Optical Illusion LED Watch Design

A new concept from the Tokyoflash Design Studio.

This watch design is for you if you like a little challenge.  The time is displayed as an optical illusion – you can train your eyes to see the hidden numbers through the green and black maze.  Just press the button and see the green LEDs animate to light up the whole face and show you time in 4 big digits – no counting required.

If you can’t see the time on the standard display, just touch the button and the background will fill to outline the individual digits. Wow your friends with your amazing sixth sensory powers.

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144 Responses to “Optical Illusion LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    Ouch my eyes! haha

  2. avatar Arrimer より:

    Even if it kills my eyes i still love it! Great idea.

  3. avatar said より:

    hahaha! At first I thought it was a joke! But not even, you can read the time on that!!! amazing!

  4. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    Holly **** TF! That is badass! Not big on the case but what a concept! You guys are friggin geneses! I want to see an option of something running around the maze as well. like bedbugs in my watch.

  5. avatar Ruud より:

    Great watch! I would definitely buy this watch, but I understand you haven’t develloped it yet. Bumber, I really hope you will make the watch and sell it to me and I hate to wait.
    Continue the good work!

  6. avatar sdf_il より:

    and when will you open a store in israel already ?

  7. avatar Avatara より:

    Out Of This World. I love the display and would love to see it in a blue colour or maybe just a darker green. something a little more subtle. Combine this display design idea with a more classic strap and sign me up!

  8. avatar mathemagicka より:

    I LOVE this design!! I can totally read this without any difficulty, and other people will not know. AWESOME!
    However, I would only buy it if it’s not too big and clunky, because I’m a woman. Also, I would prefer probably blue lights instead of green …perhaps there can be a choice of colors. Cyan or fuschia would be good color choices also.

  9. avatar Dorraj Oet より:


    Please make this watch. :) It is wicked sick for time telling. Definitely will impress any people who wears a watch and amazed those who don’t wear one.

    Please add in a good animation to fit the watch attitude ok? I mean I was quite disappionted with traffic watch’s animation so please please please, have a great animation to fit this watch attitude. :)

  10. avatar 113Doctor より:

    This is a Must Make, Must Buy!

  11. avatar honda より:


  12. avatar olivierBeaudoin より:

    Awesome. The only watch I would were.
    With this watch, I would avoid this situation when you look a it without really notice the time.

  13. avatar Secret Cobraz より:

    When can I make Pre-Orders??? :D

  14. avatar ChocoboGrinder より:

    She has to be mine ! Soon !

  15. avatar gto55 より:

    can you change the color as you want ?

  16. avatar egregory1026 より:

    I would buy this watch in a second. I love the sleek look in black and gray.

  17. avatar bowsandarrows より:

    i would definitely buy one of these! i think the strap design and everything is perfect too, unlike some other commenters. although i would agree with some of the comments suggesting options for different colours or even the ability to change the colour of the illusion on the same watch if possible. also, would agree with including some animations. as many as possible!

  18. avatar onisan より:

    I think Tokyoflash is trying to take over the world by hypnotising everyone!

    If you can get that effect to work on a small watch screen, everyone is going to want one & you can make many styles with the same effect.

  19. avatar 匿名 より:


  20. avatar Jérémie より:

    I Love it !!!! Wahouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!

    I will go to Japan in October, maybe i would buy this watch ???

  21. avatar ichigo より:

    If the case and strap are black anodized metal (like a kind of laser cut aluminium alloy or nice stainless steel), then I would definitely buy it!

  22. avatar Gunner より:

    Great! I must have one…..

  23. avatar ideadbaby より:


  24. avatar Umar Khan より:

    WOW!!! its so AWESOME, i really hope they put it to production ASAP!!!

    Will definitly buy if its avail!!!

  25. avatar Paul より:

    Whoooooooow! That’s the -killer- watch!!!!

  26. avatar Rob より:

    wow this is awesome!
    really like that other than the display it doesnt really have a “gadget” design. kinda stylish!
    will buy one if possible!!! (netherlands)

  27. avatar Sanasoke より:

    If you product this watch , i buy it immediatly !!!

  28. avatar lipanz より:

    i’ll be one of the first to buy these if u release it..
    make sure we can change the backlight color or the lcd color… it must me so awesome !

  29. avatar Liam より:

    I’m not going to lie, it took me a while to see the numbers, but now that I’ve worked it out OMG WANT.

  30. avatar tea3agger より:


  31. avatar Deaken Fiss より:

    I want this thing… its amazing in too many ways xD do it! ^^

  32. avatar Jérémie より:

    But not in green, in orange why not ;-)

  33. avatar Joe より:

    1 star for it being a watch, 1 star for the slimness, 1 star for the concept, 2 stars for its awesomeness!!!

