2000200202 LED Watch – The future of 1000100101

Design submitted by Francisco from Chile.

Francisco’s reinterpretation of one of his favorite Tokyoflash watches, the 100100101, is a unique art piece with its shaped surface and elegant form.  He describes it as being made from a solid aluminum block which is carefully perforated creating different models of holes with only some of them lighted up to show the time and date.  It keeps the solid block, leather strap, and multicolor LEDs of the 1000100101.

The 2000200202 shows time with 12 green LEDs that represent 1 hour, 5 yellow LEDs representing 10 minutes, and 9 red LEDs that represent 1 minute, plus 1 red LED that represent PM.  Date is showed with 12 green LEDs that represent the month, 3 yellow LEDS for 10 days, 9 red ones for 1 day, and 1 yellow LED that shows date mode.

We agree that people who likes sculptural objects will be amazed by this design.  It also gives the impression of the moon’s craters which makes it more fascinating.  It is indeed the future of our classic 1000100101.  Great job Francisco!

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9 Responses to “2000200202 LED Watch – The future of 1000100101”

  1. avatar Avatara より:

    OOOOOH! This has the WOW factor! Love that second image with the matte black looking case. The polished silver one is a bit much for me though. Time seems pretty easy to understand. I’ like to see an animation where the lights appear at random out of the holes, like some mysterious liquid coming out of moon craters.

    • avatar fcomg より:

      Thanks for your comments. Attempts to add an animation when the lights appear at random
      but I agree with you, the lights should appear very smooth as flowing

  2. avatar varhodes より:

    I like this… especially the matte black. Hope it would have some cool animation of LEDs.

  3. avatar honda より:


  4. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    Reminds me of moon craters. I wonder how it would look if the whole strap was like the face. More Shinshoku style. Might even look better and more crazy! Can you make a variation of this design and Tokyoflash post?

    • avatar fcomg より:

      Thanks for your suggestion, I think it´s an interesting option, I’ll try to make this strap alternative.

  5. avatar GabrielBB より:

    this one is very creative. I like it, is simple and intuitive. On black looks more interesting. only problem seems to be that the little moon craters will be fool of dust after a while.

    I really like it. Maybe the strap should be in the same manner as the case. Maybe some small spots like the minicraters, it will make it to looks like a hiole concept.

    Francisco, contratulations !!!

    • avatar fcomg より:

      Thank you, the dust problem is easy to solve, because this watch is waterproof it will self clean every time you take a shower or swim with it. About the strap, I think it’s a good option and I’m going to try it.

  6. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    Love the texture on the face of this design. It would be interesting to see a variation of this design with the case and strap all being one piece. Might be very dynamic.