Cheshire Cat Pocket Watch Design


Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says: “I’m a big fan of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and my favorite character was always the Cheshire Cat. I don’t much care for most of the depictions of the cat in popular culture, so I thought I would make my own. Most depictions of the cat are either too playful, or too sinister. I aimed to create a work of art that depicted the cat as mischievous, playful, and a tad sinister; one that is also a timepiece.

The hours are affixed around the outside of the case in normal clockwise fashion. The cat himself is segmented into 5 minute intervals, the grin, appearing first, is 5 minutes, his head is the 10 minute mark, and each stripe is five minutes. The singular minutes are four dots affixed just below and between the 12 and 1 hour markers.

`Oh, you can’t help that,’ said the Cat: `we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.’

`How do you know I’m mad?’ said Alice.

`You must be,’ said the Cat, `or you wouldn’t have come here.’

So, yes. People who are mad about Lewis Carrol’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” as well as the many fans of popular culture references to the Cheshire Cat himself.

The only way to have a proper Cheshire Cat timepiece, I decided, was to do it as a Pocket watch design. The distinctive chain links flowing from one’s belt loop to the watch pocket of their jeans makes for a great conversation piece. Then revealing the ornate case, and opening it to reveal the cheshire cat inside makes for a unique timepiece.”


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69 Responses to “Cheshire Cat Pocket Watch Design”

  1. avatar MrBlack より:

    I’m not a pocket watch kinda guy. But I get your vision and would buy this because I like the classic look hiding the digital design.

  2. avatar nevetSstI より:

    This has to be one of the best concepts, not only visually but i think it fits really well into the TokyoFlash family.

    Besides, who wouldnt want the Chesire Cat in there pocket?

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      agree. I want this cat in my pocket! if this pocket watch has the creepy cat voice it will add another thrill.

  3. avatar Firdaus より:

    5 & Y, period.

  4. avatar Aphosno より:

    Nice mix of retro and modern. The watch itself looks nice but I would fancy your particle style display, not a cat. I think for cat fans it is too geeky. For watch fans it is too cute. Maybe I’m wrong. The black watch looks best. The clasp is nice, gives a retro feeling (although I never experienced the zenith of pocket watches).

    • avatar Sarah より:

      “I think for cat fans it is too geeky.”

      You have not met many cat fans, have you?

      • avatar Morgan より:

        Also I think the watch is geared LESS towards cat fans and more towards CHESHIRE cat fans and/or Alice fans in general.

  5. avatar DaveMB より:

    Hello Cory; really nice design. classic and moderns, I’d be happy to buy this.

  6. avatar Cory より:

    Thanks folks! I’m glad you like!

    Now, here are some bonus animation .Gifs and a youtube 360 degree view of the watch, and animation of it opening to the display.

  7. avatar Kevin より:

    This is the coolest watch I’ve seen on here. Would definitely buy. 5 stars.

  8. avatar Sandra より:

    Cory, this is just amazing! It suprised me because it’s so different from what you usually do. The only thing that bothers me a little is the cat’s mouth, but generally it’s great! 5*

    • avatar Cory より:

      I tried several different variations of the mouth initially. This one looked the best of all of them so, I went with it.

      I knew the cat needed a curl at the corners of his mouth, and I wanted sharp teeth like the John Tenniel original of the cat, rather than the squared off teeth that other versions have.

      There is one other version in my sketch book that I may try at some point this weekend and post that here.

      Thanks for the input, and check back soon!

  9. avatar Sheila より:

    OMG! This is the most clever design yet and it caters to so many interests…especially to cat lovers like me! TokyoFlash must make this one! This is stellar, Cory! ***** 5+ stars for this one!

  10. avatar jdbond より:

    I would buy this immediately.

  11. avatar Samukun より:

    Meow you already have fans Cory! First of all I need to say, I wouldn’t wear the cat in my pocket. We talked a bit about it ;) Independent from that, I totally like the black watch with the white diplay. I also like the mix of simple&modern and ornamentic&retro. With another display (maybe something symmetric, maybe something from your other watches) I would like to have it. As for this watch, I can’t see it in my pocket, but in the shopping window :D Respectful 5* from me. Good luck!

