Chromium Atom Inspired LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says: “While looking at a Chromium atom’s diagram, I decided it would be a fun subject to make a time piece out of. Having an atomic number of 24 makes it perfect to have 12 hour groups and 12 five minute groups.

The large electrons along the paths form the hours, while the smaller electrons form the 5 minute groups. The nucleus has four dots for single minutes, and the top most electron denotes PM. The atomic symbol for Chromium ‘Cr’ adorns the top of the watch face to show which direction is up for when the wearer puts the watch on.

This is my first design for a woman’s watch. I think that the female Gamer/Sci-fi fans are under represented when it comes to custom LED watch designs. This concept aims to remedy that, and introduces a watch that is both elegant and unique.

The atomic LEDs form a stark contrast to the clean lines of the watch face. A design which is at once delicate and striking, it seems like an evocative fit for the ladies who are Tokyoflash fans.”


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16 Responses to “Chromium Atom Inspired LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Casey says:

    The only thing wrong with this watch is the strap!
    It’s to feminine,

    • avatar Cory says:

      from above (the description) “This is my first design for a woman’s watch. I think that the female Gamer/Sci-fi fans are under represented when it comes to custom LED watch designs.”

    • avatar Cory says:

      One of my female coworkers said a similar thing, I suppose I should have paid attention to that feedback before submitting. D’oh!

  2. avatar Gabriel Balas-Baconschi says:

    to feminine for me also.

    • avatar Cory says:

      What specifically is to feminine? Thickness? Shape? I can make more renders that incorporate feedback and critiques. I want to make my designs better, and appeal to a larger audience. thanks :)

  3. avatar Firdaus says:

    Sort of like Fallout item. Classical scientist jewellery. For ladies who holds chemical or laser gun. But there are actually kind of guys who like the thin strap and oval display too. Is the strap stretchable? The atomic molecule looks feminine too, like flower imho. The reading is learnable. And yes u make it for ladies. I’m not a lady so I don’t know how to judge it with lady taste. Any female here?

  4. avatar Toys says:

    very nice watch. If you want to try you could make a render of this watch with a thicker strap putting it horizantal, so the 9 and 3 are the 12 a 6 , i don’t lnow of you understand me, so that way it could have a bigger strap and maybe it looks more “masculine”. but overall it’s really nice

    • avatar Cory says:

      Thanks! I may try a few variations on the theme. I’m working on another couple watches now with a more Gamer oriented theme though. We’ll see :)

  5. avatar Sandra says:

    Im glad to find something feminine here but not very happy about the “make it more masculine” comments:D It’s not surprising in such a masculine environment though. If this watch is ment to be feminine, then there’s no point of changing it into a masculine one. Guess it’s just easier to make unisex watches. I like the oval display, but the strap seems to be too thick. Generally I like it a lot. Especially the blue one.

    • avatar Cory says:

      Thank you Sandra, it’s good to get a positive comment from the feminine TF intelligentsia. It does seem that most of the watch concepts on here are male oriented. I thought it well to make a watch that was more beauty than brawn, and this was the result.

      Thinning the strap down is the most common feedback I’ve gotten on it, so I may well render a version with this in mind. Making a clasp instead of the stretchy type band is also a consideration.

      Thanks again! :)

  6. avatar FriendlyHobo says:

    I’m male and I still find this watch very cool. The apparent feminine aspects of this watch aren’t a problem for me. It just looks cool!

  7. avatar Cory says:

    Ok, I made a couple changes. The band is thinner and has a clasp now. Each link also has two embossed lines down the center to make the band stand out a bit more.

    The change seems to make the watch look better all around.

    Thanks for the input!

  8. avatar AcanthaceousShrike says:

    The new versions look great. I just don’t like the obvious female elements of this watch: the proportions and the flowery display. Ignoring that, the watches still look realy good.