Tron-inspired LED Watch

Design submitted by Scott from UK.

This concept was voted as one of the most popular designs by fans on the blog and thanks to your votes has become reality and is now available to buy here exclusively at Tokyoflash Japan.

This watch design takes its inspiration from one of Scott’s favorite films as a kid, TRON, and from his Pimp Pimpin Ain’t Easy watch.  He wants something that will get noticed when it lights up and that’s why he came up with an electroluminescence strip around the whole watch strap.

The two rings (styled on a Tron Disc) represent minutes (outer) and hours (inner).  The break in the ring represents the time in a normal clock face layout.

The electroluminescence strip and LED watch face makes the whole watch light up and will definitely stand out from other watches.

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382 Responses to “Tron-inspired LED Watch”

  1. avatar cracken01 says:

    this clock is one of my favorites, the TRON’ design is amazing, perhaps the unique defect that I see it is that the design of the light in the strap breaks the style of tron, perhaps with lambda-type but processed but maintaining the TRON style, nevertheless even so I would buy it.

    • avatar Green Rey says:

      This watch should go to sail. It really catches an eye poping affect. Great design! I just wish it would go for production.

    • avatar Jimmy the K says:

      It matters not whether anyone votes – it will be in production soon… Green will be least popular in the US – Red and Blue will both be popular in actual sales of units.

      Green will do better in the EU, and should be made along with Yellow on a white band – offered to Lancealot Armstrong/Socialcauses/Enviro-emo set. Do not worry about lumens transmission – it will be plenty bright for in the dimly lit cold press coffee/vodak bars west of the Rockies.

      Trust me, I’m a real-life genius.

      PS – I’ll take one thousand Blue Ones if they’re ready by December 11.

    • avatar Websteria says:

      I want this watch. PLEASE!

    • avatar Zollad says:

      I Want it :)

  2. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    F***ing amazing watch!! pure brilliant i would definatly buy it!

  3. avatar Aaron says:

    Wow this is a must have watch very cool..I hope Tokyo Flash accept this and sell it..i will definitely buy it.

  4. avatar werwolf says:

    i like the design, but personally i’m not a big fan of analog-style displays.
    if there were a more digital/industrial/cyberpunk version of the same design, i’d definitely be interested.

  5. avatar cortjezter says:

    oh my god.. this is bloody brilliant! please send me an invoice for one immediately! :)

  6. avatar Jérémie says:

    I love it so much !!! Wahouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  7. avatar Avatara says:

    Agreed, this is flawless! Breath taking! Simple to read, understated design, beautiful colour scheme. I love the sharp neon colours on the black case. Sign me up for this one too!!! Great work Scott!!

  8. avatar Grave says:

    I definitely want one, Tron is the movie, and this watch would be great, you should make this watch release the same date as the new Tron movie!!!!

  9. avatar Eternity says:


  10. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:


  11. avatar Samukun says:

    Oh Tron! Reminds me of the good old times :)

  12. avatar Drew says:

    I would easily pay 200 bucks for this watch. If you make this I want it out before the premier so I can be bad ***… I want this watch asap PLEASE :)

  13. avatar NIV says:

    come on TOKYOFLASH! we are waiting for this watch!!!

  14. avatar Matthew says:

    Amazing, this design is so simple yet magnificent!

  15. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    A Tron watch has come up in our conversation amongst the designers now for the last 10 years. We never did get around to drawing one up. We where thinking of doing the BIKE MAZE on the watch and the 2 lines racing along and explode into the side where the hours and minutes are. This one is a totally different take on a Tron watch, Nice and minimal. The time telling part is the same as the Eleeno Eye test watch that we sold a while back. Nice Design Scott, getting lots of WOULD BUYs in our admin. :)

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Oh yes bike maze please! Could you really do this watch? I can imagine, Disney has something to say to you :)

    • avatar Scott says:

      Wow, thankyou all for all you comments. i’m just pleased my designs have got this far! Nice to see i’m not the only TRON geek! :)

      i guess the watch is actually roughly based around all 3 of my Tokyoflash watches (pimpin ain easy, rougue and oberon). The idea is for the watch to get noticed, to light up like never before. The TRON style seemed to fit that requirement.

      thanks again everyone.

    • avatar Alex says:

      Hi there:

      I just saw this picture from newspaper today in Taiwan and I was really stunned by your design and would like to become your sole retailer in Taiwan if possible.

      This is a great design I’ve seen this year!! Really good job!!


  16. avatar metalgrunt400 says:

    I love it. Mind making one with a green LED as well? 5/5 Best watch ever

  17. avatar Erwin says:

    This watch is awesome. I hope this one will be made. I would definitely order one. This one is a must have.

  18. avatar S.D says:

    My favourite on the blog so far, must get done.

  19. avatar Zimmy says:

    So why did you add a 3rd line for the Sec’s on the outside? Or even in the Center? Or even a Dot in the center that spins? Also if this is made dont sell it as 3 colors to choose. It should change on your mood = ) So it ifs yellow/orange everyone would know not to upset you HAHAHA… But really the colors could change though at the day. morning would be blue after noon yellow dark red…
    Or a button would do = ) what does everyone think?

    • avatar Scott says:

      hmmmm….colour changing. Interesting idea, hadn’t thought of that. The colours are based on the original lightbike scene, hence the red, blue and yellow. Personally I think the option of a button to set the colour would be cool.

      As for the rings to tell the time, this was to represent the Tron discs. The new style discs in legacy seem to have two luminous strips, which i thought would fit the hours and minutes.

      Its early days yet, but if this does get seriously considered, i’ll certainly take on board any comments/suggestions posted. Thanks for the feedback.

  20. avatar james says:

    the colour change is better than having to choose a colour and put a button on so you can change the colots yourself i like the idea of a 3rd ring for the seconds. Lets get it made

  21. avatar simeon says:

    this watch is awsome, the lights are so futuristicand the watch face is so interesting. would deffinatelty buy it!!! :>

  22. avatar Zimmy says:

    Scott thank you for the replay back. I got loads of ideas = ) i know how to get this thing rolling…

  23. avatar Secsron says:

    I love the idea, but I would want to have all three colors available in the same watch. It would cut down on production costs and you wouldn’t have to worry about an excess of one color or another for popularity. Perhaps have the face of the watch be depressable so that you can turn the light on or off to conserve battery life, but have it be a toggle switch so that you can have it on for extended periods of time.

    • avatar Secsron says:

      Possibly also making a pocket watch design as well with a chain that has a fiberoptic cable running up it displaying whatever color the watch is as well.

      • avatar Saint Wacko says:

        This is an awesome idea. I’m already planning to buy one, but I think the pocket watch idea is brilliant!

  24. avatar VinceC says:

    must. have. this.

  25. avatar President Obama says:

    I’m president Obama and I would buy this watch for sure and make it a law to buy it as well!

  26. avatar Zimmy says:

    That was what my idea was,

    Colors change based on Time of day. (Early mornings Yellow, Day time Blue, Night Time Red. )
    Options with that can be something like Lights always stay on. Or Pulse when change in Day/night
    like its early morning about to be mid day. Pluses Blue a few times…

    Button to change colors what color u want to set./ Plus Color On/Off…

    3rd ring/Or Dot orbiting the inner/Or outer circle to show you the seconds…

    Plus when the lights off how bad *** would it be to turn it on to check the time and the rings light up
    individual spinning in difference directions before showing you the time = )

    Man i can do this all day, Scott email me lets work together on this and get a 3d/flash demo going.
    If this is do get done we need to make it stand out like no other hit me up…will go 60/40 Ill be the 40 = )

  27. avatar speedracergt says:

    Best watch on this site! would buy it the day it came out. Maybe even 2, so I would have one for back-up.

    1.) Love the 2 circles in the face. Please do not add any dots or 3rd circles. Who really needs to know the “seconds” anyways?

    2.) Agreed about 3 colors in one watch. Only for production cost though. So you wont have to worry about selling more of one color.

    3.) Some sort of way to charge it. Like a dock of some sort.

  28. avatar ShachMaT says:

    speedracergt says:
    October 11th 2010 at 15:14 52
    1.) Love the 2 circles in the face. Please do not add any dots or 3rd circles. Who really needs to know the “seconds” anyways?

    Agreed on that 100% Thrid circle would be just TO MUCH.

    2.) Agreed about 3 colors in one watch. Only for production cost though. So you wont have to worry about selling more of one color.

    I have to Disagree, unless its selectable from 1 of 3 colors… Also green version would kick *** too.

    3.) Some sort of way to charge it. Like a dock of some sort.

    This point is BEST… Since Round Trip charging via USB would be perfect!

    Secsron Secsron says:
    October 10th 2010 at 15:52 35

    [...] depressable so that you can turn the light on or off to conserve battery life [...]

    Another 100% YES to that idea it seems that battery wouldn’t live to long for us to have fun with that watch cause its JUST SO DAMN FLASHY!… And having it on OFF wouldn’t draw so much attention.

  29. avatar gitArtist says:

    The design is perfect, nothing should be added, if anyone needs a stopwatch, maybe it should be activated by a switch of some kind. Charging through a miniUSB would be perfect. 3 colors in one watch, switchable – that would really make things more than interesting!

    Looking farward to ordering the ready product :-)

  30. avatar cafemm says:

    I love the design, I´ve always been a Tron fan, and it looks very futuristic and cool. It should either have a way of changing the color or being sold at least blue and red. It should be depressable as Shachmat said.

  31. avatar Matt Ward says:

    Oh my lord…. You HAVE to make this watch.

    Maybe tie it in to the Tron 2.0 launch for maximum retail impact.

    I would certainly wear one… They are the coolest concept I have seen in a long while

  32. avatar Paul says:

    Sweeeeeeeeeet. Would snag one in a second, if it went to production. Go for it.

  33. avatar Austin says:

    this is so far the best watch i have ever seen i love the color i will surely buy this when it comes out everyone would

  34. avatar Jon says:

    Hey TokyoFlash if this watch is produced? How long will it take to start selling them and will there be enough?

  35. avatar Chris says:

    Agreed! This minimalism and strong tie back to the movie make this an AWESOME design! I too would DEFINITELY buy one!

    Perhaps a center button could light up the watch to tell time then fade out with only a VERY minimal glow to the rings? It would conserve battery and allow it to function as a watch all of the time, without too much battery drain!

  36. avatar g man says:

    wonderful i want one

    as an art director / designer i love it

    i’ve bought 6 watches from tokyoflash

    make this watch folks

  37. avatar K dud says:

    Please make ive bought oberon twice and im sure ill buy this one

  38. avatar plinuxke says:


  39. avatar Molser says:

    I WANT ONE ! Or maybe two or three… This is pure beauty !

  40. avatar Ebu says:

    Switching colours should be awsome! Third ring for seconds is not necessary, moreover two rings looks better. On/Off button for lights isn’t bad idea. But there is one little problem for me – recognizing of single minutes. What about short strips on positions 15, 30, 45 and 60? I Please, let me know when these watches will be done. Anyway, I have to own it!

    P.S.: What about small circle (or copy of two circles for hours/minutes) in the middle for AM/PM?

  41. avatar Jack says:

    This watch is great, I love the fact the strap is an electro-luminescence strip, this makes it different to most watches (would be cool if you could turn it though – in case your thinking of going to the cinema).

    However its all Great, would buy one tomorrow. Tokyo Flash you must consider this one to be made – in fact dont consider it, make it pleeeeeese.

  42. avatar Gregory says:

    i need one… or maybe all three… like honestly i NEED at least one

  43. avatar Noah says:

    I would buy this watch for sure. The only way to make it even better would be if the watch slowly lit up from one end to the other, and then after the band was lit up, animate the face. This watch would be a must buy for me.

  44. avatar said says:

    yes! awesome! Tron was so much inspiring for the sci-fi movies, it just make sense to get inspired to make a watch out of it!
    Well done!! I m dying to see it in real!!

  45. avatar overdrive says:

    oohhh i want it ! when can i buy this beautiful watch :D ?

  46. avatar Andy says:


  47. avatar Sheen says:

    I need it

  48. avatar Aphosno says:

    It’s ok. I don’t like how you handled the strap lights. The time telling is cool. I thinks I saw something like that before… but not glowing! Tron was cool, this watch is too. But you shouldn’t gain strength from something you don’t have the rights for. Someone here also said something like that but it wasn’t clear enough. Anyway, good job.

  49. avatar HBKaos says:

    Changing colour would be awesome, as well as a button to turn the colour on or off, but I think a third ring for seconds might be really good. As cool as it is with two discs, having a third disc for seconds would be both useful and awesome, because then we’d have a disc that keeps on spinning.

    And indicator for AM/PM would be useful as well. You don’t necessarily need an extra LED. Maybe the press of the light-on button would have the lights blink once for AM and twice for PM, or vice versa.

    In any case, I would definitely buy this watch. I do hope TokyoFlash decides to make it.

    • avatar HBKaos says:

      But rather than having a jarring motion like you see with standard watches (tick, tick, tick), the seconds disc could be a nice smooth rotation. It would add a little bit more mystery to it.

      The only worry is that with a disc for seconds, there might seem to be too many discs on the watch, but that can be solved by making the ring for a third disc really thin.

      And it makes sense as well. Hours disc is the thickest, minutes disc is a bit thinner, and the seconds disc would be really thin (but still noticeable, especially with that glow).

      Oh, and I agree that green should be added. Red, blue, yellow, and green (and maybe a pure white) all in a single watch.

  50. avatar Lew says:

    This watch neeeds to be made pleaseeeeeee!

  51. avatar Jennifer says:

    Please send me an invoice for this watch.

  52. avatar Liam Robinson says:

    Or at least Fed-Ex me the prototype :D

  53. avatar cushse says:

    Make this watch!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. avatar G40Chief says:

    You Make, I Buy!

  55. avatar Phil says:

    go go go

  56. avatar lectrik1 says:

    Make it affordable for the masses and it should do very well. This is a cool design.

  57. avatar Callie says:

    Great style and perfect timing for the release…

    I would buy several for gifts is the price is right!

  58. avatar AgilisCougar says:

    Simply put: Make this affordable and it will go viral. Being such a cool design, that won’t be a problem.

  59. avatar winterboy says:

    do it!! Keep the design simple (like so many have already said) and it will sell. I would definitely buy one of these!!!

  60. avatar gilbert says:

    In LOVE with tron.

  61. avatar Jessica says:

    I’m not a watch person, but I would love to own this watch, this is probably the only watch I would own! Since it’s so future like, I feel I could wear it with any outfit in my closet!

    Please, please, please! Sell it and email me when you do.

  62. avatar Gordon says:

    This watch would definitely make me a customer of your site. Please make it!

  63. avatar Frank says:

    This design is great! Make it!

  64. avatar Dylan says:

    I want this watch, one question though, any way you could have the lights all off (just a black band), and when you want to see the time just one touch some place and have it light up? that would be awesome!

  65. avatar Arian says:

    I would absolutely buy this watch as soon as it was released. I’d probably buy more than one for gifts as well. Please make this watch!

  66. avatar Keith Johnson says:

    I need this watch!!!

  67. avatar Max says:

    I have been living without a watch for about a year, and its killing me, but I haven’t found one as cool as this anywhere.

    Please produce this masterpiece so I can stop my search for a new watch

  68. avatar Jarrod says:

    Incredible, this is a watch unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, I’d pay hundreds for this watch. It is absolutely SICK. This HAS to be made!

