Flying Watch – LEDs in Orbit

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

The innovation in this concept LED watch is the “Free Push” which enables the LEDs to illuminate with the push of a finger or other body part without using the other hand, with a”beep” sound when pressed on the half-sphere center (see figure below). “If you have one hand occupied, you can turn the clock on against the cheek or on the hip!”

Patrick describes this concept as a watch for all those who come from another galaxy; female, male, android. We like the fun presentation and the consistency of design across the case and strap. A simple design with a timeless theme that has an innovative edge with the push button sensor.

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9 Responses to “Flying Watch – LEDs in Orbit”

  1. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    Love the case, looks like a UFO for sure. Would be cool if it had some sound effect for an alarm, and rotating lights!

  2. avatar Rodpa says:

    its out of this wooooorld! ha ha

    I dont know if i would wear this, but the black one looks awesome.
    I would like a wall clock like this.

  3. avatar Avatara says:

    I love the theme and the clever little activation button. I don’t think i’d look cool wearing this though. It would be like wearing a satellite dish on my arm.

  4. avatar Yo says:

    just Waooo it’s abelivable,i hope tokyoflash make this watch…the new world need that…vert good job Patrick…you are the best designer of this site…good luck

  5. avatar Samukun says:

    Nice retro Roswell look. Not my taste, but I must say, it is cool. The “flying” bugs ma a little. You are referring to “flying saucer” but maybe it’s an UTTO, an undefined time telling object, lol. Good work man.

  6. avatar honda says:


  7. avatar Cherubim says:

    I like the design…cool!!!

  8. avatar said says:

    That s a very old school ufo shape watch flying in the blog here! With Leds in the orbit… yeah, nice. I would love to see something like that much more refined in a real 3D rendering with awesome details though!

  9. avatar amal says:

    i would like to buy this product please give me its details by mail specially the cost.