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Pulse, 4.3 out of 5 based on 102 ratings

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12 Responses to “Pulse”

  1. avatar GabrielBB より:

    excellent design. Very simple and COOL. Congrats, Tomek :) The black and white combination is great, and the reading time is very simple and clear.

  2. avatar werwolf より:

    great design!
    simple and yet fresh. it’s really hard to come up with new yet readable designs, so all the more kudos to you.
    would definitely buy this.

  3. avatar Samukun より:

    Nice idea! Imagine you have 12:00:00 then you have flat lines. That rocks! If you can have that beeeep then, it would be just consequent :P

    Maybe such an “emergency room green” for the lines would be nice.


  4. avatar cortjezter より:

    this is an incredible idea. the only thing i’d recommend is a subtle way to increment the lines… could be small notches every 2, 3 or 4 spikes, or maybe a subtle graphing pattern to help group the lines and make counting quicker.

    black and white is beautiful, but i like the suggestion for a medical green face too :)

    well done!

  5. avatar cortjezter より:

    one other idea… would the time be always on, or more of an LED that turns on when you press a button? if it isn’t always showing, perhaps an animation of the waveform before it shows the time, and perhaps an animation periodically to get attention from people nearby?

    even cooler if the periodic animation could be triggered or show your actual pulse from a contact sensor in the metal housing ;)

  6. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    This would be great if it could actually read you heart rate. Then when you get excited it starts beeping like crazy! beep.beep. beep/beep/beep/beep!

  7. avatar varhodes より:

    I like this design… Simple concept elegantly executed.

  8. avatar flep より:

    Really good design. I agree with cortjezter: a subtle way to help count the hours and minutes would be even better. Couting them one at a time might be a little tedious.

  9. avatar Avatara より:

    Hehe, yeah there could be some interesting alarm functions added to this design. As Flep says, a subtle way to prompt you on increments of time would be helpful. Can’t think how this could be done without ruining the clean display. Great idea Tomek!

  10. avatar onisan より:

    Not my taste, but nice idea for the hours & minutes. Would be popular.

  11. avatar said より:

    great job tomek!!

  12. avatar Cherubim より:

    Nice but I’ve seen this one.Check out a Chinese-made watch called Alpha Centauri…