  34. avatar 匿名 より:

    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

  35. avatar Simon より:

    I would buy this without thinking twice!

  36. avatar Alejandro より:

    Cool, cooler, Tokyoflash. I’d buy it the instant it appears.

  37. avatar Coldfiredman より:

    This is sooo cool! I’d buy this the moment it comes out.

    If, of course, you’ll sell it in Europe… :D

  38. avatar dapoldi より:

    Dont actually wear watches anymore.. but I’ll start wearing one again once you manage to release this :)

  39. avatar eCed より:

    I want that.

  40. avatar karma より:

    I would totally buy this watch! I like watches with style, and this one has some of that :)

  41. avatar topoff より:

    Its a cool looking watch even if I cant see the time in it. I’ve looked at it a hundred ways, and it aint there !……. ok , ok I just saw it for a few seconds then it disappeared again….. I could get used to this….its a trip

  42. avatar deception より:

    Another amazing watch! I saw this one on engadget. When can i place my preorder for this?

  43. avatar kazawa より:

    Amazing watch, would love to have one! I agree that colors other than green would be better though, like blue or purple.

  44. avatar logan より:

    Would make a great app on my droid x

  45. avatar Digitalmaddog より:

    send it to me now ill floss and fly this mofo all over this place

  46. avatar RockStarZ より:

    Man this is AWESOME! Maybe I can manage to knock some people down with this hypnotic watch! By all means please do produce it!

  47. avatar Paulo Caldeira より:

    I just LOVE this watch !!!
    Please sell it to me!

  48. avatar 匿名 より:

    OH my god, it’s amazing. I remember all these plain 3d pictures that you could see them only if you were extremely concentrate. I need to have it. Please, when, where and how much…. =O

  49. avatar Tdc より:

    Would love to buy this. I need to strengthen my eyes anyway…

  50. avatar M より:

    This is a great idea. Will the green LED go to “grey/black” after a set time? I’d like to see this. When I do want to see the time, I can hit a button to see the green (scrambled) image and then if I want to see it again, I can hit the button again to “descramble” the time.

    Please make this watch!

  51. avatar D_Blackguard より:

    Yes Please!

  52. avatar 匿名 より:

    LOVE IT!

  53. avatar Peterstime より:

    First time here, but i will be stay here untill this watch is for sale.
    Super Design!!!

  54. avatar 匿名 より:

    it would nice if there were other colors! very cool watch though

  55. avatar Rue より:

    Immediate buy / preorder from my side – the overall design incl. strap and color is awesome! Love it!

  56. avatar Ms Washu より:

    Now this takes me back. I used to own a few posters like this back in my teens. We would stand in the mall and try to decipher the images. This is nice; hope you continue with this.

  57. avatar Dana より:

    Tokyoflash was always meh in my book until I saw this concept. I’d preorder this sight unseen today if it’s under $200. Hell, make it one for each wrist.

  58. avatar jonathonpm より:

    when can i get it?

  59. avatar guillem より:

    I want one! No, wait… I *need* one! :O

  60. avatar 匿名 より:

    where can i get this!!!!

  61. avatar Anonymous より:

    I WANT ONE!!!!


  62. avatar 匿名 より:

    i want oneeeeeee!!!!!! where i can get it!!!!!!!

  63. avatar Anonymous より:

    This is soooo cool! I too would like to buy it

  64. avatar luis より:

    I want one, how much????

  65. avatar Nino より:

    I’ll get one in a jiffy.. cool concept!

  66. avatar Ian より:

    Nice, now you need a random dot autostereogram version for the real nerds. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autostereogram)

  67. avatar ILUVURWATCHES より:

    Nice concept … i’d love to see a blue version of this.
    And yea id buy it :P

  68. avatar Omar より:

    LOOVEE this watch!!! Please make it! Right now! Green/Black for me awesome… trully awesome.. and I can read the numbers without hitting the button.. jeje very cool!!

  69. avatar COligor より:

    Pure Genius!

  70. avatar Project D より:

    I will buy this watch in a heartbeat, provided the physical properties don’t change any by the time it goes production. That simple, elegant, smooth and sleek, clean look is really appealing to me!

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      So what you are saying is AS IS? Any other comments on the case design? Cheap and plastic or more expensive and Stainless? How about aluminum case? What color LCD?

      • avatar Tim より:

        Make it cheap. There are barley any good, let alone stunning like this one, digital watches that don’t cost ridiculous amounts of money.

      • avatar Steven より:

        Don’t listen to Tim’s response. Please don’t make it cheap. I am a businessman and I want to wear it myself. If you make it cheap I would probably not even buy it for a child. I would want it to be heavy and durable. I like the green. I think green would suit it best. But I do agree with the original comment that it should be kept nearly the same as far as design. When can I buy two (In case I ever break the first one)?

