High-performance Chrono Watch Design

Design submitted by Arnaud from France.

Arnaud came up with this design from his own desire to possess a watch which remains classical in terms of functions, but has a unique blend of geometric form.  The design perfectly blends high performance and contemporary aesthetics. It is a chronograph watch with tachymeter. Apart from the case design, the functions remain traditional.

This watch design’s high performance makes it it’s most unique feature.

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High-performance Chrono Watch Design, 1.7 out of 5 based on 36 ratings

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6 Responses to “High-performance Chrono Watch Design”

  1. avatar Rodpa says:

    Sorry, if I wanted a watch like this I can get one in the high street.

  2. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    Is this a unique Design? Cool for the regular folk.

  3. avatar Avatara says:

    Hmm… agree with the above. The rendering is interesting but it’s not particularly unique.

  4. avatar thenetherest says:

    Makes me think of my Russian MakTime made of titanium with a leather strap.


    I do like the strap of this one, rubber I guess, with hightech plastics? Love the Uber-robust pushers and he wavy bezel. The subdial @ 12 o’clock shows ’45′ at the 9 position, mistake?

  5. avatar Samukun says:

    Nice rendering work, that skillz you have. Imagine a unique time telling mechanism and put it in the case. Let it match the exterior design and you find some geeks who might like it. The watch hands aren’t in their right position though.

  6. avatar said says:

    Sorry, can t find any unusual points on this watch at all. (the 3D is mad man congratulation for that!!)