LED Reflection Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

72 hidden LEDs illuminate the two integrated plates enclosed 28° with the backplane.  Twelve are for the hours and the remaining 60 are for the minutes.  The external plate indicates the hours and minutes for the internal plate.

Time is read as in an analog watch.  The simple design will appeal to everyone especially those who prefer traditional way of reading time but wants an extraordinary watch design.

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15 Responses to “LED Reflection Watch Design”

  1. avatar mkornel より:

    Amazing, unisex design Laszlo!
    This is my new favourite.
    Tokyoflash please make this product ASAP!

  2. avatar Avatara より:

    Yeah, i’m a big fan of this one too. I love the Oberon watch design from Tokyoflash and this is also right up my street. Not my favourite design from Laszlo but it’s awesome nonetheless. Great work!

  3. avatar Bill より:

    WOW ****! I would but this in a second. Very nice design! Please make Tokyoflash!

  4. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    I like how the LEDs work. Gives it a very different look. More like hands than dots.

  5. avatar Samukun より:

    Nice idea with the hidden LEDs!

  6. avatar Aphosno より:

    Ya cool new trick. Still looks a bit too traditional. Nice work.

  7. avatar said より:

    Looks like sci-fi and high class too. Very nice one. It’s is a bit similar to a regular watch now though.

  8. avatar wahwax より:

    Super design!! Simple et efficace,j’espère que Tokyoflash va la produire…

  9. avatar showroom より:

    Wonderful I like it very much!!!

  10. avatar Kitti より:

    It`s really space-like, and simple at the same time.. i love that!! :-)

  11. avatar mkornel より:

    Every time I look at this watch I can feel the growing urge to have this miraculous gadget! I want it NOW! :)

  12. avatar mkornel より:

    Tokyoflash Please,please,please!
    I want this watch!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you!

    Best Regards


  13. avatar CJones より:

    This design definitely appeals to me. A classic looking watch face with a futuristic flavour,

    Would enjoy owning one.