      • avatar Qian より:

        more expensive (steel, or better titanium) and with proper battery life please! No platic, this design is too nice to be a childrens toy. don’t forget to built in support for daylight-saving.

  71. avatar T-ONE より:

    very good!!!!

  72. avatar Paco より:

    love this watch. black stainless looks good.
    It would be great to be able to dynamically change the color of the display (even if blue seems to be the best color to me).
    There should also be a way to display the date (possibly replacing the 4 digits by the day and month numbers).
    and also a way to switch the display off (when not needed).

  73. avatar centinela 126 より:

    hyeeee que buen reloj yo lo compraría ajaja

  74. avatar Steve より:

    Watches are my jewelry and I am very fussy about which ones I buy. I have a small collection and this would definitely be one of them were it ever produced. Please make this watch! Can’t make up my mind if I would buy one in green or orange if both were available. Brilliant concept, perfectly realised.

  75. avatar Steve より:

    Just saw the question above from the designers. I would like the design as is without any modifications as I don’t mind paying quite a bit for my watches. You might sell more of them though with a plastic strap at a cheaper price. As for the colours… Orange and Green demand to be noticed, which a watch like this should be. The grey one shown is more understated and might have a market. Blue or red, don’t think it would work. Yellow could work.

  76. avatar Fahad Abdullah より:

    AWessssommmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

    I’ll SOOOO get this one !!

  77. avatar dirtytechno より:

    This watch is indeed awsome sauce, it has a bit of magic in its concept!! and wud be a fantastic conversation starter! a must buy from me!

  78. avatar Sanasoke より:

    “So what you are saying is AS IS? Any other comments on the case design? Cheap and plastic or more expensive and Stainless? How about aluminum case? What color LCD?”

    The must i think for this watch :

    - A little bit more expensive just for a black alluminium deisgn
    - and the color for the lcd : green , purple, red , blue ( cyan)

    For the price : between 75€ and 100 € maximum

  79. avatar alucard より:

    This watch is an awesome concept. I have tried to read it and I see stuff but don’t know if I am just seeeeeinggg stuff…do like some of the other suggestions ( different colors, keep it sleek, etc..) either way would buy it in a heartbeat if i comes out.

  80. avatar Vincent より:

    I’ll repeat what so many said just above: awesome.
    It really pushes the concept of ‘my watch truly gives the time, but you probably won’t understand it’.

    Whereas other watch designs felt like displaying coded information, this one really does show the time, only hidden :) .

    I really hope the concept gets through to production, I’ll buy one for sure, well actually 2, the second being a gift.

  81. avatar Denis より:

    The best of the best!

  82. avatar Doodoms より:

    Great concept.

    I want one!

  83. avatar Radioactive Man より:

    “My eyes! The goggles do nothing!”

    I probably would buy this if it’s not terribly expensive…

  84. avatar TempusFugit より:

    Very Nice!
    I want one

  85. avatar jsam より:

    I would buy it!
    Really like the design and the illusion.

  86. avatar CygnusOmega より:

    Please make this, it is the holy grail of watches.

  87. avatar より:



  88. avatar mss より:


  89. avatar TORI より:


  90. avatar Lopez より:

    Mortel, j’achete!

  91. avatar Rf より:

    I’ll wish buy it for my girl

  92. avatar Mochi より:


  93. avatar Mochi より:


  94. avatar Zedryck より:

    I would by it (depending on the price) if it still hurts my sight when i try to read the time, It’s simply beautyful, and those colours (sigh)

  95. avatar teruakiokada より:

    i will definitely buy this!!
    It’s easier to recognize the time than I thought!

  96. avatar Yinx より:

    is this watch ganna be made for sale? or is it just a idea for us to see?

    pls reply

  97. avatar DOC より:

    DON’T CHANGE A THING! I actually went to the other watches to see if any had this same band design or casing and I was dissapointed I love the ovals and the futuristic links look. The greena nd black neon is the hottest screen i’ve ever seen, concept is out of this world. If the screen is as big as the design makes it look, hell if it’s bigger! I’m buying at least ten of these, no matter the cost.

    Materials wise it would be nice to go with something light to keep the price down… Maybe make a second limited edition pimp version in platinum or something

  98. avatar yubei より:


  99. avatar roy より:

    maybe u should chagne the color, to fit my fashion, like b/w or some interesting and young colors :
    anyway, it’s a good design!

  100. avatar Josh より:

    I am definitely getting one when they come out! PLEASE start production very soon!

  101. avatar Zach より:

    please make this!!!! Im serious, I will definitely buy this product if you make them

  102. avatar brendan より:

    Please make this.