  69. avatar Vaytan says:

    Oooooo I want this !!!

  70. avatar Andy says:

    I love this design. I saw it featured in Gizmodo (awesome site). Speaking for many in the computer science (and related) community, this watch is incredible. Would buy in a heartbeat. Very cool design. Thanks for posting

  71. avatar ucubed says:

    I disagree on color choice depending on what you want to pay homage to. The original may add the orange or the newer with the more of a aquamarine color. I don’t think a individual minute indicator is necessary, but a solution to the second hand could be a very thin short black line in the middle of the minute hand could work.

    This by far is one of the best designs of a watch I’ve seen. A great tribute piece for a classic movie, “geeky” enough for the sci-fi fandom, minimalistic and classy for the everyday wearer, and sheek enough for a fashion staple. I would love to own this piece if it were to be in production and kudos to the designer. It would be silly for Tokyoflash to not produce this piece!

  72. avatar K-rin says:

    OMG i want one in ultra violet pleazzzeeee

  73. avatar Darren says:

    Seriously, if the baby Jesus was old enough to wear a watch.

    This would be the watch he would wear..


  74. avatar Cynical ******* says:

    Definitely would get this watch. Also love the idea of a color selection button and some kind of second display, a 3rd ring would seem most obvious.

  75. avatar Ari B. says:

    I haven’t regularly worn a wristwatch in at least 10 years. I’d wear this watch every day, and twice on weekends.

  76. avatar Chrismichael says:

    PLease Please Please make this watch. I would love to purchase a few for Christmas presents.!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. avatar Peter R says:

    That looks awesome. +1 on the 3rd “seconds” ring, and if it’s broad like a wrist band then even better.

    Otherwise, I have 2 words:

    Want. Please?


  78. avatar Rozan says:

    Please make this watch. I would buy all three!

  79. avatar Jason says:

    I just saw this post on Gizmondo and it linked me over here. I have not seen Tron but I would defiantly buy this watch nonetheless. So long as it’s under $200 I’m in!

  80. avatar Jason M. Hirst says:

    Absolutely astounding watch design!

    A definite +1 with regards to the USB charging and would love to see some method of changing the colour of the rings.

    If it comes out (and I’m praying it will!) it’s a 100% definite purchase from me.

  81. avatar Cesar says:

    If you don’t make this watch now, you will lose the concept to another manufacturer and lose an immense amount of money.

    Consumers demand it very badly, so make this your top priority.

  82. avatar Schizzy says:

    If this watch doesn’t get made, I’m gonna find you and drive my light cycle in front of ya! :P

  83. avatar Scott says:

    Very cool indeed. Will definitely want one.

  84. avatar socomium says:

    i want one now……production must start NOW!!!

  85. avatar deception says:


  86. avatar BUSK says:

    What a masterstroke. I would definitely buy it!

  87. avatar Asker says:

    Make it – i’ll buy it!

  88. avatar BangUchiha says:

    This is a no brainer! People let’s not sleep on this…

    Oh yes, if it does go into production, please include a way to turn the lights off lolz… I dont want to be Tron’d out all the time.

  89. avatar Tim says:

    I’ll buy it!!

  90. avatar Sandro says:

    Born and raised in the land of watches (switzerland) , i have to say: When can i buy one? :P

  91. avatar Iain Lowson says:

    Phenomenal bit of design. Want!!

  92. avatar Chris says:

    In the words of the great Liz Lemon “I want to go to there!”

  93. avatar SpacyRicochet says:

    Holy hell, I was looking for a cool binary watch (I want a good-looking nerd watch), but all of them are kind of bland. This one actually looks how I would want my binary watch.

    So what the hell that it isn’t binary, when can I buy this?

  94. avatar Adnan-ul-Haq says:

    Freakin Awesome man…. i love it, i want it…. please Tokyo Flash make this watch. It will sell very well… ;)

  95. avatar david says:

    Please please please make these so I can buy some!!

  96. avatar Gangleymey says:

    Ok, I really am not a watch person… but THIS… this i would wear.

  97. avatar masya says:

    The most simple and elegant design i’ve seen in a long time. And certainly a must have for Tron fans.

  98. avatar Keiran says:

    Most deffinatley would buy and it would make it’s way into daily use

  99. avatar chris says:


  100. avatar Eric says:

    Please make this watch! I’ll preorder one!

  101. avatar Christopher says:

    This watch is fantastic! I would buy one as soon as it is available.

  102. avatar allybal says:

    will buy one the moment they are available.

  103. avatar Mikey says:

    Gonna buy 5. Come on!

  104. avatar ChrisPostAD says:

    Seriously…produce this during the film run and you will start a movement. And make SOOOO much scratch.
    Green and Grey Please!
    i’d like to pay under $200 (being that it’s LED)
    but would easily pay over $100

  105. avatar Keith says:

    Holy **** that’s awesome! I’d buy one of these in an instant!

  106. avatar Cynthia says:

    I would LOVE this watch! If you make it, please include a women’s size as well; so many interesting watches only come sized for men.

  107. avatar plame says:

    yes i want one!

  108. avatar TooTallSid says:

    Depending on the price, I’d definitely buy one of these. It’s beautiful. So minimal. So focused. And I immediately figured out how to tell the time with it.

  109. avatar niclet says:

    Make it! Faites-la ! Perfect design, I love to buy this 7R0N watch !!!!

  110. avatar Terry says:

    I would absolutely purchase this watch. I have been looking for a minimalist watch for ages, this is perfect.

  111. avatar Kris says:

    I MUST HAVE THIS WATCH IN BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. avatar Saint Wacko says:

    This had better make it to sale. I would buy it so fast. I will be standing by my computer until voting ends.

  113. avatar treffoil says:

    I love it i want 6 of them and how much are they?

  114. avatar Daniel Minaya says:

    Would buy one in a heart beat. Really hope these go on sale.

  115. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    It’s so obvious that the designer is posting all these same comments, trying to make his design look popular. Hope Tokyoflash is on this? Nice design, but not that nice.

  116. avatar Mario says:

    I want one. Yesterday.

  117. avatar Jon Bybee says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this watch!!!

  118. avatar Theira says:

    If they produced this watch, i’d buy it in a flash.

  119. avatar Rezden says:

    This is amazing. Definitely want to buy this. Great design.

  120. avatar Kimbo says:

    This watch looks incredible! Please produce it. I must have it!

  121. avatar idoru says:

    Besides that the actual reading looks a bit wrong, as we always come at a time device with an hour/minute scheme, not the opposite so the outer circle should be hours and inner minutes. So beside this, I like very much the graphic aspect of this watch.

    • avatar Patrick says:

      But the big hand (outermost) on a clock is always minutes.

    • avatar ucubed says:

      Well on a “normal” analog watch, the shortest “hand” is the hour hand which takes an inner circular path. The minute hand and second hand extends further than the hour hand which takes an outer path. The break in between in the lines represents the time with the inner circle being the shortest distance ergo represents the hour. The same holds true for the minute hand.

  122. avatar Patrick says:

    Umm… Yes, please!

  123. avatar mikeus says:

    Make this & my $ is yours.

  124. avatar Renderinfo says:

    I’m in for this. Is there a mailing list?

  125. avatar sweden says:

    make it

  126. avatar Joey says:

    I definitely plan on buying it if it goes out for sale.
    Hopefully they just do not just sell the watch in single colors though.
    Instead, have an option on the watch to change the led color.
    Either way. I’d still buy it.

  127. avatar Supernick says:

    Great design, great idea, make it real I need at least one !

  128. avatar James says:

    Please please PLEASE PPLLEEAASSEE make this watch

  129. avatar Pat says:

    For the love of awesome-watch mercy…. MAKE THIS WATCH – I WILL BUY INFINITY OF THEM.

