A Stylish LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Jonathan from France.

Jonathan wanted to create a stylish geek watch with a simple but non-conventional reading process. The result is “Horodron HD-02″ which has a strong aesthetic that is clearly recognizable.The bracelet is styled simply and is slightly curved featuring a Silicone piece for additional comfort and flexibility while contributing in details to the global aesthetic. The design is unique; from the asymmetry of its face carved directly from its body, to the facets reflecting light like a gemstone.

The watch also has a simple but non-conventional reading process on three lines. The first line consists of 12 LEDs for hours, the second one is for tens of minutes, then a third unit for single minutes. Here, no complex calculation, simply read the LED.

This is a design for those for whom need a watch for more than function. It is for those who wear a watch as a garment and see it as an extension of their personality. Horodron HD-02, stand out with style !

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20 Responses to “A Stylish LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar carlsberg says:

    i really like this one, some reserved, subtle styling, offset with some bold led colours. the transparency of the led covers and the asymetric design give it a more designer look than a typical mass produced design.
    the red tinges between each of the links sets the strap off nicely too, more designers should show that sort of level of attention to details.
    i would buy this one without hesitation.

  2. avatar Patrick says:

    Beautiful original design!

  3. avatar Samukun says:

    What a beautiful 12-5-9 watch :D Hard edges, glossy material, the asymmetry, the transparency – cool collection of eye-catechers. For me it is a little to much, but this watch is totally produce-worthy. 5* for this beauty.

  4. avatar jeremy says:


  5. avatar Toys says:

    very nice design, the watch seems to float in air with it’s beatiful linesand curves, i would definetively buy it

  6. avatar logan says:

    Interesting use of asymmetry, I like it.

  7. avatar Rob says:

    Very very cool definitely should be produced!

  8. avatar Gabriel Balas-Baconschi says:

    I like it !

  9. avatar s2lart says:

    The most beautiful watch I’ve seen !

  10. avatar Jonathan says:

    Thanks guys !

  11. avatar teamJAM2 says:

    .. Its beautiful

  12. avatar Deadsmile says:

    The design is incredible, shape and colours work fine together
    The Only thing i’m woried about are the edges, they could hurt somebody or split if they aren’t built strong enough…
    But still juste to have it in a box and wear it une hour a week i would buy this one

  13. avatar Bui says:

    I’m so ok with you guys, really nice 12-5-9 watch ! We want more like this one :)

  14. avatar Andy says:

    I usually look at the watches on this site and laugh at their impractical awesomeness – this one is actually exquisite. Absoutely beautiful!

  15. avatar Aphosno says:

    **** bling bling! For my girlfriend. Beats the pants off other 12-5-9 watches wich use simple bars since this is damn stylish.

  16. avatar vanszagen says:

    Great work, little profit!

  17. avatar said says:

    This is a really awesome shape!
    And the colored lens idea looks totaly sleek!
    Great job!!

  18. avatar Gerhard Lienenkämper says:

    Unglaublich, diese Eleganz.Auch eine unglaubliche Harmonie mit dem Armband.
    Hoffentlich wird diese Uhr produziert.

  19. avatar T Chisley says:

    very artistic, imma fan of this one

  20. avatar Gilles Fromont says:

    superbe “Its beautiful”