Place Your Bets On Casino Watch Design

日本のAkinori Nemotoさんの作品。




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Place Your Bets On Casino Watch Design, 2.7 out of 5 based on 48 ratings

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4 Responses to “Place Your Bets On Casino Watch Design”

  1. avatar Avatara より:

    This is a really fun and creative concept but I don’t think i’d wear it. Love the idea though and am curious about e-paper. I guess the display could be really detailed. Love the thought of cards showing the time. It’s really cool.

  2. avatar Industrial Design より:

    Wow this is going to be one hell of a cool watch. Why there’s no 3D rendering images? This would make a unique watch that grabs everyone attention.

  3. avatar said より:

    Yeah, I agree the concept is fun… not sure about the shape though.

  4. avatar onisan より:

    oh wow – this is crazy!!
    I guess if you have an LCD screen like that you can do anything on there.
    Maybe this kind of watch could have updates you can download onto your computer – with new themes, like golf or football.