    Seriously. I will provide marketing for this watch, it will be profitable…. JUST MAKE IT!!!!!

    : )


    (are you making it yet? …. MAKE IT PLEASE NOW!!!!)

  130. avatar Mark says:

    Another vote for the affirmative. Might as well make this watch now.

  131. avatar David says:

    Make it under $200 and I’m there.

  132. avatar josh says:

    I want one…make them and Im there…

  133. avatar Lisa says:

    Sell these watches!

    (With an option of at least 9′ bands. If it’s a cuff style, please have a ‘Large’ option.
    Bless you.

  134. avatar Jacob says:

    Let me know when they go on SALE!!!! cuz imma buy one

  135. avatar Rob says:

    I want one!



  136. avatar Jason says:

    looks good to me. I’d buy it.

  137. avatar Edward says:

    This watch needs to be made… The mere mention of the watch has led me to the tokyoflash site, and I’m now drooling to obtain other upcoming watches as well.

  138. avatar jason g` says:

    the only thing i would add is a line for seconds so there is constant motion on the wtach. it is a GREAT IDEA and a beautiful watch. i want one badly…

  139. avatar Snigerbob says:

    Without doubt the coolest watch i’ve come across.. So nerdy, yet so elegant.. Would defo buy..

  140. avatar Death says:

    Just make this watch. It needs to be done and it will be the envy of all the geeks everywhere you go.

  141. avatar marbles says:

    Amazing looking watch, would definitely purchase if produced!

  142. avatar dave says:

    DO WANT.

    would even buy all 3 colors if the pricing was reasonable enough.

  143. avatar Saint Wacko says:

    While I would buy this in blue if it were single color, this would be perfect if there was a button on the watch to change the color of the lights. Also the ideas for the seconds are great. I would really like to be able to see the seconds. Smooth movement, as opposed to the normal ‘ticking’ movement, is also a must. I haven’t worn a watch in years, but I would go back to wearing watches for this one.

  144. avatar Mike says:

    I would totally buy this watch! Please make this nao plz!

  145. avatar Rascle McPherson says:

    This watch is awesome! I love my watches to stand out from the boring rolex analog crowd. And this is perfect until e-ink/colour LCD starts to break through! I’ve got light pipes on my roccat kone gaming mouse. so cant imagine the light pipes on the strap would be too hard to make multi coloured. Its the battery life that would be scared!

    So i think always on as a default to be flashy!! And a switch to turn the light off. With some sort of usb charger/awesome dock for it to sleep on at night!

  146. avatar CARLOS T says:

    magnificent and original watch id buy it w out thinking

    please tokyo make the dream watch come true

    and send me a complementary one jejeje bye

  147. avatar Hugo says:


  148. avatar aline says:




  149. avatar snoopy says:

    just invoice me right now please.

  150. avatar Ethan says:

    Would like to see it with color changing options to match clothes. Please notify me when I can order.


  151. avatar Jeremy says:

    I want one for Christmas.

  152. avatar WayneKerr says:

    Do want!

  153. avatar milthon! says:

    I want it for the premiere :D

  154. avatar Dren says:

    This is brilliant! I would buy it 9 times. Hopefully, if it gets produced, it’ll come out just in time for Tron: Legacy.

  155. avatar henry says:

    oh please them be real!

  156. avatar Jena says:

    Can you make one in pink? I would most definitely buy this watch. Please make it.

  157. avatar NULL says:

    I have created a Facebook group in support of these watches being put into production. The group is called THE WORLD NEEDS TRON WATCHES. The link is!/home.php?sk=group_139803236067988. Show your support for these amazing watches!!

  158. avatar Daveto says:

    I think this is one of the best Tokyoflash concepts I’ve ever seen. It has a very beautiful minimalist design. My jaw dropped once I saw a picture of this and I said that I must have this. This couldn’t have come out at a better time,just in time for thesequel which I’mreally looking forward to. Enough talk about concepts,if it were out I would buy this RIGHT NOW!

    on a side note, actually a question, would you be able to change the color or would I have to buy all three which I would!

  159. avatar Elena says:

    This watch is gorgeous and must be made! If it’s the right price, I WILL buy one.
    It’s jaw dropping and it’s beautiful!

  160. avatar Marcos says:

    I want it now!!!!!

  161. avatar better than you says:

    you guys need to get laid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • avatar MR Roboto says:



  162. avatar MeWants! says:

    This must be the best watch ever!
    I would pay easy 150$ for a watch like this! This is the perfect *Bling* ;-)

  163. avatar huose says:

    support it

  164. avatar bgplpshep says:

    I don’t wear a watch but this’d make me want to.

  165. avatar PhX^ says:

    I always wanted a Toky Flash watch, but i’ve been waiting for the right one to surface… This is it! Please make it!

  166. avatar Madcotto` says:

    I dont ware watches i hate them in general but OMG im totally converted, i want this so freeking bad. just please dont screw this up with cheep and nasty, poor lighting and options, ie option to have watch light on button press or constant for when in the nightclub. pref colour changing abilities.

    if this ends up just been a poor lit watch with plastic spinning cover i will loose all hope in life. this has to be done and has to be done well

    • avatar Esben H says:

      Give me that watch!
      Waiting every day for the voting to end, and I’ll be able to sign up for the first blue watch!
      And please keep it as in the design, no am/pm showing in the watch, just min and hours, ok the constant sec ring sounds cool… And the watch must be wide :D !
      Loads of love (for that watch!) from Denmark :)

      • avatar Saint Wacko says:

        You two have the right idea. No am/pm, seconds ring (or dot) would be great. And nice and wide, more like a wristband than a watch. And no cheap stuff. Ideally, make it out of metal and glass, with high quality LED/EL. I also hate wearing watches, but I will wear them for this watch!

  167. avatar BladeIV™ says:

    +1 I want I want

  168. avatar Darth Meow 504 says:

    This is amazing. I haven’t worn a watch in more years than I can count, but I would wear this. I don’t feel the need for a seconds indicator like some do, and in fact quite like the design nice and minimalist like it is. I do very much agree that if technically possible, it should be color-selectable so that you only have one model to sell and the buyer can then choose the color they want. I also think it should have a selectable option to either stay on or be lit for a few seconds at a touch. I would like it on all the time, I just hope that battery life would be practical (and make it rechargable, please!), but others might not. Building in these options into the same unit would maximize sales without making too many variant models.

    Ideally, battery life should be 48hrs+ between recharges, and have color selectable and choice of constant on or touch/press to light. Even better would be colorshifting modes where the watch shifts between colors in either a blink color to color or a slow fade from shade to shade, the way color-changing LED lightbulbs do.

    This thing is made of win.

  169. avatar Azayzel says:

    I would definitely buy one, maybe even two (make a lady’s size watch so we can have matching sets). One VERY important thing to keep in mind when you get this watch made; do NOT make it a cheapo watch. Too many watches look cool but are made with crappy materials that reduce the look and feel to something plastic that you’d buy at a bargain-basement liquidator. I’d be much more willing to pay more for something of quality than something that looks/feels like it was designed for a child. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. ;)

    Your design is AWESOME, I’ll be watching for its release and be one of the first to order!

  170. avatar bignige says:

    i dont wear a watch, but i would this, it’s just amazing but i agree on madcotto’s post

  171. avatar Saint Wacko says:

    Hm. One thing I just thought of. These look like they should have a clasp like the C-Prime bracelets, but that doesn’t leave much room for adjustments. Would these be made in different sizes for different wrists?

  172. avatar Rekab says:

    I wish there was also a SECONDS indicator, but I would definitely purchase it.

