Konect Tokyo USB Concept Watch

(English) Design submitted by Olivier from France.

Olivier says: “I used to lose my USB key often so I came up with the idea to attach the USB key to my watch. Basically, the features are identical as the Escape C watch (skype, MP3 and Bluetooth) with the possibility to use bluetooth headphones and the USB key to store music or any computer data.

I wanted a very futuristic design like you could find in the next big Sci-Fi movie. Have a look at the images below to see how the time can be read. I think this watch design would be ideal for geeks, Sci-fi fan, modern people in general. The shape is unusual and I think it would be the first USB key watch.”


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165 Responses to “Konect Tokyo USB Concept Watch”

  1. avatar aswed より:

    Love the design and idea, would definitely buy, just one question: The Escape C has to play music via bluetooth, will this be able to play music from the USB key?

  2. avatar Gabriel B-B より:

    very interesting design.

    I like the ideea, but I don’t like the strap. Is too feminine. The strap should be wider (with 3 circles maybe connected at every 3 centimetters).

    The USB sould be very big. I would like to have this watch with at least 128 GB

  3. avatar Samukun より:

    Very cool design! I love the fact of being able to play mp3 from the usb stick via bluetooth headphones. 8gb would totally suffice. Why? You can change the music easily so no big amount needed. And you don’t see your tracks anyway. How you handle 10000 tracks without seeing them? Shuffle…tehehe. Making the strap wider wouldn’t be a hard task. I’d like to have it too. The time telling display is pretty nice. But I would have put the 12h LED to the where the 9h LED is now – more intuitive time reading. The style of the aluminium (?) and black plastic is great, the mix of hard edges and rounded shapes appeal to me. And the realistic look is very convincing. Top!

  4. avatar Avatara より:

    Seriously cool and nice ideas but the overall appearance isn’t up my street.

  5. avatar Andres Felipe より:

    I want to buy this watch, as the commitment or when will go on sale?

  6. avatar Toys より:

    AWESOME, the only bad that i see would be the price, lol. Good shapes, maybe the strao a bit wider. Also maybe the next track and previous track buttuns, could be just one, because in smaller wrists that watch might seem huge, as well as making the + and – buttons also smaller. Very good idea, and as Sheldon Cooper said: Everything must have bluetooth. :D

  7. avatar Patrick より:

    Oliver, nice work!

  8. avatar cygnus より:

    Splendide Olivier en espèrant que le projet aboutisse !!!

  9. avatar Firdaus より:

    Super duper cool n looks so techy.. Im in middle of conference n it suddenly so boring. Thanks theres internet, I can vote it 5 straight foward, n yes defntly will buy. Ill check this out again… so like it….

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      Hehe I rated twice. This is so scifi and like must have gadget, I can imagine myself wear it… I don’t think I need the bluetooth though, but that usb socket can be attached with other type of usb stick of choice, let say mp3, mifi, solar charger etc… 10* and instant buy!

  10. avatar iznogoud より:

    You ´re GOD!!! I love this design!!!

  11. avatar Galvani より:

    Amazing Concept !

  12. Hi guys,
    Thanks for your comments, I’m finishing the Konect watch’s video, stay tuned, I will post the link in this forum.

    yes the concept is you plug ths USB key in your computer and then get back the data in the watch

    @ Gabriel B-B
    I could consider a wider strap for men and keep this one for women:)

    @ Samukun
    I should have mentionned that Konect is able to talk like the Ipod Shuffle, so you can manage all the songs you need;)

    • avatar RANNKKIN JOSE より:

      hey olive i would like to buy one of these watches the Konect USB watch! full stop man it is really kool can you get me more detail on where to purchase it because i have been searching for it for a very long time i like it! thanx in advance

      • avatar RANNKKIN JOSE より:

        hey man can you help me locate the watch i am seeing that this is just a design and if so man i will be one unhappy customer hummmmmmm!

  13. avatar Clark Lupine より:

    Amazing concept, very nice indeed. Getting a large whiff of sci fi here, which can only be a good thing!

