Moebius Ring Watch Design Concept

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

Designed as a moebius ring, this watch design has two rings – the hour ring and the minute ring.  The hour ring is divided into two helix shapes, each with twelve sections.  The minute ring is divided into three shapes with ten sections each.

Screens light up when one button on the hinge is pressed.  Pressing both opens the watch.  Hours are in blue LEDs for 18:00-05:00, yellow for 06:00-17:00.  Minutes are shown in three groups of ten, yellow equals one minute, blue two minutes.  A ‘full’ group turns yellow.

It is a unisex design, leaning to the feminine with the bracelet-like polished finish, yet still masculine in its subtle similarity to a hand-cuff.  Its ‘raygun gothic’ style and clean design makes this watch concept both appealing and striking.

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18 Responses to “Moebius Ring Watch Design Concept”

  1. avatar Ikebukuro_11 より:

    Someone has to explain to me how to read the time. I’m lost. But cool design. Who’d think it’s a watch?! Just looks like a cool bracelet.

    • avatar Anders S より:

      Nice to see people like the idea…=)

      As for telling the time, the hours are easy; each panel represents one hour, with the blue indicating night-time (6:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.), and yellow for the daytime (6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).
      The minutes are a bit trickier. Since there are 30 panels in the minute display, each panel turns yellow to indicate one minute, and blue to indicate two minutes. To make it quicker to read, when a group of ten panels becomes full (every twenty minutes), the whole group turns yellow. Hope that helps…=)

  2. avatar Arrimer より:

    Hmm i am not fan of bracelet watches, more for women. However the idea of moebius is just perfect. I wish to see this integrated with proper watch case. with all this twist it could be very nice idea. Two circles on one nice watch case with some twist sketching on strap. So 2.0 for bracelet and absolute 5 stars for diagram.

    • avatar Anders S より:

      It did turn out fairly feminine, I was aiming for more of a unisex appeal.
      Thanks for the good feedback, I’ll probably sketch a more tradtitional take on the design to see how it looks, and maybe I’ll submit a moebius 2.0 version…=)

      • avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

        I am sure you could do a more MENS version, just need to adjust the size make some sharper ends not round think that makes it seem like it’s for ladies also something that makes a man feel like a man. Maybe Cuts in the metal like it was worn by a metal worker or something. Or a square version of the display.

        • avatar Anders S より:

          Interesting ideas… My gut reaction is that a square display wouldn’t have the same ‘flow’ as the round one, but I’ll have to sketch it out to be sure…

  3. avatar Avatara より:

    I’m really excited to see this design, it’s nothing like a watch at all. It seems that it would be jewellery first and time piece second. I love the way the time is shown, it’s really neat. One question though, where would the battery be located? I would like to see this time display in more of a watch style design.

    • avatar Anders S より:

      Thanks for the comment!
      The question of the battery occurred to me too, and I think it would be do-able to fit a number of small button cells connected in series inside the armband, probably through the hole the screens are mounted in. One detail that I didn’t have room to explain is that there are recharging connectors hidden by the hinge, which are revealed when the watch is opened fully. To avoid having to replace the batteries…=)
      You’re not the only one who wants to see a more traditional take on this, so I guess I’ll have to make an effort…=)

  4. avatar said より:

    I love the graphic on the display, that s really a fun shape. But the watch itself, no. I mean it’s nice but not for me, more for women I guess…

  5. avatar designkiller より:

    awesome concept, love it! maybe it will be really difficult to read time, for the size of the rings and the colors, but i really love this concept!

    jättebraaa! :)

    • avatar Anders S より:

      Tack! =)

      Readability is an issue, but a production watch would probably need to be a little bit chunkier anyway, to make it easier to fit batteries, circuitry etc… The colours of the display are chosen to be subtle, and maybe I went a bit too far…=) I wanted it to be understated since I’m not fond of the green and red LEDs which turn up in many designs… But yes, the blue and yellow would probably need to be a bit brighter…=)

  6. avatar onisan より:

    Nice looking concept for sure, but how can this be made? No way to put batteries, circuits etc inside a thin band like that.
    Well, maybe possible, but not easy.
    The screen diagram is nice, i like the spirals – that is the best part for me because those spiral shapes just look great.

    • avatar Anders S より:

      It wouldn’t be easy to assemble, no… If it was put into production, it would probably need to be tweaked a bit, e.g. slightly thicker, bigger displays with better contrast and so on… Few things are impossible, but many things are very expensive to make…=)

      Most people seem to like the screens… I have made a different version, with the same screens but in a chunkier, more masculine style (having read some of the other comments)… It remains to be seen whether the powers that be think it’s worth publishing… I’m dubious; it’s probably not unique enough since it uses the same screen layout…

  7. avatar syukran より:

    Since im a woman, i would love to have this watch :) because it’s a watch and bracelet in one.

    • avatar Anders S より:

      Thanks! =) It’s nice to hear there are women who like it, since some men seem to have a problem with the styling (judging by some of the previous comments)…=)

  8. avatar 匿名 より:

    This is a cool design. Nothing for me but nevertheless remarkable. Hard to read the minutes though. Good work!

    • avatar Anders S より:

      Yes, the minutes are a bit tricky, but I tried several layouts of the LEDs, and this is the best and simplest I came up with…=)

  9. avatar honda より: