Read The Track LCD Watch Design


A new concept from the Tokyoflash Design Studio.

A simple watch design that uses an LCD screen backlit with colored LEDs to display the time. The digits of time are camouflaged within the lines of the display. One benefit of this LCD watch design is that the display is always on and can always be read without touching the button.This design does however, incorporate a colored backlight which can be activated at the touch of a button to illuminate the display creating a lighting effect that is synonymous with watch designs from Tokyoflash Japan.

The case and strap could be polyurethane and is designed in one piece. A casual watch design that is easy to wear and could be created using different strap, case and backlight colors suited to different people with different fashion tastes. A date mode could also be added for further functionality.

Please feel free to feed back on this concept and let us know what you think about this concept and as always, if you’d like to see this concept become reality, vote below.


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13 Responses to “Read The Track LCD Watch Design”

  1. avatar Laszlo より:

    I like the way the lines run around the strap, but I do not like plastic.

  2. avatar Samukun より:

    I like the cryptic looking but acutally easy to read display. The display looks like some of my sketches for my Ito watch ;) The combination of LCD and LED rocks. If somehow possible, let the lit lines wander into the straps. But anyway this looks cool!

  3. avatar Anders S より:

    I second the earlier comments, specifically Sam’s idea about the lights, and Laszlo’s opinion of plastic. I’m not a fan of plastic either, and in this case I think the danger is that it, in combination with the pleasingly simple display might make the watch seem cheap. One important point I’d like to make is that, apart from using a high-quality plastic, the watch should have some weight to it. It does wonders for the perceived quality, as I’m sure TF knows…=)
    Couple that with some lights running along the strap and you’ll have a handome watch!

  4. avatar Aphosno より:

    Yes, plastic seems cheap. But this is because it IS cheap. If there would be the choise: investing money in a segmented metal strap or in a flexible plastic strap with lit lines, I would definitely pick the plastic. I also think plastic straps are more comfortable than segmented metal straps. My wrist hair is often caught in the gaps x.x Besides all that, I am a fan of the display. Elongating the numbers to the end of the display and even into the straps is something I also first saw on samu-kun (ito, gradient, interruption and finally san sen). But this is different enough to stand for its own. I can definitely see this watch in the shop.

    • avatar Anders S より:

      Well, it’s not a problem if it’s supposed to give an impression of cheapness (or perhaps the slightly nicer term ‘affordability’), my point is simply that the value of the material and how it affects the impression of the product should be considered, as I think you’ll agree. Which is better is very much up to personal taste. I tend to prefer natural materials over synthetic ones, simply because I find them more attractive.

  5. avatar Avatara より:

    Interesting little debate here on metal vs plastic. I have both plastic and metal watches from Tokyoflash and they are equally good. The metal ones, Denshoku for example, oozes quality and is lightweight, definitely going to keep it for a lifetime, but I did have to get the strap adjusted.

    I also have Light Speed and it’s fun, easy to wear and I like the ease and comfort of a plastic watch sometimes, going to parties, everyday use. Also the Light Speed was very affordable, I imagine because plastic is cheaper than metal to manufacture. I can see this design in either material but would prefer it in the plastic pictured.

    • avatar Anders S より:

      I think a metal watch gives an impression of higher quality compared to the exact same product done in plastic, by virtue of the material itself. But a plastic watch with some weight to it would probably be seen as more ‘solid’ than a lighter one… Both materials have their pros and cons, and as I wrote in my answer to Aphosno it’s mostly a matter of personal taste. I just think it would be unfortunate if a design this good was let down by the choice of material (not that I think that TF would make anything shoddy, I just think it’s a point worth making).

  6. avatar Norby より:

    love the concept…but it feels like I’ve seen this before…cliche…sorry

  7. avatar Ace より:

    Definitely a winner, this thing could be your long awaited ticked to mainstream.

  8. avatar Firdaus より:

    Why everyday I fall in love??? Instant love to the concept especially the display, very brilliant and artistic IMHO. I don’t care if it’s plastic, that is not the case here, IMHO since the watch itself looks very good and promising.

  9. avatar Jordair より:

    Very attractive watch, the orange looks very nice with the black plastic.

  10. avatar Tim より:

    That’s groovy! Thank you for designing something that is easy to read. So often these designs are so convoluted, I give up in frustration trying to read the time. This is clever. I like it.

  11. avatar Travess より:

    Cool style, and not hard to read at a glance. Maybe more color variants but seems good as is too.