  14. @Toys
    I hesitated making one or 3 buttons but at the end the design was nicer with 3 buttons

    I can see myself wear it as well:)

  15. avatar just2drops より:


  16. avatar Kraplax より:

    Really cool design. The only question yet i haven’t found an answer to – where do you put the ear fastener for your bluetooth headset?
    and what about spare parts – like spare flash drive and/or spare bluetooth/mp3-player module? like, when i’ve lost my one or my dog ate it – should be nice to be able to buy the component separately :)
    Overall nice idea, would buy as soon as my income allows me :D

    • Thx for ur comments Kraplax,
      well, the bluetooth headset is nothing new, it’s like many others on the market, so you use it in the same way.
      the idea of spare usb key is good like you could buy one with different storage capacity:)

  17. avatar Dean より:

    Damn it, it’s so cool!
    I wouldn’t give I don’t know what to get it!! x3
    but just 1 question.. how to charge it? does it have any battery or something?
    And about skype.. You meaned the program skype? How do you login then?
    Thanks in advance :)

  18. avatar FlameStrike より:

    The only problem I can see with this design, as shown, is that it would only work for those who wear watches on their left arm. For those, like me, who wear it on their right arm, it wouldn’t really work. Unless there’s a way to flip things around.

    That aside, interesting design.

  19. avatar Luki より:

    Nice design, I think, USB, MP3 and BT are indispensable, the others no (like skype).
    I love it.

  20. avatar Alex より:

    Wow! Please build it, but I do agree with Gabriel B-B, the strap needs to be less feminine – wider and black.

  21. avatar Chris より:

    I would totally buy this.

  22. avatar Ray より:

    I would buy it the moment this watch will be produced. I really hope this day will come and that it will be soon :)

  23. avatar lars より:


  24. avatar Tim より:

    uniquely interesting – add a microlaser and product intro it in a 007 Bond film!!

  25. avatar Erio より:

    This is by far the coolest watch ever! I hope it will be in the market soon

  26. avatar Rogue より:

    Great project! Hope to get the production. I will buy it for 200-250$ :-D

  27. avatar Chris より:

    Love this and would buy it right now if available!! DO WANT!

  28. avatar Goldenboy2112 より:

    Awesome design and I would absolutely purchase this watch! Please let me know when I can buy this watch. Just very cool!!

  29. avatar Sox より:

    I want this now!!

  30. avatar T-Roy より:

    Awesome design and idea, looks very techy

    One question though, Power?, I am assuming battery, maybe rechargeable, but your design doesn’t look like it leaves a lot of room for batteries, just wondering how much use you would actually get out of this if you were using it to play mp3′s and took a few calls during the day?

    also for the calls you would need to tether the watch to your phone AND to the earpieces, that is a pretty big power drain right there just from the bluetooth alone

    not trying to put your design down, i love the design, just wondering if this had been thought about

    definite WANT though

  31. avatar ghost999 より:

    Amazing design…would definitely by this.

  32. avatar cesar231092 より:

    I need this watch!

    I would pay 250 dollars for it =)

    Maybe a bit more…….

    But i have a suggestion, the blue ring should have other color opitions .

  33. avatar Travess より:

    Definitely amazing. Your talent is awe inspiring. Found this Via Gizmodo website and thoroughly impressed. If it works and gets made.

    Side note: Where’s the Solaris V2? Definitely would buy both watches… no not watches more like awesome Art-wear

  34. avatar Jaicerpe より:

    Really nice, please put it into production!!!

  35. avatar Baba Ganoosh より:

    Yes yes, I will buy it!
    IF you can make it for a good price!

  36. avatar Jack より:

    I would definitely definitely buy this watch if the price was reasonable.
    Looks amazing, good functions. Please build this.

  37. avatar Kyle より:

    this is an awesome watch design! very futuristic and cool. people would probably think its just a piece of jewelry but when you start going through the features their jaws will drop. i would buy it!! make it!!

  38. avatar bubba より:

    I would buy this in a heart beat!!!

  39. avatar mjt より:

    This is mighty nice watch. I’d sure buy one.

  40. avatar Johan より:

    I WANT one. or TWO!!

  41. avatar Brian より:

    I WANT ONE!! Make one and I will buy two!

  42. avatar Aphosno より:

    The watch looks nice, no doubt, but it looks too much like a communication gadget than like a wrist watch. The case is too small for me and the straps too narrow. And the last point: I don’t need another music player on my wrist. Besides my own taste, I think this could be a seller.

    Seems, that advertising this watch elsewhere pulls many new people into the blog. How about you guys look at the other concepts too? This blog could use some fresh eyes ;)

  43. avatar Nico より:

    If it can be made within a reasonable price I would absolutely buy one.

  44. avatar schmots より:

    if you haven’t already I suggest you check out kickstarter to make this a reality

  45. avatar bford より:

    Finally a way to actually gracefully take along a bluetooth headset. This is a watch I’d wear.

  46. avatar netrnnr より:


  47. avatar Osman より:

    I want it!

  48. avatar Rikketsia より:

    This is freakin’s awesome! I would definitely buy this in a heartbeat.

    add me up for reservation!

  49. avatar Fredrik より:

    Looks really nice!

  50. avatar Tim より:

    def’ need a wider band for the dudes.
    But the concept is cool!

    How many gb’s would the Flash drive be? 16gb? 32gb? 64gb?
    could it work with other usb’s?

  51. avatar octet より:

    want one!

  52. avatar Toben より:

    Definitely an interesting concept – would be worried about pricing though. Either it uses a very small rechargeable battery – i.e. expensive up front, or it will us a small button battery i.e. expensive over the long run. Other than that, I too would like to see a beefier wrist strap. Sign me up if they start production on this.

  53. avatar Richard より:

    I love this design and would like to buy it. My main concern about how it is presented is that Tokyo flash watches tend to be on the higher side of expensive. And adding the USB to this device I can see driving up the price.

    I see a lot of people are hung up on the size of the flash drive. I would think that it would be offered in a variety of sizes to meet different price points so they can be affordable up to storage rich.

    My main question is how is it powered? I know bluetooth can be a power beast and even the new bluetooth spec can be over a period of time. But in either case I don’t see much room for batteries?

  54. avatar Durham4556 より:

    I’d buy this if it was less than 250 bucks.. the USB has to be at least 8gb

  55. avatar Brady より:

    The name is too close to the “Kinect” for me… be more original?

  56. avatar Manoj より:

    i love the concept.. as ppl say it will be awesome if 3 circles which will let it look broder and i would also like to add .. that it will be so awesome if this watch can act as a bluetooth head set for my mobile also…in taht case i dont need to run for internet to use my skype..
    cell phone calls will make ur product a hit
    u can trust me..lol

  57. avatar mink より:

    nice watch – i hobe it would build next times

  58. avatar Taha より:

    Love it

  59. avatar nando より:

    excelent concept, very nice for a “different” watch, goes out of common every day watches and very usefull with usb attached, bluetooth and player buttons.

  60. avatar Lpka より:

    Nice very nice, i would buy it.
    It it would connect woth the android, that would be the best.

  61. avatar jossspain より:

    Real Nice, I would like tu buy it.
    It´s look greak

  62. avatar Ice より:

    This is the watch of the future. In a world where everyone wants their gadgets to have 3+ features before they will pony up the cash for it; this watch design would sell like hotcakes. As for the individual components, the usb key would be worth it even if it had as low as 8gb memory, for there is no need to store movie files which take up most of the space on the everyday media player users (who only use 8-16gb on average). The time-keeping aspect is ingenious and relatively simple to get used to. The Bluetooth is a must, for the design would not work with wired headphones. The skype feature would be the most difficult to pull off, but still possible. Some would suggest the microphone be attached to one of the ear pieces, but that would drain the battery in the ear pieces faster. The buttons for the next/prev. track and play/stop would only be a problem if you had large fingers, but otherwise not a problem, as they look easy to use and distinguish from each other. It costs about $10 for an 8gb flash drive, $45 for a decent pair of bluetooth ear pieces (I have seen them at $35-$120 on average recently), the mp3-playing components would be about $40 at max, the watch’s parts would be less than $20 most likely, as the design is unique, and the Skype-functionality is a mystery, so I have no way to gauge the price of that component. I would buy it if it’s price range was $100-$150 without a second thought. The overall design is sleek and would appeal to both sexes. IMHO, this watch design is the peak of wearable-gadget awesomeness! It would beat out the current iPod nano on a watchband in days, despite the nano’s ability to play video.

    • Wow Ice, what a big and exhaustive comment! thx:)
      Well the technology is already there as Tokyoflash made this nice watch called Escape C so I think they have a idea about the price at least for the components…

  63. avatar Lou より:

    I would buy this. I only hope that the USB has a decent amount of storage on it. (8GB or higher)

  64. avatar Jannik より:

    I really like this Watch, and would totally buy one. Maybe there should Be different Storage capacities and prices, this would Be Great!

  65. avatar Engelbrekt より:

    Clever idea nicely put together – I think I would definately buy one!

  66. avatar Bruno より:

    I would by this incredible watch, and I agree that there should be different storage capacities (it’s easy to implement that idea) and then different prices.

  67. avatar Nick より:

    Amazing. Would buy this up in a heartbeat!

  68. avatar nate より:

    This is sweet, I would totally buy this!

  69. avatar Zxss より:

    I can ssay one thing -I want it bad !!

  70. avatar Ben より:

    Depending on price I’d buy this

  71. avatar ziotidus より:

    I want buy it!!!!

  72. avatar anthony より:

    damn thats nice if the mp3 works like it say, this will be a hole new market.

  73. avatar Aniket より:

    Nice concept and awesome design…will buy one offcourse if made with comparatively reasonable price.

  74. avatar Aniket より:

    Nice concept and awesome design…will buy one if made with comparatively reasonable price.

  75. avatar Seyfs より:

    Cool Design and excatly i want it :)

  76. avatar iTony3 より:

    I would like to see smaller in-ear headphones. I don’t like the fact that the ear pieces are so prominent.

  77. avatar sk8m8 より:

    This watch looks awesome!

    As some people stated earlier, there is not much room for Battery-Power.
    Maybe building in bigger batterys won’t affect your Design, if you chose to use micro sd-cards instead of an usb-stick.
    Also I think this watch has too much techy stuff on it (skype? why?).

    I really like your Design, but you should consider, leaving features out to improve battery-durability.

  78. avatar Jake より:

    AWESOME WATCH!!! Would love one of these watches. looks like price wiill be above $200, but still really cool. Would love one of these. Hopefully sales reach New Zealand…

  79. avatar Tony より:

    Love the futuristic design, don’t think the chatting feature is necessary due to watch is a watch, style and look is all it need. but great job! great design

  80. avatar Jamie より:

    Keep the strap as it is! More women than you think love technology!

    Love this watch

  81. avatar kk より:

    I would buy one. I agree that the band is awful. It’s obviously a bit of an obnoxious watch, putting a tiny little band on there is not a good idea.

  82. avatar Mataz より:

    I will wait for this to come on th market to be…
    awesome design.. more more konect

  83. avatar Mataz より:

    I wonder why is the microphone on the watch it self? shouldn’t it be built on the Bluetooth headphones?

  84. avatar ThM より:

    Loving the design and features. Patiently waits to buy this :)

  85. avatar Laszlo より:

    Fascinating render… but too many functions. I just like a wristwatch. 5 * for render and presentation, 2 * for the watch, total: 3 *. Sorry Oliver.

  86. avatar Jim より:

    This is an amazing looking piece of equipment…I want one yesterday!
    I like the idea of the wider strap for men, though I like the gun metal look, I wouldn’t want a huge black lump of metal on my wrist…the sci-fi look you have here is excellent.

    so it will have a bluetooth headset, does this get carried seperately? or is it going to be incorporated into the watch?

    also the question of battery has come up… if you’re going to increase the wrist strap size, would you be able to incorporate some kind of rechargable battery into this, and maybe have some sort of dock similar to an ipod dock for charging? so ideally I could take it off at night, and put it on my dresser to charge it while I slept….could be a simple male usb connection to charge it with so the dock could be a basic one just for charging.. (though obviously in keeping with the sci-fi look lol)

    Then down to timeline and overall price.

    so whats the timeline on this? yes it’s just a concept right now,…and a damn good one, but how long to go from here to production? are you definitely going into production even?

    I know price is dictated by cost of part and manufacturer as well as then paying for whatever brand it is built and shipped by, I assume TokyoFlash are going to be your manufacturers. So what is the overall conceived price of what it will initially go on sale for? obviously the concept has a ballmark figure for this pre production..

    ultimately I want one, like yesterday!!!
    excellent design, I really do hope it’s a reality soon!

    • The headset is carried separately. I tried to incorporated it with the watch in my early designs but I wasn’t sastisfied with the result.
      Regarding the questions of production, it’s Tokyoflash to answer you;)

  87. avatar jac より:

    Je la veux… et la Solaris aussi. et je suis sûr que ça n’est qu’un début.
    I want it. good luck to you O

  88. avatar Josh より:

    I must say, This watch looks AWESOME. I will totally purchase it if available. I really like the tronish look to it.

  89. avatar Athos C. より:

    Com toda certeza se for possível enviar para o Brazil, Compraria…

  90. avatar Jonathan Collins より:

    really cool i am just not getting how to tell time though.

