Cinematic Zoom LED Watch

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

Logan continues to surprise us with his big ideas and here’s another one inspired by cinematic zooms.  He describes it as his most conventional design with the segmented display pulsating to reveal each digit.  Asked why this design stands out from other designs, he says “It is so easy to read that it could have broad appeal, but still an interesting showcase for the beauty of the LED”.

This design is for both traditional watch and LED watch enthusiasts.  The partially concealed portion of the each digit makes the concept even more entertaining and unique.  We’ve never seen anything quite like it.  The squarish watch face and stainless black steel band brings the whole concept to a refined finish.  It’s a beautiful masterpiece.  How would you like yours?

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10 Responses to “Cinematic Zoom LED Watch”

  1. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    Love the look of this one! Very cool. So much better than your last ones. I would buy.

  2. avatar honda より:


  3. avatar Avatara より:

    This is a really interesting one. I like the minimal appearance and I like the black and red colour combination. The display is, as Logan says, quite conventional in that it’s not hard to read but it does have a little bit of artistic character, almost like a piece of minimalist modern art.

    It isn’t mentioned how you would see the different digits that make up the time but i’m guessing that it would be four digits that flash up when you push the button. Although this works well, I prefer something readable at a glance.

    Would definitely consider buying this though. It’s on my wish list!

    • avatar logan より:

      Avatara: yes, the four digits would be shown one after the other. One digit would fade away, then the next digit would fade in, and I guess the speed could be controlled by a button, like some current Tokyoflash watches.

  4. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    The outlook for this design is very nice indeed. Just wish it showed the time all at once then perfect!

  5. avatar said より:

    That’s intriging! What about with e-paper?? :)

  6. avatar Jared より:

    I like the idea of mixing simplicity with technology. I really like the segmented numbers look for some reason.

  7. avatar Samukun より: