Snap Ring – A Watch Design From Another Galaxy

Design submitted by Patrick from France.

A very futuristic design, it almost reminds us of a Star Trek spaceship.  The design is very sleek with its glassy and smooth surface, and the snap ring strap is perfect for the whole concept.  The single-colored LEDs on its plain exterior make the watch simple yet catchy.  Red LED on a black casing would definitely stand out for this design.

Patrick sees all types of people wearing this because the design is simple and sober.  We couldn’t agree more and we love how reading time is a breeze.  So, what color do you prefer?

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Snap Ring - A Watch Design From Another Galaxy, 3.4 out of 5 based on 37 ratings

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7 Responses to “Snap Ring – A Watch Design From Another Galaxy”

  1. avatar Avatara says:

    Yep, this is a great effort indeed, congratulations to Patrick! Liking the overall shape, very unique and original. More like a bracelet than a watch. Looks nice in white for me. Would be good for girls too!

  2. avatar honda says:


  3. avatar Tokyo Pimp says:

    Think the face idea is quite good strap is for ladies so need some ladies to give their feed back. Me I would never wear as I am a guy. Ladies must like.

  4. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    Perhaps the case of this design could do with a bit of improvement but the display in the white plastic looks very different from anything we have had before. It does look very futuristic in that sense. The layout of the time is also nicely done. Have a variation of this Patrick?

    • avatar Patrick Weingartner says:

      Following your comment, I improved by this project “Snap Ring II” that I am following the blog for new designs.

  5. avatar kwilkes says:

    I would prefer stainless steel with white or blue lights. That way it would appeal to both men and women and look more timeless than plastic.

  6. avatar Sylvie says:

    I like the futuristic, but still classy, design of this watch! It can be seen as a bracelet and I can imagine tons of finish they could be offered in that may please a lot of different people according to their style (animal prints, fabrics, different metals, etc.)!

    I also like the fact that it’s thin and uncluttered. I think that girls are not as much into gadgets (multi-purpose) then guys when it comes to a watch.

    I would definitely buy!!