  91. avatar Andre より:

    Eu também compraria se você enviasse para o Brazil !!!

  92. avatar Simon より:

    Really awesome idea and i would buy it. But as i am a lefty i’m comfortable wearing my watches on my right wrist. And if i’d do so with your concept watch, i think i had trouble with my hand. So i hope you considered a left and right hand version.

  93. avatar Darryl より:

    I want one. Make it and I will buy…

  94. avatar eLeMe より:

    Very awesome design! Make the USB 8gb+ and double as a microSD reader and it’ll be perfect.

  95. avatar Terry より:

    I would love to own this. The only problem I see (very minor) is the watch pressing against the arm when flexing up and down at the wrist. But I would be willing to put up with that for a very cool watch.

  96. avatar Jim T より:

    He has other models as well. I would buy one of the other models if it became available. The round one without the solar sensor in the center.

  97. avatar JL より:

    very nice. would be very interested in as a MP3 player and USB key. Not sure I like the time

  98. avatar ozn666 より:

    Really nice!!!!
    what is the name of the video’s song???

  99. avatar Kpt より:

    Love the watch, great design :)

  100. avatar matheus より:

    vende um pra mim ? :D

  101. avatar Danila より:

    Want to buy!!!

  102. avatar Reggie より:

    Awsome concept! Really do love this and looking to buy a multi-function watch and this is by far the best I’ve seen. My only qualm is implementation. Time reading looks a little too long winded. And I assume the audio plays via bluetooth? My experience with BT headsets and audio hasn’t been great as quality is poor and isn’t both ears. Are there BT headphones available/compatible with this? Also vibrate for calls would be good. Good job and a very inspired design.

  103. avatar Cove より:

    Veramente Hi-tech… Fantastico….sono più che interessato all’ acquisto!
    come comprarlo dato che è un prototipo?

  104. avatar Hfuentesecu より:

    Gran diseño, si lo llegan a producir me gustaría comprarlo

  105. avatar orion2185 より:

    Great concept and idea

    but confused as to what the headset is. Does this connect to the watch as well (like usb drive)
    I think that would be a great idea…a way to store the headset when not in use.
    And would love to see the watch be able to recharge the headset…that would be amazing.

    love the look and concept

    I would buy this!

    price not so much an issue…for this one of a kind piece

  106. avatar Goli より:

    Excellent!! Compro uno desde argentina!!!!!

  107. avatar LEELOU より:

    That s a really nice watch, where can i buy it?

  108. avatar Lia より:

    This is fab. You have really understood a consumer need and have addressed a key consumer insight with this design. Love it!

  109. avatar wujek より:

    Love the idea! Amazing design :)

  110. avatar batataw より:

    Very good idea, especillay the headphone.

  111. avatar Beps35 より:

    l’orologio è bellissimo!!!l’idea è geniale!!
    ma con l’acqua come si comporta?
    sarà meglio se fosse anche resistente all’acqua!!!
    cmq complimenti lo comprerei subito ad un prezzo modico!!!
    +o- 150$!

  112. avatar Irina より:

    Great design! Ultra futuristic. Watches for people who want to be noticed, and want something a little different and functional.

  113. avatar Dario より:

    Awesome, when and where can i buy one?

  114. avatar A Mousie より:

    I love this idea, im such a gagdet fun and love geekie stuff like this. Would love to have it!!! I like the design and all the futures. Maybe in the future it could be somhow connected with a mobile eg the music could turn off and mobile could be answered through it. Well done!

  115. avatar judit より:

    I think that electronics will not fit in to the watch. Otherwise, I don’t like this watch. The mp3 and bluetooth too much! To listen to music CD or Minidisc, Quality in music, quality in watch! This blog is only about the watches!!!

  116. avatar Watcher より:

    But I would include: tennis courts, swimming pool!

  117. avatar Aphosno より:

    Wow where are those people suddenly come from? Guys, go check the other pages too! This is a blog with dozens of designs!

    • avatar Watcher より:

      I remembered this is a terrible thing: http://www.dansdata.com/images/usbmp3/usbkey560.jpg
      Ugly design, and intolerable sound. I hope that if this thing becomes reality, this will not be like this!

    • avatar Designer より:

      I don’t understand your point guy, this watch has many comments because it’s an amazing design, I couldn’t say the same for most of the other watches on this blog!

