Cobra – A Deadly LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Kristian from Sweden.

A “driver’s style” LED watch design here that Kristian describes as follows: “The Cobra Concept is a two deck drivers style LED watch, with LED bars showing minutes on one deck, and hours on the other. The numbers are engraved on each deck, which makes time visible from the side and from above the watch.”

This reptilian concept has sharp lines on the case and strap creating the appearance of scales. We like this concept as it’s really different from anything else submitted so far – quite an original theme

The “driver’s style” layout with screens on the side of the watch as opposed to the front of the case is unusual but not unheard of. Are you a fan of this style of watch? The yellow LEDs have a certain venomous appeal, especially as they are cunningly hidden beneath the scales.

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16 Responses to “Cobra – A Deadly LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar said より:

    WOW!! That’s sharp and pretty cool!

  2. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    Striking for sure! Can it shoot venom from the screen? All jokes aside. Overall balance of the watch looks good. The case maybe a turn off for a lot of buyers but on the other hand it may appeal to many. For me I like it, but not sure if I would buy it. Definitely interesting.

  3. avatar Ace より:

    AWESOME! So friken’ awesome.

  4. avatar Avatara より:

    I’ve always been a fan of driver’s style watches and this is the best i’ve seen. Previous driver’s style watches i’ve seen look like they’re from the 80′s but this looks like it’s from the future – like comparing an 80′s roadster to a future concept car.

    I actually think it would be better without the etched numbers. Less easy to read but it would look more natural and since the numbers are in positions moving in one direction, you’d kind of know that 6:15 would be half way along the top line and quarter of the way along the lower line. Yellow and silver work nicely too.

    I echo Ace, this is just awesome!

  5. avatar cortjezter より:

    wow. that is bad-A**. i love it! very masculine cut.

  6. avatar designkiller より:

    I like it! great concept :)

  7. avatar KristianKarlen より:

    Thank you for your comments!! Like Avatara said, i also think it will be easy to read out the time without looking at the numbers, after a while… ;) Very inspiring to see all great contributions in this challange! BEst regards /Kristian

  8. avatar honda より:


  9. avatar Roels Major より:

    I would like to buy it first…!!!!

  10. avatar GabrielBB より:

    Excellent. I love the design. how about to insert a third line in the same manner, for single minutes ? this should be close to the center of the case.

    I will buy it !!!!

  11. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    It’s nice to see a totally new case design. What sells this design is really the case. So keep in mind that it’s not only the display that can make a watch look good.

  12. avatar Robin より:

    How wonderfull ! If the watch is not too large, I think it is my preferred choice.

  13. avatar Jared より:

    What if you moved the minute deck to the top and/or made it wrap the circumference of the face? It’s an awesome concept but it looks a little bare towards the top.

  14. avatar jason より:

    i likw it its easy to understand

  15. avatar jason より:

    and i would definateley buy if came in black and the lights were red or green or blue u know wut u should also add a light coler change setting so people can have like ranbow or have like a strobe it changes avery minute or sumthin

  16. avatar jose より:

    I like where is the price
    its great !!!