An Ultra Minimal Watch Design


Design submitted by Kieron from the UK.

Kieron says: “I find the concept of simplifying time into lights and patterns a lot more aesthetically and intellectually pleasing. As an Architectural Technologist my favourite style is minimalism, the style of which my watch is based on.

The watch features a standard layout of lights, with the upper row displaying hours, and the lower row displaying minutes. The lights should be read from right to left, adding the numbers together to establish the time.

The design is minimal and simple to read, and its lighting can vary in colour, I therefore hope that it could appeal a wider audience, as well as those who are already interested in binary watches.”


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8 Responses to “An Ultra Minimal Watch Design”

  1. avatar Toys より:

    Is a very nice watch, very simple but it’s great: Mayba the problem will be the cristal on the background, the same problem that had another recently posted watch but it’s okay. Maybe if the whole watch was made of rubber it would be cheaper and sure a really feasibe to make. Good work

  2. avatar Patrick より:

    During the holidays, I saw store windows with LED lights inside the glass (wireless connections without apparent), so this watch seems feasible?
    YES for this project!

    • avatar Keiron Todd より:

      Hi Patrick, thanks for your comment, I also have seen some LEDs within electrically conductive glass/clear plastic, my approach is more low tech and simple; project LEDs from either side onto an etched area of glass or crystal. I’ve seen it used before for the power light on a Sony Bravia TV so I know it should work so I think its one of the more ‘buildable’ of the clear glass watch face designs i’ve seen on here.

  3. avatar Firdaus より:

    I like minimalistic and I love this! If its not possible to make the watch face transparent, regular opacity with this design still okay, just like tf satellite.

  4. avatar Cory より:

    Having the LEDs concealed in the edges of the glass and refracted in the center piece is brilliant. I also like the way the strap starts wide and gets narrow near the clasp. Having the button actuators placed where the strap meets the watch face is nice too. Bravo!

  5. avatar Samukun より:

    That’s a cool concept! Minimalistic, stylish, clever. I hope the transparency can be made because that’s the striking effect of the watch. :D

  6. avatar Aphosno より:

    Just imagine your arm hair pressed under the glass, maybe some sweat, not very beautiful. Thats the only problem I have with this watch. Besides that I like the simplicity and smoothness of this design. I don’t like binary very much, but you only have 10 leds to tell the time, thats just consequent from a minimalistic perspective. The color changing option is great. Many people cry about the color, here they can have whatever they want. Five stars!