A Watch Design Inspired by Greece


Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Inspired by Greece and summer time, Laszlo’s most recent concept is finished in black with an interface that has a meandering pattern to display the time. Hours are shown in segments of the twisting pattern around the outer edge, in approximately the same position as numbers on a clock.

Groups of 10 minutes are shown by squares that build up towards the centre and single minutes are shown by blocks in the centre of the display. Let Laszlo know what you think of his latest design by commenting below.

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11 Responses to “A Watch Design Inspired by Greece”

  1. avatar Toys より:

    i just don’t know how to read it, no clue. I think a silver or white case and strap with the blue LCD would be better and more like greek inspiration. good desing, nice idea.

  2. avatar Joe より:

    Actually, it is very simple to read. Unless I’m mistaken, it follows the 12/5/9 concept, with 12 hour twisted segments around the edge as described, then 5 10min. hollow sqaures that surround the 9 1min solid squares in the middle. Very nice design, definitely worth buying. Black with all blue is always my favorite color combo.

  3. avatar TheWhispofSmoke より:

    great watch design

  4. avatar Joe より:

    Well, now I just read the whole description, so there was no need for my first comment. However, it really is a stunning and very attractive design. I hope it sees production!

  5. avatar Joe より:

    I would like to suggest one minor change to the concept, but not the design. I have had an interest in magic squares since grade school, and recently wondered if it were possible to incorporate the idea into a watch. Well, now the answer is clear: yes! The nine 1 minute blocks in the center would illuminate in the pattern of the 3×3 magic square: top row [8,1,6]; middle row [3,5,7]; and bottom row [4,9,2]. It would also look a little more cryptic and aesthetically pleasing, while still being simple to read.

  6. avatar Aphosno より:

    Oh that’s a 12-5-9 watch i like. Ornamentic but rational… interesting combination.

  7. avatar Davor より:

    beautiful timeless design, i believe that everyone would know how to read the time, even my older family.
    I just observed some 300-500 watch designs and i think this is my favorite (at least in last 100-200 i remember) ’cause it’s so simple to read yet unconventional. Stay beautiful laszlo

  8. avatar showroom より:

    You made many interesting and beautiful watch yet. This is very elegant I like the design. The packing is very inmaginative too.

  9. avatar Leah より:

    hey there again, i’m interested of all your work. this is my favourite so far.

  10. avatar Ferenc より:

    meg mondom őszintén hogy eddig nem nézegettem itt a blogot…de durván tehetséges vagy.remélem le gyártják az ötleteid jó részét.én tuti vevő vagyok rá.
    keep it up

  11. avatar said より:

    I m not a fan of antique greek style but this idea is ok