  12. avatar Zig より:

    Just take my money *NOW*! I will buy this.

  13. avatar Jon より:

    Instead of LED should be litrosphere light source coupled with LCD.

  14. avatar Cory より:

    Ooh! An LCD version with backlight would also be cool. You have started the gears turning!

  15. avatar aa より:

    this is awesome. I am not a shopper, but I would buy this. and find uses for it.

  16. avatar xoxoxoBruce より:

    I’d buy several of a table top, or wall hung, version. It wouldn’t have to be huge, maybe 3 inches or so.

  17. avatar Jordair より:

    This is a very clever design! May I ask what program you use to make your images? Photoshop just doesn’t cut it…

    • avatar Cory より:

      Professionally at work I use 3d studio max, but for personal work I have been modeling in blender and then exporting to POVray for lighting and renders.

      Both are available for free, blender has a pretty light learning curve, but POVray takes awhile to get use to.

  18. avatar Harris より:

    This MUST be made! I will definitely throw down!

  19. avatar randall より:

    WANT. soon. wonderful design. displaying this madness is pre-requiset for the civilized society.

  20. avatar Vellum より:

    DO so very much WANT. :D

  21. avatar Cory より:

    I am quite pleased that this has been recieved as well as it has, I was a little concerned that this might be a niche design. Not so, it seems!


  22. avatar ange より:

    OMG, this is marvelous! How much will it be and when can I buy it? I don’t think it’s too cute, the cheshire cat isn’t cute, he’s always been more mischievous than friendly

  23. avatar betty より:

    I LOVE this. I’d really love to have it as a wall clock! I grew up with Alice and read it over and over as I was growing up (along with Heidi, Smoky the Cowhorse, and lots of others). Like you, the Cheshire cat was my favorite character, although I loved the white rabbit and all the others.

    Do you think you might consider making it a wall or stand-alone clock? I’d love it bedside.

  24. avatar shake より:

    I would appreciate a wrist watch version….def. would buy it then

  25. avatar jaysonb より:

    I WANT ONE How might one be able to acquire such an amazing piece?

    Jayson Banales

  26. avatar Pademelon より:

    I am absolutely IN LOVE with this pocket watch! I want to buy one right now! I’ve got a couple of purses that would love awesome with a pocket watch or it would look fantastic hung on the wall right next to my desk for an pretty yet unobtrusive time piece. I really hope this makes it to production. Do you have any estimates on what the final product might cost?

  27. avatar Mechno より:

    I would definitely buy! I would suggest a resonance coupling charging mechanism. I fantasize about a nice wooden box that has the resonance charger built into the bottom.

  28. avatar Pagan Hayes より:

    Discrete, stylish and smooth.
    If it goes into production I’ll be buying one.
    Simple as that

  29. avatar Cory より:

    It’s invigorating having so much enthusiasm for this design, as well as so many brilliant suggestions for it. The idea for a resonance charger hidden in a wooden case, the wall clock idea, and the wrist watch version are all very cool indeed! Thanks folks! :grinning like a Cheshire Cat: :D

  30. avatar julie より:

    I signed up JUST so I could say how much I love this idea and would buy it in a heartbeat if it was for sale.

  31. avatar Dee S より:

    Cory, this is beautiful!

  32. avatar ncWOLFsu より:

    This watch is a home run.

  33. avatar geoffrey matt より:

    This is a great watch, the design is awesome and the disappearing cheshire cat is such a good fit with Tokyo Flash watches. The best design I’ve seen here for ages which could definitely be made.

  34. avatar Wim's より:

    Definitly need it ! A extra cool pocket watch ! Brest design !

  35. avatar Steve より:

    Outstanding. Clever. Literary geek. I love this!

  36. avatar Ron より:

    I would prefer the American McGee version of the Cheshire Cat (I like the sinister aspect). A more masculine design would be preferred. Possibly some customization options would make this a definite yes for me. I love the concept though. With this design as is, I might wait until I could find it as a bargain somewhere.

  37. avatar Falkor より:

    I would prefer the cat look more like Tenniel’s, but I’d still buy it immediately, regardless.

    • avatar Cory より:

      @Julie – Thanks for taking the time to do that! There are a ton of cool designs on here, and you won’t regret making an accont :D

      @Ron – I liked McGee’s version as a game, it played well and knew what it wanted to be, and did it very well. I can’t wait for Madness Returns!

      @Falkor – I tried that at first, but every time-keeping method I attempted with it seemed contrived, so I went for a more stylized version to fit with the LED format. I’m happy that so many have liked the resulting design!

      Thanks all for the comments, and feel free to relink on FB and retweet ;p

  38. avatar Tiessa より:

    I would buy this in a heartbeat. I *love* unusual watches – I have a goofy watch from Disney that is numbered and runs backward :) I’ll put it on my purse or make a necklace out of it, but a smaller/lighter version or a female wrist watch would be even better.

  39. avatar Cory より:

    More eye candy for your viewing pleasure.

    I took some of the suggestions to heart and made a new version that’s always on LCD instead of the push button LED lights, and included a wooden box design as per Mechno’s suggestion. Enjoy :)

  40. avatar dorsai より:

    Would buy this in a heartbeat. I’ve been wearing pocketwatches for years, but this is one of my favorite ideas yet.

  41. avatar Keiron より:

    Hey Cory, Very cool design :) just wondering what software u use for those **** visulaisations?

    • avatar Cory より:

      Lots of aspiring artists in this thread :) and should get you started, both are free for download!

      Good luck!

      • avatar Jordair より:

        To add to that, Cory also referred me to 3D Studio Max which I used for my most recent concept that should be appearing on the blog soon.

        I have absolutely no artistic talents, or knowledge of the program, and in my opinion, the watch came out quite nicely…. For my first project.

    • avatar Cory より:

      Wait… you did the binary watch with the glass face. I loved that one! Hope to see more of your stuff, Keiron!

  42. avatar Gopher より:


    You say you are worried about this being a niche item. Odds are it will be, for the steam punk, anime, sci-fi, geek crowd, etc. That should net you about $10 gazillion dollars in the first year alone. ;)

    I would definitely recommend hooking this up with Think Geek.


    P.S. yer watch has people drooling all over Facebook now.

    • avatar Cory より:

      Good to know, Gopher! Perhaps the niche is just bigger than I anticipated. Posting on Think geek’s wall as I type this ;)

  43. avatar Nicole より:

    Want. Like. Burning.

    I would buy a pocket watch and a wall clock as well. Amazing design. Simple yet engaging. Love the wooden box, too.

  44. avatar Kristina より:

    I want one. right now. so awesome!

  45. avatar Jean より:

    I LOVE IT!!!!! We would sell it in a heartbeat! Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  46. avatar ncWOLFsu より:

    How did this drop below 4.0?! This watch must be made! WANT!

    • avatar Cory より:

      I’ve built up a bit of equanimity about the stars rating. It peaked at 4.3, and stayed there for a good week and a half, then dropped to where it is now (and probably lower) in the span of a few days. The comments are what I’m really concerned with, and I’m very happy with these! :D

  47. avatar jaysonb より:

    If by chance this were to be made what do you think the price range would be? Any guess?? 200+ ? less than 200? 500??? LoL

    Jason Banales
    Gig Harbor, WA

    • avatar Cory より:

      Well, if you look at the rest of TF’s catalogue, you get a good idea of what the watches cost. They range from ~$50 all the way up to ~$220. Since this would be a pocket watch it could possibly be comparable to the Round Trip pocket watch version which is $80. (keep in mind, these are just estimates and are in no way official ;p )

  48. avatar Kayla Ross より:

    I absolutely love this. Would definitely buy! :D I’m completely obsessed with the cheshire cat. :)

  49. avatar Jordair より:

    Just another quick question for you Cory…

    What would I type here to make a hyperlink to a youtube video? My newest concept – Lifeline – will be posted here within 48 hours and I have a rotating view of it which I would like to link to.

    Thanks for your help!

  50. avatar Adrienne より:

    I starred this link in my email and I keep coming back to check on it. I haven’t worn a watch in years and I rely on my cell phone for the time, but this design is so amazing that I would definitely buy – and use – it! My boyfriend wants one too. I’m kinda hoping he’s forgotten about it because it would be cool to surprise him with it. In short, put me down for 2 orders if (when!) it comes out!

  51. avatar miau より: