Jump Hour Watch – Redefined For The Future


Design submitted by Brent from the USA.

Brent says: “I came up with the idea for this concept from looking at old jump-hour watches. I like the way they look and move and thought it would be interesting to design an e-ink take on a jump hour watch.

The middle two barrels “turn” to display the passing time, while the outer two display the date and day of the week. Each are controlled by their corresponding knobs. I can see anyone with an appreciation of odd or nostalgic objects loving the design. People who cultivate a unique style and want functional objects to look interesting will find this watch attractive.

It mixes a nostalgic look with the functioning of new technology. The unique form with its bulbous volumes is something you rarely see in todays watches, and yet it brings interest and mystery to the watch.”

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8 Responses to “Jump Hour Watch – Redefined For The Future”

  1. avatar Toys より:

    good idea, but… i think it’s too big.

  2. avatar Aphosno より:

    The ***** are very cool. The display window too. I like the concrete expression of this watch. Maybe the display could be mechanical, then it would be perfect. But e-paper is nice too :) Totally underrated! (1.7 wednesday 01/12) Kudos to you for showing the watch on your wrist. Thats rare on here. **** watch!

  3. avatar Genghis より:

    Good idea ! But I think that the buttons are a little too big. The overall aspect of the watch is quite interesting ;-)
    Great job for the renderings !

  4. avatar vanszagen より:

    Hello Brent! This is indeed a metal potato! Very bad! I really do not want this!

  5. avatar said より:

    Wait, I agree the shape is not the best it have could be but no need to compare it any vegetables! I like the eighties style robot. But it looks too much like a regular watch (I m talking about the display of course!)
    Forget about rude comments! I personaly think it’s a nice job!

  6. avatar Gerhard Lienenkämper より:

    Stark, absolut Stark!!!!!Wann gibt es diese Uhr???
    Hoffentlich wird sie produziert und zu einem erschwinglichen Preis.

  7. avatar Another より:

    someone please make it for Fallout nexus mod item!

  8. avatar ??? より:

    Make it a bit smaller and it’ll be perfect!!