Futuristic Bracelet Watch Design

A concept that is quite different from other watch designs from the Tokyoflash Product Design Studio so far. A simple metallic bracelet that could be made in a variety of colors – and would be suitable for both guys and girls. The time display is integrated beneath the deep, curved lens and shows the time in a simple layout of shapes. Would you wear a bracelet style watch like this?

Time could be displayed with LCD or using LEDs. Hours are displayed in the upper part of the display with square blocks and groups of five minutes are displayed in the lower part of the display in circles, both moving clockwise as time progresses. Single minutes 1-4 are displayed in the center of the upper part of the display and the lower part shows AM/PM. Can you understand this?

No need to close the clasp and no need to adjust the strap, just slide this onto your wrist like a futuristic fashion accessory. Would you wear a watch like this and if so, which color would you choose?

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4 Responses to “Futuristic Bracelet Watch Design”

  1. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    As I guy, I would prefer an adjustable strap as my hands maybe too big to fit though. I like the idea of a bracelet and the display looks fairly easy to read. Reminds me of TIC TAC TOE

  2. avatar said より:

    That s nice! I would buy that as a fun gift for all my familly!! (if only the price would be affordable)
    It s fun, not too hard to read, and yet hard to guess if you don t know it s a watch!
    Yes Yes! make it!

  3. avatar onisan より:

    I’m going to say yes to this one.
    Its not really for me, but I could maybe be tempted if it was cheap. I might wear it in the summer time.
    However, I think my wife would like this a lot! & its easy to tell the time. I would buy it as a gift for her.
    Overall I think its a very good design, but more for girls.

  4. avatar Avatara より:

    Yeah, definitely a feminine touch as it’s a bracelet. Definitely looks fun and as said says, it would make a good gift. Let’s hope this one is selected to go into production!