  173. avatar summer says:


  174. avatar SteveyD says:

    OMMFG MAKE THIS WATCH NOW SO I CAN BUY ALL 3!!!! (gotta match outfits…)


  175. avatar nick_too says:


    Just amazing! I want the 3!

  176. avatar Jay says:

    I would buy two of them, this is a very good looking watch. This is the type of watch I have been waiting for, it looks clean and it would be the talk of the party!!!

    Please make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you.

  177. avatar ink says:

    I would start wearing a watch again if this concept made it all the way to a production model on sale.
    I wonder what it would look like when unlit (in a battery saving mode) though?
    Perhaps an e-ink panel and it’s distinctive ‘refresh flash/blink’ would fit with the TRON-style well, and I imagine would save battery too!
    Really love this design, would buy in an instant, please make Scotts design into reality :D

  178. avatar spiderbath says:

    I don’t think I’ve wanted something so bad since I was a kid!!!!!

  179. avatar SkandalouZ says:

    Love it, want it..

  180. avatar Travis says:

    I haven’t worn a watch in a long time, but this design is absolutely amazing! I would certainly wear this watch if it was made. +1 from me too :)

  181. avatar Simon Rohrich says:

    The wrist band could be made out of a clear hard material with LED strips inlaid. Depending on price point desired, poly carbonate wrist claps material would have top be used. A flexible solution would be desirable so you would not have to send your wrist measurements in with an order. As always, there is a trade-off between durability and comfort…

    • avatar Saint Wacko says:

      That’s what I’m worried about. I have small wrists, so I have to get most watches resized. In this case, I would rather have to send in measurements and make sure it was the right size than not be able to wear it.

  182. avatar Terry says:

    I would like if there was a button that lighted up the space between the two rings with the exact time in a
    digital-styled way so you could see the exact time whenever you needed to, keeping in the tron fashion but also making it more functional when needed.

  183. avatar Mark says:

    I would buy that the day it came out.. ♥

  184. avatar Jim says:

    I’d definitely buy that…

  185. avatar girl geek says:

    OH. MY. GOD. Yes!

  186. avatar franz says:

    I want !!!!

  187. avatar Dennis AKA FireSonic says:

    Fantastic design! Ready to buy it as it is now!!! Author is genius! ;)

  188. avatar Demian says:

    Absolutely brilliant. This watch must be produced! If possible in the next month or so to coincide with the movie, though I’m sure that’s not feasible.

  189. avatar HaPie Daniels says:

    zOMJ!!! I don’t like to wear watches, but I’d totally buy this one!!!-p
    (I’d for sure buy it if it were to come in green!-p)

  190. avatar Peter says:

    One for me!

  191. avatar Saint Wacko says:

    If you want to make it really cool (probably too much so), you could put a slider on the side that would change it through the entire range of colors!

  192. avatar Lincoln says:

    I don’t really like watches, why wear one when I have my phone? But this oh yeah I would so wear it every day! Please let me know when it’s up for grabs!

  193. avatar Sofcookies says:

    What a watch, Absolutely fantastic and unlike most of these type watches it is easily readable.

    You can actually tell the time.

  194. avatar Melroseshooter says:

    This idea may have been mentioned already but instead of a 3rd ring, why not just a tiny dot that blinks to show seconds? That way you`re not changing the original concept of copying the design on the discs from the movie but still have ppl know the seconds passed. I guess it could be either just one dot, or have 5/6 dots that represent the seconds sections by 10s…. like 20secs that passed would be shown on the watch by 2 glowing dots. Awesome watch design tho!!!!!!

  195. avatar ZeroDowner says:

    I heard you like watches so you put the watch in a watch so we could*I am going to let you finish, but…..

    I would personally just stare at the watch and pretend someone is trapped in the middle and when the openings aligned yell “FREEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDOOOOOOMMM!”

    Does it come with a invert button? Have entire watch glow while rings don’t?

  196. avatar Isaque Viza says:

    I certainly will buy one of this watchs…

  197. avatar Oracle says:

    Please make this! I’m ready to buy!!

  198. avatar Dk says:

    Must buy!!!!!!!

  199. avatar Dicktor says:

    Please make this watch right now so I can be the envy of all my friends when I watch this movie!

  200. avatar Bea says:

    I waaaaaaant that watch!!!!
    And I’d take a blue one please :-)

  201. avatar Bea says:

    ah and please make a smaller one for ladies too :-)

  202. avatar Edward says:

    Oh, yes. this is the most innovative timepiece I have yet to see. I’m not into Glitzy ****.. but this is eminently functional (for evening I assume.. sunlight might make it tough) and aesthetically … HOT!

  203. avatar 台灣人 says:

    嗨! 我是台灣人
    看到新聞在報導你的手錶 非常有興趣

    希望你能趕快將手錶 趕快販售到市場上


  204. avatar 極限!! says:

    Hi !

  205. avatar Matt Lokot says:

    Oh, this is so incredibly awesome. I would love one of these!

  206. avatar Michael says:

    Great concept. Not get it to production!

  207. avatar me says:

    Oh my God, this is beautiful. Please, please make this.

  208. avatar Tim says:

    Oyesyesyes. My SO just looked over my shoulder at it and she wants a blue one immediately, so put this household down for two ASAP !

  209. avatar Linus says:

    Oh Hell Yes.
    I want one. Maybe even two.

  210. avatar Bunny says:

    Awesome, bonus points if it is nigh invincible and runs off body heat and sunshine!

  211. avatar Jay says:

    Dear God please make this watch… or Satan, I don’t care who as long as it gets made and I can buy it. Like, NOW.


  212. avatar Charlie says:

    I need this watch RIGHT NOW! It’s sleek, bright, and gives you the “i’ve just jumped out of a sci-fi movie” feel. Must be made!

  213. avatar Omar says:


  214. avatar Blaez says:

    There is only one question about this…Why is it not already made????????

    Seriously this watch must exist!

  215. avatar Tite-Live says:

    This is really one of the best concepts EVEERRR !

    A third ring for seconds would’nt be that useful I think. But if it’s well designed, who cares ?

    Micro-usb charging and a white color version would be a plus, for sure. That would be just even more awesome.

    I’ll certainly buy two… maybe even three.

  216. avatar NeOscape says:

    OK… I’m wet…

    I need it. NOW!

    Please, make it real

  217. avatar martin says:

    I want to buy

  218. avatar jason says:

    give it to me. i want it. even if i look funny wearing it. I don’t care if it makes me look even more like a geek.

  219. avatar Furan says:

    This watch amazes me. I would buy it just for its design but the battery life issue would make me question it.

  220. avatar Leroy says:

    I’m going to be first in line when this go into production. Please make this a reality!

  221. avatar Gary says:

    I’m going to be first in line

  222. avatar Joe says:

    tokyoflash watches are dope. the tron model would make an awesome addition. would definitely look forward to buying it.

  223. avatar Rik says:

    YES! YES! YES! This is the watch of my dreams! And I’m 50!

  224. avatar 艾小克 says:

    very impressive

  225. avatar Mitch says:

    I just realised something with the design, flip it upside down. Uhm… what’s the time????? haha.

  226. avatar Awelillow says:

    Wow!! im speechless, its Awesome!! i want one now!!

    Plzz produce it!! I have a couple of ideas.

    1.- You could make it change color (not necessary)

    2.- You could make the color change depending on the hour (Day, Noon Night)… or maybe if it is AM or PM (not necessary)

    3.- Make it turn off automatically so it doesnt waste battery, but make it posible to choose if you want it on all the time

    4.- Dont make it rechargable!!! because i would get really mad after my 500 recharges kill the battery, and leaving my watch useless, better make it use common watch battery so we can change them.

    5.- I dont feel it is necessary to have seconds displayed.

    6.- Keep it under $200 (if not, include alarm with capacitive touchscreen so we can adjust the alarm by dragging the rings around)

    7.- When we turn it on, make it a gradual, so it looks more eye candy and high tech.