      • avatar Aphosno より:

        You really seem to not understand, Designer (see? Using the blog name isn’t that hard. More respect on here please, guy). I didn’t question the quality of this watch, so I also didn’t complain about the amount of comments. I tell you my point. I just wonder that people sign in to this blog, leave their unspecific admiration and then disappear in the dark again and don’t even seem to notice the other watches. I think the blog could use more voices from others, they are very welcome, good or bad, as long as they are specific/constructive/honest. What is not needed is an isolated watch with isolated comments. If you think about it, you sure understand that.

  118. avatar Designer より:

    I understand your point Aphosno but what you don’t know is maybe most or a part of this guys visited the other watches and didn’t feel any interest in it. This is probably for the same reason this watch has been published on Engadget and Gizmodo and not the other watches. This watch brings a new concept and not only a funny way to read the time.

    • avatar Aphosno より:

      Well that’s what I meant with isolated. When there is no interest in the rest, then this is the wrong place for the watch maybe. I could post a digital watch in a blog of analog watches and all people who like digital watches suddenly come and could say “analog watches suck, digital watches are easier to read, these analog watches have never been seen in mainstream digital magazine” but those people ignore the intial idea of an analog watch and just concentrate on that misplaced digital watch. Tokyoflash watches are simply (!) an interesitng way to read the time normally, a reinterpretation of “the wristwatch” and fashion accessories, rarely a multifunctional gadget in four parts.

      • avatar Designer より:

        I would say it’s a wrong place when a watch gets 0 comments, this one got 150 comments and has got the features of the Escape C which you can buy on this website. Or maybe this is the wrong place for the Escape C too.

        • avatar Aphosno より:

          Yes there is always an exception. I cleverly used the words “maybe” and “rarely” to allow the escape c in my argument. This single gadget does not mean I’m totally wrong. I already questioned the appearance of people who only rate this watch and leave, be it 10 or 1000, the amount is irrelevant.

  119. avatar MrBlack より:

    I disagree with making the bracelet larger as some have mentioned here. Quite honestly from what I can see this is already a large design. The last thing this needs is to look like some futuristic spartan gauntlet. As it sits it will easily become an everyday wearer type of design and thats the true intent for any mainstream device. Which from what I can disseminate is your intent.
    However I’m not a fan of the earpieces with the bright blue rings. Possibly a more subdued indicator so that those of us whom have to attend
    Tedious corporate functions can escape with out drawing attention to our persons.
    Lastly I’m curious about battery life with such a small design. Imho if it can’t last 8-10 hours then its a possible failure.
    But short of making it into some kinda larger gauntlet type design I’m definitely in for one or more. Great design!

    • Thx Mrblack. It’s was interesting for me to know than some guys consider than the bracelet is not enough large for a man. Although I agree with you, It’s something I’m gonna consider for my next design.

  120. avatar F1RST D1SC1PLE より:

    Absolutely love the design and functionality of this work of art. I would also love to see this go from concept to reality in the near future. Please keep up the astounding work.

  121. avatar othmane より:

    wonderful !!! i’ll definitly buy it !!

  122. avatar Tiago より:

    Hey Olivier,
    What about production? This is here for about a month now and I didn’t saw Tokyoflash saying nothing. =D

    I really wanna one of those.

    • Hi Tiago,
      This watch is probably the most commented from different people on this blog but yes, I didn’t get any single feedback from Tokyoflash so I guess they are not interested. But this watch has been seen by some other companies so you never know what can happen in the future;)

      • avatar Samukun より:

        Be patient :) There is quite an amount of possible watches already in the blog, which haven’t been announced for production yet, and those are up to 8 months old. I think Tokyoflash will keep a certain order, if they consider to pick one. They sometimes comment in the blog, but they don’t make clear statements. They can do so, if they can definitely tell, a watch can be made. Until that, it is a hard way wich takes at least time (don’t know about the costs for testing technologies).

        Besides what I experienced here so far, I believe the team at Tokyoflash have some other issues to handle right now. So yeah, let’s see what the future brings.

  123. avatar mike より:

    Where we can buy around 100 of these watches? No Joke

  124. avatar caue より:

    I would like to buy one watch like this.

  125. avatar cathou より:

    Hi can u tell me the futur price of Konect if u sell later ???

  126. avatar Duane より:

    I want one.

    Where can I put an order through for this??

    seriously I’ll get 2.

  127. avatar so i put a name her then より:

    i want one.

    hopefully all black but i can deal

    plz tell me these come out soon