  103. avatar Jared より:

    This looks like a seller to me. Also, consider different colors for the display. Red and blue if anything.

  104. avatar Sanasoke より:

    Can we have a an answer from tokyo flash ? You will product this watch or not ?

    If you product it , when she will available on the store ?

    Because if you don’t product it i will buy an another watch on your website but if i can buy this illusion led watch , i will do !

  105. avatar Samukun より:

    Make this watch and I am willing to ruin my eyes for it, lol. Very wise decision to offer the normal time display. Very very stylish time display, fresh and innovative. Make a proper case please. This watch it totally buyworhty!

  106. avatar Eugene より:

    Ahhhh – my eyes exploded!!! I would buy one of these if my eyes didn’t just exploded!

  107. avatar yoshi より:


  108. avatar Olli より:

    What a great watch! It’s a must to have. I would definitely buy it.

  109. avatar 小野狼 より:



  110. avatar 小野狼 より:

    I thought that is very graceful!!
    Innovates very much!! Is also very unique!!
    The meeting wants to buy it!!

  111. avatar Daniel より:

    Would buy one immediately — as is. Leave out different colors and all the extra features people want for the sake of not being too clumsy (I think quite a few TF watches are pretty clumsy when you see them in reality).
    Love the design — want to preorder :)

  112. avatar cola より:

    wow so cool ! but how much ?!

  113. avatar jason より:


  114. avatar Wouter より:

    Definitively I want one!

  115. avatar Iskra より:

    If it’s stainless steel, I’d buy one in Europe for 150€ or less :)

  116. avatar Dor より:

    I would buy this in a heartbeat as is, assuming it’s made from stainless still, and not cheap plastic.

    And that the case won’t be oversized, I have a pretty small wrist

  117. avatar way より:

    I’d definitely buy one. Make it classy (stainless steel in brushed steel or black) and make it thin (8 or 9mm thick). Not sure if I would like it rechargeable since that would mean a limited life, so batteries please. Green dispay is fine, and some kind of lighting for reading in the dark if it isn’t already backlit or LED.

    Perhaps it would be making it too complicated but I wonder if it would be easier to see the numbers if the lines were animated in some way? But then again, keep it simple!

  118. avatar 匿名 より:

    PLEASE MAKE THIS WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. avatar gp より:

    email when this watch is available, and i will buy it. instantly.

  120. avatar Fabrizio より:

    Original but…..oh my eyes!!!! It takes me 1 min to understand what time it is!!

  121. avatar kevin より:

    讓人愛不釋手 一個好的時尚錶除了時間也要展現自我風格
    帶在手上讓他人多看幾秒 成功的打照出一個人的一流眼光

  122. avatar kevin より:

    讓人愛不釋手 一個好的時尚錶除了時間也要展現自我風格
    帶在手上讓他人多看幾秒 成功的打照出一個人的一流眼光

  123. avatar jma より:

    love this clock!!!
    pleaase tokio flash, make this clock real i will buy it!!!

  124. avatar より:

    我也想要 但不知道哪裡可以獲得

  125. avatar Nice より:

    This is so cool, I want it

  126. avatar 匿名 より:

    Già la vita è complicata, anche l’orologio adesso…

  127. avatar Emanuele より:


  128. avatar Alpha-Sphere より:

    I’m not really big on watches but this changes everything!!
    Please please please make this one. I want it so bad!

  129. avatar Emily より:

    I absolutely love this watch, definitely give options on the color though. If the watch could have a button to change through a few different colors that would be perfect, I think blue should definitely be an option, it would look really sharp. I like the black band, but don’t make it cheap plastic, definitely some type of metal. I would buy this as soon as it’s in production :)

  130. avatar Mel より:

    T.T Every moment this watch does not exist, my soul dies a little more. I have never desired a watch quite as much as I desire this one.

  131. avatar rosanna より:

    ionon riesco proprio a vederli i numeri..ogni tanto vedo lo zero..

  132. avatar Rue より:

    I’m also with the majority of the comments above regarding the case: the slim design shown above is awesome and deserves black stainless steel. Regarding the display, this design would work great with LC / bright green reflective background. This way reasonable battery life should be no problem. Apart from the great neon-green I’d be tempted to buy a second one if it were available in orange, too ;-)

    Really hope you productize this beauty!

  133. avatar Steven より:

    I want one! As long as the band is made of durable metal, I would pay any price for this thing.

  134. avatar her sin より:

    I love it, I want it!!!

  135. avatar Dennis AKA FireSonic より:

    Very nice. Want to buy. :)

  136. avatar Nice! より:

    Instant buy from me :D

  137. avatar Omar より:

    WHY isn’t this watch out already?!! How much longer do we have to wait? Is this going to be out??