    8.- Make it lit up every hour for a couple of seconds, just as regular watches beep to let you know another hour passed (maybe blinking in a dimming fashion)

    9.- Please consider this colors as separate models or multicolor as posible: Aqua, Electric Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Lime Green, Silver, White, Violet, Pink.

    10.- Waterproof as posible

    11.- Please dont make it of an easy scratching material :P

    Hope it helps… im looking forward to buying it =D

    • avatar Tite-Live says:

      Omgod, 11 great ideas. I especially like the color change & the capacitive touchscreen concept. Pure awesomeness. This is totally incredibilistic (I know I’m repeating myself, but this is just too cool…).
      Hope it will be produced !

    • avatar ucubed says:

      9. I guess the whole Tron theme isn’t good enough…isn’t that the point of the design?

  227. avatar david says:

    look hella sick.

  228. avatar designkiller says:

    wow, this link is gone viral. O_o

  229. avatar Scal says:

    It’s awsome! Really futuristic.

  230. avatar pixites says:

    like it! have a similar (polar clock) , more coloured version though, on my android phone as ‘live’ wallpaper check:

  231. avatar Patrick says:

    This beautiful watch and I have just a little reproach, time is approximate, as interpreted, that is why I like the LED, they are incomprehensible to the uninitiated, but extremely accurate for other…

  232. avatar johnadov says:

    Make it please ! I whanna blue one for me and red one for my wife !

  233. avatar KMartin says:

    Please please please make this watch, its pure genius, however i loved the suggestion about a “seconds hand” ring. produce this and ill buy it!

  234. avatar ricardo says:

    I don’t wear a watch cause there just not cool, i have a phone with the time, but this epicly cool

  235. avatar Tony10D says:

    This watch is something I would buy, multiple times. Please make it

  236. avatar Ryan says:


    in reading comments, I have a few of my own:
    -Don’t add a seconds ring (who needs to know seconds)
    -Don’t add AM/PM (seriously, if you can’t tell yourself from looking outside…)
    -On/off switch is a necessity, for battery life and when you need it dark (movies, etc)
    -Switch should be an “invisible” one in the middle of the face (perhaps capacitive touch?)
    -Upon being pressed, it lights up starting from the center and goes out the bands, like a wave (cool animation)
    -Other colors would be cool. White would be ideal, as it more resembles the look of Tron.

    Please produce this! I’d buy so many of them!

  237. avatar Mike says:

    Tokyoflash….. stop trolling us and just make this watch please… We want it naaoooo!!!!

  238. avatar DieselDragon says:

    One of my German mates sent me this link, and I echo everyone else’s statements above; This watch looks awesome, and I certainly wouldn’t mind getting hold of one! >:-)
    Breezing through the above comments, I see a lot of disagreement on one or two suggested features…So I’ll throw in my two-bits worth to see if I can find a “happy medium”. :-)

    1. Rechargeable vs. Not: Couldn’t the watch be fitted with a 1.5v rechargeable lithium ion cell that’s the same physical size as a standard watch cell? This’d support all buyers regardless of their energy preference, and make replacing a worn li-ion cell a possibility too. Personally, I’d support a rechargeable one all the way! :-)

    2. Seconds ring, or no: Could be included for those who’d want it…But I’d suggest including the option to turn it off for those who don’t. Also, having the third ring underneath the type of plastic that looks jet black when not backlit (I.E: The type found on the front of many older remote controls) would ensure it doesn’t detract from the look of the original design if not in use. :-)

    3. Multiple colours: I’ve had several Chinese made MP3 players in my time that had colour-selectable backlighting on them (Using clustered surface mount LEDs) so this is definitely within the bounds of possibility. Having the one design of watch with multiple colour choices would keep production costs lower *and* give customers a lot more choice (And a little more product) for their money. The additional benefit of course would be the ability to change to a “unique” colour if someone else in the vicinity happens to have theirs set on the same as yours! :-D

    4. Recharging via USB: If it’s made to be rechargeable, then a mini/micro USB-B socket for recharging is the most sensible option – The wearer could recharge their watch whilst using their laptop, for example. The iPhone/iPod Touch also have a +5V rail on the dock connector (For powering the Apple SD card reader for iPad etc) which could allow wearers to charge off of that instead if someone cooked-up an adaptor. :-)
    A USB data connection would also be handy for setting complex and ancillary watch features (See suggestions below) whilst keeping the number of buttons/controls to a minimum, which would also be a design plus. :-)

    Whilst I’m at it, I have a couple suggestions of my own…

    A. USB data connection: If the watch charged via USB, then it’d also make sense to exploit the potential offered by the data connection that comes with it. If the watch could present an API of some kind to the host computer – E.G: A USB network adaptor, serving config pages from a light Apache install via http://Tron.TokyoFlash – The wearer could use almost any computer to set various watch features (Time/date, alarms, calendar, light colour, seconds/AM-PM on/off etc) which could possibly allow for a more attractive buttonless design. :-)

    B. Binary date display: Located in the centre hidden behind “blacklight” plastic (See point 2 above) illuminated only when the wearer needs to read it. Would come in quite useful (It’s easy to forget the date…Or at least it is for me! :-D ) and “on demand only” illumination would stop it from detracting from the design. :-)

    Farewell for now, thanks Scott for such an excellent design, and looking forward to seeing this on sale in Cyberdog! >:-)
    +++ DieselDragon +++

  239. avatar New Duke says:

    I’d suggest that you forget most of the suggestions to this watch and keep it as simple and as close to the concept design as possible. It’s that clean, beautiful concept that has got everyone’s attention and gone viral.

    When this goes into production (which it must do, or someone else will) then please don’t add seconds or any other unnecessary fluff.

    My wife and I are both going to buy blue ones :-)

  240. avatar Shen says:


    • avatar James says:

      Yea I hear he posts alot of comments that are fake so he wins the competition, whatever I think this watch isn’t that good

    • avatar Pilopew says:

      I for one think this is an epic watch.
      And the question as to wether the other watch is better is purely subjective, and therefore irrelevant to this design.

  241. avatar Iand321 says:

    This watch is amazing, If for some reason it is not sent for production is there any way you can have it custom made for you?

  242. avatar says:

    YES I would buy this watch.

  243. avatar Aktarus913 says:

    I vote for The construction,elle sont trop topissime,et je porte jamais de montre mais celle ci je veut bien,

  244. avatar moloko says:

    si ca coute pas un demi bras j’achete :) (- de 100€)

  245. avatar puyo says:

    awsome. I need one, now !

  246. avatar tibol2riz says:

    Make this dream come true !

  247. avatar npretre says:

    I want One

  248. avatar jOHNsTARS says:

    c’est vraiment une bombe cette montre i want one i think is the best one

  249. avatar ToYKillaS says:


  250. avatar Woobee says:

    Superbe montre!!! Je la veux! Mais il faut qu’elle puisse changer de couleur à la demande. Mais c’est pas sûr que le bracelet soit lumineux. Aucune montre TokyoFlash n’a de bracelet lumineux. Mais j’adore cette idée!!

  251. avatar AznDomination says:


  252. avatar fm says:

    Yes, oui, je la veux !

  253. avatar mrik says:


  254. avatar hugo says:

    I love that product it!!

  255. avatar Lio33 says:

    I Want it , that’s beautiful

  256. avatar Johan says:

    I want it!!! Not too expensive please :)

  257. avatar Shuu says:

    I haven’t wear watch since I’m 15 (it’s mean long time). But this one!
    If finally you built it, please don’t add stupid and ugly stuff around, the concept is absolutely awesome and don’t need anything else…
    (Don’t destruct my childhood dream whom finally become true)

  258. avatar Robin P says:

    I Want this one !!!!

