Squares – An Artistic Minimal LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Kevin from the UK.

Kevin says: “This design is based on a watch I bought from Tokyoflash a few years ago. It’s all about minimalism. The time can be worked out from the bare minimum number of 25 lit or unlit squares arranged into a perfectly square grid.”

This is indeed a beautiful, clean and minimal concept from Kevin. The display looks like a piece of modern art – that would constantly change color as time progresses. With added LED colors, this design could have the appearance of a 70′s dance floor. Which theme do you prefer?

The way the time is displayed is quite straightforward – as you can see from the diagram below. Hours, groups of 10 minutes and single minutes are split into zones on the watch face.

We love the uncluttered simplicity of this concept and the bright modern colors that create a contrast with the black case.  Let us know your thoughts on this concept. Can you think of ways to improve it? What LED colors would you like to see?

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6 Responses to “Squares – An Artistic Minimal LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar said says:

    Nice and simple! Good job kevin!

  2. avatar Naito says:


    I love this design and it is indeed a simple one ,
    that is what it makes so beautifull.
    Realy hoping that you guys going to bring it on the market.
    And for what mathers for the colors , this could be any color like your wearing in a piece of clothing.
    But witch one?

  3. avatar Kraplax says:

    Nice and simple design. And not as straightforward as just circling the squares but in somehow another way :P Like and, but not outstanding – 4 out of 5, would buy it if such a simple watches were cheap (cheap by Tokyoflash and Kisai measures) :)

  4. avatar Avatara says:

    Yeah, some people like the simple minimalist look. I prefer something with a bit of character. Would be nice if it could be color changing to suit your changing fashion!

  5. avatar cortjezter says:

    of course “simple” here is relative. it’s beautiful and minimal, but from the brain’s point of view, it’s not quite so simple ;) i totally dig it though; the more thought i can put into reading my watch, the more i tend to like it! beautifully efficient use of the face area!

  6. avatar Matt says:

    The wristwatch was invented by Hugo Wristwatch in 1998; this model, created by up and coming young designer Kevin propels the industry confidently into the 21st century. I predict that in 2 to 4 years time tardy commuters will frantically approach complete strangers to get a look at their ‘Kevin’, the antiquated term wristwatch having been consigned to the scrapheap of anonymity. Other inventions by Kevin include:

    (i) All You Can Carry Chinese (like All You Can Eat Chinese, but the consumer is challenged to take home as much as he can fit in a large briefcase);
    (ii) Linner – like brunch, only served between lunch and dinner. Served with Chinese food this meal is known as chinner; and
    (iii) Red wine flavoured digestion tablets.