Eclipse Time Watch

Design submitted by Bharat from India.

Bharat wanted to design a watch in black and white.  He associated the colors to day and night and came up with this brilliant idea.  When the watch face turns all black, it indicates 12 midnight; and when it’s all white, it’s 12 noon.

Reading the time is quite simple – just follow the inner and outer circles.  Hours are indicated on the left side lines and minutes on the right.  The middle circle indicating the hours starts to ascent or descend depending on AM/PM.  For precise time reading, the lines on the outer casing of the watch are lit with an LED indicating the exact position of the hours and minutes.

The look of the watch keeps changing every passing minute, which is an interesting feature of this watch.

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31 Responses to “Eclipse Time Watch”

  1. avatar Gabriel Balas-Baconschi says:

    very interesting design. Clever, smart, simple. Love combination of black and white. But, I would like to see this concept developed a little more. The strap is also important.

  2. avatar sandy says:

    Simply Great, Now this is something trully amazing, what a theme and I love the combination of Black & white, in one word, “Perfect”.

  3. avatar Avatara says:

    Interesting indeed. I like this concept. Black and white is always in fashion and I like the night and day theme. Great effort Bharat. This is certainly unlike anything else i’ve seen on this blog!

    • avatar Bharat says:

      Thank You so much for your appreciation, this is really rewarding, I’m putting my 100% in order to produce something exceptional.

  4. avatar Brian says:

    Wow this is a brilliant idea. Reminds me of an hour glass a bit. Hope you guys make this one.

  5. avatar satya says:

    Well, a very innovative design and very interesting way to read the time!!! I’ll surely love to have one of these in my wrist. Surely this an unique thing i’ve ever seen. The color theme is superb and it is very easy to recognize Day and night!

  6. avatar vikas says:

    Surely it’s a great idea of making such a unique watch with a simple and attractive theme.Am very impressed with the name of this watch.

  7. avatar anand says:

    “ECLLIPSE” its nice watch and its day & night theme is superb!!!!!

  8. avatar ANMOL says:

    I like this name “ECLIPSE”because its name itself implies its theme. really a great job.

  9. avatar Sharvender Saini says:

    This design is extra odinary. I like it very much. If the company manufatures , i will definatly buy it. Good Luck……..

  10. avatar Prince Thomas says:

    ECLLIPSE Design is superb,Realy I would like to purchase this product.Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. avatar Samukun says:

    I like the exaggeration but yet simplicity of the hour and minute indicator. The whole case in black and white, quite nice. I might need some numbers on the rulers. And the distance between hour field and hour guide is maybe too big. The little ornament on the hour field and the case layout might need some rethinking. Then I think this could become a hot seller :)

    • avatar Bharat says:

      Thank you for your suggestion sam, there is always some scope for improvement, and I’ll work on that, Your feedback plays an important role in that improvement, Thank you once again for your expert suggestion.

  12. avatar jyoti saini says:

    its really a stunning design, very unique and brilliant.. i am waiting for the approval of this design. really desperate to purchase it

  13. avatar Raj says:

    Magnificent piece of work with its color theme very attractive and its simplicity in reading the time! The name also suits its design very much. Great job Bharat…

  14. avatar jas says:

    overall in my opinion the best watch ever have not seen any other watch like . its new revolution in the watches industry . thanks to bharat for giving us such a fabulous design.

    • avatar Bharat says:

      I would like to thank all of you for your encouraging opinions, as I always says your appreciation is my motivation, Thank you so much for all those great words.

  15. avatar Sandeep Saini says:


    Eclipse is a new version of watch genration……………

  16. avatar Rajan saini says:

    I like this concept. new revolution in the watche industry. Good luck Mr. Bharat……….

  17. avatar Sahil Kumar says:

    its a good watche, good design, all over the watche, i m waiting for this watche…………………

  18. avatar navjot says:

    This is the design on which entire world will be proud of. I salute to such a creative and innovative mind. Hats off to it

  19. avatar Anmol Saini says:

    brilliant watch the best i ever seen great design to. It is simply one of the best

  20. avatar Aphosno says:

    The half-half idea is good. But this watch is not my taste.

  21. avatar rex says:

    love the design and it is deffnetly somthing i would bye

    the BEST i have ever seen

  22. avatar Mr HAPPY(from Boston-USA) says:

    it is a great design for a watch
    only a genius can come up with this design
    this watch will be number one seller
    can you tell when it is available , my friends want to buy it too

  23. avatar surjeet says:

    Supereb, Fantastic, Mindblowing & outstanding. Really, newly introduced & most creative watch design by such a wonderfull person. Hands off to you sir.

  24. avatar sahil says:

    highly creative and just a perfect design

  25. avatar Vijay says:

    Each person would like to wear on his/her wrist. I liked it very much. You are genius sir & i intiate you for this.

  26. avatar rajdeep says:

    nice watch

  27. avatar said says:

    I guess eclipse is a good concept for a watch :)

  28. avatar towinder says:

    this is good concept with very different views i am excited to see it as true