    Great design !

  259. avatar Dadkill says:

    Il FAUT qu’elle soit crée !

  260. avatar johnny says:

    i sooooooooo want one please make it

    lovely design

  261. avatar MontreDesign says:

    superbe montre!

    vivement sa production!

  262. avatar blade says:

    yes i want

  263. avatar Loriegolaud says:

    I want it!! Please make this possible!

  264. avatar INZUNO says:

    Amazing design, it just have to be real and i buy it!

  265. avatar Tek says:

    omg.. i need this watch in my life! as a former jewler, now professional tech geek, omg.. i want it!

  266. avatar Pat says:

    Have you guys made this yet? What’s the hold up?

    If you have COPYRIGHT issues, call it the “NORT” watch…. Don’t worry – we’ll know ; ) ….. we’ll know…

  267. avatar FRED D says:

    Je la veux !
    Je l’achète !

  268. avatar Evan says:

    Would definitely buy. I love flashy things like this, but most of the TokyoFlash watches are too hard to read. This one is perfect!

  269. avatar james says:

    this watch is amazing please make

  270. avatar Brinbrin says:

    I’d reallt love to wear this watch!!!

    Please make this watch real.

  271. avatar Superjules says:

    I will definitely buy one as soon as it will be on sale !!!
    Too great !!!

  272. avatar SoCalSteve says:

    would really like to see orange as an optional lighting color.

  273. avatar predawn says:

    i would buy this watch if its not over pricesed

  274. avatar leCLEMS says:

    Would definitly buy it !!!How can we kow itf it is pduced and sold ?

  275. avatar fabianQ says:

    Simplemente perfecto, yo lo compraba¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  276. avatar Karan says:

    I swear I will buy this if it is produced. I can’t get it out of my mind.

  277. avatar frk says:

    fantastique j’en veux une !!!!!

  278. avatar vinc says:

    Need !!!!!!

  279. avatar Uridium says:

    Without hesitation, I would buy this watch!

  280. avatar jON says:


    • avatar Ryan says:

      whatever man, this design went viral. It’s all over the place. I saw this on Gizmodo, and I’ve had the link open since. Stop hating. I’m sure these are all genuine comments.

    • avatar Renderinfo says:

      I’m not a friend of the guy (though I sure would be if I had the opportunity), and I voted YES. I don’t care if the guy gets money or not, I jsut want to see the watch made. jON, Why would you post a comment like you did? Do you really not want to see this watch made (perhaps you think there are better designs) or are you really upset that this dude might actually win some money? Stop trolling with the accusations, and just give your opinion of the watch good or bad. If eneough people DON’T like the watch, then Tokyoflash won’t make it. If enough different people do like the watch (friends or not) and are willing to buy it, who cares whether he wins OR not? I just want to see this watch made, and comments like yours just don’t make any sense.

    • avatar Sam says:

      Yeah, see, about that…. I don’t know the designer, so how could I possibly have posted a “fake” comment. Stop hating just because the design is flashy. Don’t be such a troll.

  281. avatar CluLives says:

    Amazing. Truly unique. I want it!

    Definitely put me down for one!

  282. avatar Sei says:

    Hey jON hater, if you don’t like the idea of this design being popular, feel free to browse away …
    As for my part, i don’t know the designer, and i think i would order one of each colour if the watch is produced …

  283. avatar Logan Clark says:

    I will buy all three colors for myself my son and my brother if these are done by christmas.

  284. avatar senne says:

    make this and I’ll buy 2 :) christmas presents!!

    just contact me when I can order them!

  285. avatar Victor says:

    OMG! I wan’t this watch!

  286. avatar USI says:

    Please make this. 5 Stars!

  287. avatar Jon says:

    Hey stfu you stupid *** muthafucka, the Tron designer is a sleezy ****** he calls all his friends to vote and give his watch a high rating and comments its ******* cheating how can the other designs compete with this cheater, your a piece of **** cheater

    • avatar Bill from USA says:

      I also agree with this kid’s comment, I don’t agree on his use of language but I think that since this watch has so many comments over 300 an insane amount more than the other 40 or so other watch designs combined is a little fishy.

    • avatar Pete says:

      troll rating 4/10

  288. avatar spritfire says:

    Saw this watch in today’s paper. DO WANT!

  289. avatar ucubed says:

    I hope TokyoFlash does read the messages, for I have a very important one. Might I suggest if this watch is considered to be in production, might I suggest to get the design out before Disney comes up with their own design…To reply to EVERYONE who has posted that the designer is reposting…while this may be true, his design has been posted several sites from people who could not be the design such as,, tons of Tumblrs, retweets, and you can guarantee that it has been posted on facebook, blogging websites, digg, reddit and the list continues, keep that in mind before bashing someone

  290. avatar ChilliBYTE says:

    please please please make this…. i want it for christmas!

  291. avatar Sam says:

    Saw this watch on today and man am I impressed. I’ve always had a fascination for watches and would buy this in a heartbeat if it was less than $200. I seriously want this watch, and I hope it gets produced!

    Having a 3rd ring for the seconds would be too much, but I do think this watch should have a very long-lasting rechargable battery. Could you imaging having to find a store that could replace the battery without damaging it? Mini USB had to be the most interesting suggestion I noted in the comments.

    I hope this watch is produced and I hope It’d be within a decent price range!!

  292. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    OK everyone, we are looking into making this design BUT if we make it it will take a minimum of 4 to 6 months to make. If something is being made from the blog, add about 6 months before you will see it, if the factories could do it faster then sooner, but we can only make it as fast as the factories can. Everyone wants it all, change colours, high quality, low price, USB recharge, On all the time, most of this is not possible without really sacrificing another point or the outlook. On all the time would last 4 hours max unless you had a battery pack on your belt. How about light up 5 seconds every minute? Then maybe 48 hours is OK. There is no way to get this out before the TRON release furthermore this design would not and could not be a “TRON” watch as we do not have the rights to use this name. The outlook in the renderings look plastic. Plastic would be the only viable solution. We could use a metallic paint on the plastic to give it a quality look. There are some nice plastics out there, and this design is really futuristic so plastic seems best. The strap needs to be adjustable as well so metal links would not work. Power needs to be supplied to the strap as well as the face so has to be one piece.

    Thank you very much for all your comments, and yes we are reading them all. Please give us a bit of time and you will be seeing some of these designs made into reality. Three top rated designs from the blog will be released within the next two months. We also will be releasing a few other plastic watches for the lower price range all under $100.00

    We promise to try our very best to make all the designs and requests that you ask for. We are listening.


    Tokyoflash Design Studio

    • avatar Andrew Holmes says:

      I can live with all of this. On all the time isn’t necessary, as you said physics pretty much precludes it. And i’m sure we’re all happy to wait. It can’t be too hard to make it RGB multicolor, can it?

    • avatar Robert says:

      We appreciate your prompt response. Keep up the good work.

    • avatar Esben Hornbøll says:

      How about making the strap a bit thicker, and wider, that way you have more space for battery, and potential equipment/options… I wouldn’t mind a thick, broad watch ;)
      And plastic would be nice, very clean design, with the light from the watch going clean through. Don’t spray it with metallic paint, because after some time the paint with come off, and then it won’t look good… Just use dark plastic :)
      But again great work, thank you for making this dream come true :)

    • avatar Esben Hornbøll says:

      …and a quick comment, don’t use cheap material, I wouldn’t mind if the watch was over $100.00, or even close to $200.00, as long as the materials that has been used, are of high quality :D ! Everything from the plastic to the battery and light inside the watch ;)

    • avatar Mike says:

      This is the best news i’ve heard in a while :D However, I don’t see how having metal links would be a problem in the design? To make the watch fit you simply remove the excess links? If the lighting on the strap would be the problem you could make the lights travel down maybe 3 links on each side (these links would need to be fixed and non-removable and since not even the smallest of wrists are 6 links around this would still allow for adjustment to fit) Its just an idea though, i’m personally a fan of metal.

