Polygon Mesh LED Watch Concept

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

This watch design is made in one solid piece.  The case area is wider and has a crystalline shape and surface.  The strap is made of flexible plastic and the casing of rigid plastic.  There is a wide frame drawn all over the watch.  The polygon edges define the shape of the numbers which is displayed in easy- to- read digits but with a little distortion.

The overall appearance of this watch makes it both a fashion accessory and a geeky gadget.

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18 Responses to “Polygon Mesh LED Watch Concept”

  1. avatar Patrick says:

    Hello Sam, yet beautiful design.
    My taste is mainly for LED watches, with a particular reading (for the uninitiated), this watch is readable by all, is this the new philosophy Tokyoflash “tell time differently”?
    I had this idea on a sketch of facets and it is your design, so my vote is YES!

  2. avatar Samukun says:

    @ Patrick: Thank you :) The inspiration came from my 3D work. I thought it is a cool new way to make a watch wich could fit the Tokyoflash philosophy of telling time differently :) Here I have another view of the watches in different colors.

  3. avatar Patrick says:

    Ok Sam, I love the Black Watch base number in Green.
    To shape with facets, great!

  4. avatar Bill says:

    WOW! Wrist Porn! That thing can get you off! Very nice design Sam.

  5. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    Nice one Sam! Love the concept. This design could be made without too much difficulty.

  6. avatar GN says:

    This is another lovely design Samu-kun~ :) the design (somewhat) connects my mind to astrology :) wondering what your 3D work is – the one that inspired you to come up with this design~ and im not sure you intended to show what im feeling right now —–> because if you intended to link the stars concept with the watch, and THEN upbrings the concept of jewellery through the LED lighting – I would think that you are damn SMART :D hahaha~~
    Jewellery concept can be very feminine, but clearly you put thoughts into the design of the watch strap, so the watch is neither too soft for a guy or too strong for a woman. Very clever~! I also like the triangular facets on the watch surface – not sure if the numbers can be made to show directly on surface :o but it certainly looks great! Overall I can see your aim in expressing glamour and individuality :) and you’ve reached it :D Congrats~ It’s a very likeable product~

    p.s as a girl i favor the pink one more haha (the one shown in your later post~) :D

  7. avatar Samukun says:

    @ Patrick: :D
    @ Bill: Hahaha, wrist porn. Never heard that before :D Thanks for your input!
    @ GN: When I the first computer image with the illuminated numbers, ithey also looked like zodiac signs to me. I didn’t defend against that impression, tehehe. It wasn’t my initial intention to show astrological images, but it is very cool if everyone has his/her own interpretation. But I knew that I might have this duality: technical wireframe look and blingbling diamond appeal… depending on the one who looks at it. Kinda controversial :) Oh I wasn’t inspired by a certain 3D work, it was the way complex shapes are displayed in the 3D programs. Always divisions and lines. I chose the irregular polygon mesh (not an easy to understand isoline display) because thats… cool. I wanted to get that into the real world. I believe that could be done to any object… I think the world is more than ready for this style ;)

  8. avatar Genghis says:

    Really nice one Sam! I was trying to design something like this (with edges and facets), but you have made it and pretty well !! The white and red looks very nice ;-)

  9. avatar Aphosno says:

    I don’t know about polygon meshes. I like the mineral look and the accentuated edges. The time reading is as easy as can be and looks nice. I can imagine wearing one. I would like to have black-blue. Maybe you need to make a table with the cases and number colors, then people can check their favorite combinations.

  10. avatar Avatara says:

    Black & Green. My favourite combination. Love the image and the funky way the numbers are displayed.

    I echo Patrick when he says “this watch is readable by all”. I want something that is less easy to read instantly; something that has something more than just digits.

    I would be interested to hear what other people think about this.

  11. avatar Samukun says:

    @ Genghis: Thank you! Nice to read that from another designer :)
    @ Aphosno: Thanks to you too! Good to have different points of view here.
    @ Avatara: Funky and readable, that’s quite a résumé :) Thanks alot. I also like to hear the opinions. I was prepared for a controversial mini war, tehehe.

  12. avatar GEEK says:

    This watch would’ve been so cool in white casing and blue LEDs. I live in Norway and right now it snow outside, and made me think of this watch. “What if it looked like a glacier?” It would also look amazing in black casing and warm-white LEDs, to look like the night sky with stars. The style of the numbers look like starsigns to me…

    • avatar Samukun says:

      So you checked the link I gave on my first posting here. Yeah I like the associations about star signs. The glacier image is cool too (in the real meaning of cool, tehehe) I really should make a table and check, what color combinations are liked most :D Thanks again GEEK!

  13. avatar said says:

    Very cool Sam!
    Not for my wrist, but I m sure there is people for wearing this one. And the idea is definetly good!

  14. avatar wahwax says:

    Trop belle!!! I want,I want,I want!!!!