun: Never mind! In fact, I want this, some alternatives/corrections/… and your alternative is a good idea. I like it.
        And thanks. ;)

  7. avatar Steffen says:

    OK, the layout is at first a bit turbulent, but I like it very much. Other people can not read the time at their first view but if you know it, it is really easy. The greatest disadvantage of LED watches is to read the time after pressing a button, only. But it is not necessary with Ronu and has a nice light function. I miss the date in most LED watches. But I do not know how you should integrate it here. So I think I would buy it.

    • avatar Ignatius Reillius says:

      It very easy, you only need to know where is showed the time and it’s like a digital watch!
      I hope Tokyoflash decides to do it and get one for me.
      Thank you very much for your comment!

  8. avatar Laszlo says:

    The traditional clock movements, mostly from left to right move. The numbers should be used in reverse order. (0, 9,8,7,…) See here:

  9. avatar Roy says:

    All I can say is “DOPE WATCH”