      I definitely agree with foregoing the metallic paint unless the plastic underneath it colour matches quite closely to the overcoat. I would hate to see paint chips ruin a brilliant watch.

    • avatar Rascle McPherson says:

      Stunning gents, honestly the way you interact with customers in this day and age is to be commended! Cant wait to see this one in the flesh!

      • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

        All your points are noted and thanks a million. We love all you guys and want to make the watch of your dreams so give us a bit of time. We have 8 designs that are all from the Blog being finalized or in production. The blog really gave the designers here a big needed boost of energy so I think a lot will be changing over the coming months. Thanks again!

        Tokyoflash Design Studio

        • avatar Rascle McPherson says:

          Perfection takes time! So honestly, take all the time you need! The best designs on here are timeless anyway! So please, enjoy the design process, get the styling right, and you’ll have 8 massive hits on your hands!

          But as 7R0N is 3rd listed on google when you search for “tokyoflash blog”, i’d suggest this will be one of your biggest hits!

        • avatar andy says:

          forget the rest concentrate on this, you’ve probably sold a thousand already :)

  293. avatar Karan says:

    Tokyoflash Design Studio, please take your time in making this!! I want a good quality watch so if takes you a long long time, I will wait :D

    Other than that, this is the one I have been looking for.

  294. avatar JonWes says:

    Got sent this link and I have to say this watch is AMAZING. I might get a red AND a blue one just to fit my mood or outfit. I’d totally buy these and wear these in day to day. The look is great and the watch design is perfect. I haven’t worn a watch in about 7 years…but I’d get this one.

  295. avatar Kevin says:

    If this watch also had a digital time reading that could be turned on or off it’d be perfect, either in the middle or below the rings. As much as I love the design, analog watches are pretty much useless to me, hard to read on the fly. But with both displays that problem is solved. I really hope this gets made. I’d buy it as long as it’s not too expensive of course. I’m a big TRON Legacy fan! :D

    • avatar Kevin says:

      Just to add on to my comment. I understand if the LEDs are off until you need the time to conserve energy. There can be two buttons. One when pushed lights up the watch and shows the time. I think it’d be neat if when you push this button the minute and hour rings revolve opposite of each other into position for added “show,” instead of just lighting up and showin the time right off hand (though there could be two settings, one with the revolutions and the other with quick time). The other button can be a stop watch mode with a minutes and seconds circle bar increasing appropriately from the top clockwise.

  296. avatar Marz says:

    If this watch become real i buy the 3 colors

  297. avatar Sid says:

    I would buy this watch in a heartbeat, probably all 3. I hope they make it and soon. I want it before the movie is released.

  298. avatar H2O says:

    would like to have it as well. Interested to see how it works, hope the strip will be thin tho

  299. avatar David says:

    I’m lovin’ it!!

    make it come ture PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  300. avatar A.j. says:

    Gorgeous watch. I would definitely buy it. Keep it under $100 and i might even get two! :)

  301. avatar tw says:

    天阿 好炫的手錶

  302. avatar space49 says:

    YES! YES! YES! We want!!! From Russia with love.

  303. avatar Akula! says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! This is everything I love in a watch, analogue, unique, simple but not boring, and it looks straight out of Tron! I’ve never been more in love with a product that doesn’t even exist yet! Please please please put it into production. make it big enough to fit a wrist a little over 8 inches around, and if possible keep it close to or under $100 and I WILL buy one!

  304. avatar Jessie Huang says:

    WOW~~it is cool~ But where is seconds ^^

  305. avatar samhaung says:


  306. avatar Sam says:

    I like this table! Please produce it now!! If I’d buy it! Expect to buy in Taiwan

  307. avatar Marco says:

    Hi I love this watch and definitly going to buy it, It’s okay if the watch cost $200, just please use good materials, dont let it look to cheap, let it look really good. and also it would be great if it can change multicolors. And please let the LED glows slowly to bright, not like other LED watch where it just simply glows. This way it makes the watch looks unique and a more luxury like.

  308. avatar Samukun says:

    Since Tokyo Flash decided to make this watch, my congratulations to you Scott. As a Tron fan, I cannot go around this watch of course.

  309. avatar BM6EPJ says:

    Cool design, hope fast to sell.
    Read report in TAIWAN’s Yahoo website, many people hope buy this.

    Nice and good look. ^^

  310. avatar Dina Garapoli says:

    I want this! I actually want all of them!

  311. avatar 琪琪 says:


  312. avatar andy says:

    Have to agree with some others, make it a quality watch. $100 is too cheap I’d pay $150 for better materials and finish

  313. avatar crazydingo says:

    I love this watch, I can’t wait to see the finished product.
    Will the wristband be adjustable? If not, will the watch be provided in different sizes?

  314. avatar Scott G says:

    With only a few days left to comment I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to post a reply on this page. Without your support and kind words none of this would be possible. When I submitted my design I hoped it would do well but never dreamt it would get this kind of reaction.

    There are other amazing designs in this blog and it’s nice to see so many people who are just as passionate about watches, and of course TRON. :)

    End of line.

    • avatar Renderinfo says:

      Scott and TokyoFlash,

      I hope TokyoFlash stays as close to your original concept as humanly possible. This IS the watch that has garnered all the attention, it probably wouldn’t be wise to change the look, feel, or functionality too much. While some changes may please some people, any changes from what Scott first proposed would most likely alienate many more. Scott did indicate that “when it lights up”, so everyone should pretty much discount the possibility of always on. I think most people would be totally OK with a button press to display the time.

      I am concerned with the strap part (I have a small wrist). I like the looks of the pics but there wasn’t enough detail to determine exactly how it’s going to fit or fasten on my wrist. Also, the moment “plastic” was mentioned I immediately became fearful that this would be a “cheap” or “kid’s” watch, and I don’t want that. I hope TokyoFlash uses any materials that make the watch look like a fine quality watch, plastic or not. I think that’s going to be a challenge based on all the plastic watches I see for sale. But if they make it close to the renderings and it just screams “high quality” I wouldn’t care what it’s made out of.

      Thank you Scott for this great design, and thank you more TokyoFlash for recognizing the potential of this watch and working to making it a reality. I’m ready to preorder or order whenever TokyoFlash lets me…

      • avatar New Duke says:

        I totally agree with everything Renderinfo said, and I also have a small wrist so it would be a terrible irony if this finally comes out next year and is too big for me.

        I’ll happily put down pre-order money in advance if that would speed up the production process, I’m sure others would too.

  315. avatar Moliv says:

    Amazing watche ! I willing to pay almost € 150 !

    Moliv from Paris

  316. avatar Pat says:

    Use radioactive material to solve the battery issue. That **** glows for YEARS!

    Thanks very much for putting this watch into production, my entire office waits in anticipation. . .

  317. avatar Ryan says:

    please dont’ make it huge….to make it look nice, it needs to be curved like it shows, but that’s not going to work well for people with thin wrists like myself. It’s look dumb if i had to cinch it up to get it to fit. If the whole watch is a little smaller, then it can still fit most people better, and still be curved, not with squared off edges (between the face and bands) in order to fit

  318. avatar Erich says:

    I NEED this watch

  319. avatar Sam says:

    Why not make it so that you just press a button to light it up instead of having it go off every minute for 15 seconds? That way you’ll conserve the battery live even more.

    • avatar Saint Wacko says:

      I think this would work best. The only question would be then: whether to make it so you could somehow still tell the time without the light on, or if it would just be blank. I think it would look best if it was just a blank band when the lights were off.

  320. avatar 陳欣楷 says:

    I want this watch