Light Tube Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

This watch design is made of a hollow case with a light tube surrounded by a chrome ring and attached to a glossy plastic case and strap.  The light tube is interrupted by a single and a double line, which are the minute and the hour hands of the watch.

Time is read like a traditional analog watch.  Both indicators use the same space but no mistakable overlapping.

It is simple, intuitive, futuristic with a retro charm and style.

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Light Tube Watch Design, 4.2 out of 5 based on 188 ratings

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20 Responses to “Light Tube Watch Design”

  1. avatar Gabriel Balas-Baconschi より:

    Excellent design. So simple and modern. cool ideea.

  2. avatar Patrick より:

    First, of course I voted YES. The design is beautiful and the idea is amusing, as many watches designed by Sam (I also like many constructive comments).
    I comment, I’ve seen a few times, watches with the center hollowed out, it’s very graphic on a female arm, but I’m a bit “hairy” and I’m not sure a beautiful harmony on my arm between “modern and manly hairs” emerging from the center of the watch?

  3. avatar Samukun より:

    @ Gabriel: Thank you!

    @ Patrick: Yes, that is my biggest point of critique too, the hairy hole :D If the hairs really behave like tendrils wich grab the light tube, then it wouldn’t fit, that’s true. My hairs are politely lying down ;) Thanks for your constructive input and your vote!

  4. avatar Daniel Radovancev より:

    Very cool watch

  5. avatar Skinbyte より:

    Yes, cool diesign but as other have said, these type of desing features look good on paper but not on my hair arm. On the other hand, you could shave and get a nice tat in the center ;)

  6. avatar honda より:


    • avatar Samukun より:

      Honda finds the hole interesting. The thin black and white straps are stylish, looks like a double strap.

      Thanks for your input honda-san :)


  7. avatar Aphosno より:

    My arm looks fine, so no center bush for me. But maybe you could add some distance between arm and watch. The case is so thin, another 5mm wouldn’t harm. Maybe it would look even more cool, when is seems to float 5mm above your wrist. Besides that…. what the f*ck! How cool is that light ring! I like neon tubes so much! The time reading is very clever. Only one ring but two hands. You offered several colors, is one watch color changing or you propose different single colored watches? Well this one has more flair than the Tron watch. Maybe it is because of the renderings… I look forward to see it on your arm! But as I said, my arm is fine, I would buy this piece of technic the moment it comes out. Hot work!

  8. avatar Chris Clarke より:

    Love this! Please make it :D

  9. avatar Merinoredhead より:

    Super cool watch! I like the simplicity with the futuristic design. Great job. Can’t wait to see this in production.

  10. avatar fabianQ より:

    Que buena idea y fantastico diseño¡¡

  11. avatar Avatara より:

    Beautiful! It’s like a piece of furniture from a space ship!

  12. avatar Samukun より:

    Thanks and muchas gracias at all until here :) It’s nice to see, this watch is liked.

  13. avatar mathemagicka より:

    Perhaps there can be an optional semi-transparent plastic layer that can slide behind the ring, so the see thru effect is still neat, but not as obviously hairy??

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Oh that’s a nice idea. That would flatten the little jungle, tehehe. Semi transparent and the same color as the case… yes quite an option. I submitted another single ring watch wich solves this very cool… soon :) Thanks again for your input Heather!

  14. avatar Natsuhime87 より:

    I really like the idea but the one thing i’m not a big fan of is the empty circle at the center of the watch… I wouldn’t want to see my wrist and skin wen I wear it… =/

  15. avatar said より:

    Wow!! Great great!
    Love it, totally!
    That’s looks a bit technologically speaking magical to me! But the idea and shape: I love it!!!

  16. avatar Samukun より:

    @ Natsuhime87 (sounds japanese): Yes this is the big point of critique in this watch. The hole seems to attract the view and then there is just hairy skin… If that is the first impression, the watch won’t be bought :I I understand it. Different people, different points of view :) Thanks for your input.

    @said: Thank you! I had the idea and maybe 50% of it is technical imagination. The rest is sci-fi to me too ;) Some technical issues are in my mind, but I won’t tell them since I believe watch makers can do it better.