A concept design with a strong, rugged stainless steel case connected with a timing interface that shows hours, groups of 5 minutes and single minutes 1-4 in three distinct circles. Hours in the upper circle and 5 minute intervals in the bottom left circle are shown at the same points as hours and minutes on a clock face so the approximate time can be read at a glance. Four single minutes are shown in the bottom right circle.

Kisai Satellite is now available to buy here in black or white.

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21 Responses to “Sensha”

  1. avatar Avatara より:

    This is a stunner, love the time display! There’s potential here for a very cool animation with the lights before the time is shown. I like the notches on the strap too, very nice effect.

  2. avatar FuzzyGoodle より:

    Wow. That is amazing. The chrome strap and reflective face make it seem very futuristic.

    I would make that actual face a little larger and turn the 0 minutes 5 minute mark into an AM/PM Indicator and add USB charging capabilities. But it really does look amazing either way.

    I really like that green color, too. Normally it would seem tacky, but it really works in this case.

  3. avatar Maru より:

    I love the fact that it is very simple and pure in looks. The big smooth face stands out in a good way. Also the green lights fit very well with the chrome strap which is awesomely wide. The wide design of the strap with caterpillar tread like time circles makes this watch simple and stylish. The name suits the watch.

    Also it is great that this is “just” a regular watch instead of having of all those bluetooth / solar panel / USB gadgets in it. Not everyone are in need of using all the portable things in life at the same time. Just a cool watch that stands out will be enough. And this one stands out just for the right things, the design and easy to use functions. Good job.

  4. avatar Ace より:

    Looks good, very good, but it has to come in black too, and with at least 4 or 5 led color options, other then that the simple and easy to read 3 circles screen can become one of your future trademarks. Oh, and what about the name, is that a Japanese word, or just a random name?

  5. avatar Natch より:

    I agree with Ace; silver and green is nice, but black and green is awesome. The design screams for a micro usb storage or something though, but maybe that’s just the geek in me…

  6. avatar numero6 より:

    One of the most beautiful design of this blog.

    Would buy it silver & green or black & orange

    Keep this one simple, no need to add geek things

    • avatar Ace より:

      Nahh, black and red are better, orange is kinda played out. This thing should only have 5 color options for a start, red, white, blue, yellow and green.

  7. avatar Magalanch より:

    I like this concept a lot. But my thoughts are that I noticed that this watch and the USB memory watch had almost the same way of telling time. I think it would be cool to have both watch have a USB memory function, unless that takes away from the stainless steel because I like that about this watch. I think it would also be kind of neat if it had a thicker metal band. These are just ideas. I like it the way it is and plan on buying either this one or laser timing.

  8. avatar pm より:

    I like the strap, case and face (face is a good size and does not need to be larger – remember people with smaller wrists :-) ). I like the way the time is read, it is a good balance between being ‘different’ and readability. I like the s/steel look very much. I think the ‘time’ colours though could be more exciting. Green only is quite ordinary. I think 3 different colours could be used. I am also a fan of recharging and USB charging would be a good idea. I am not sure why a lot of the T/flash watches do not feature the time and date, but I think it is something that could be easily added giving a bit of extra functionality.

  9. avatar JLR7 より:

    I would like to see black strap and orange circles instead of green :)

  10. avatar zool より:

    I want one. Awesome design.

  11. avatar The Awesomer より:

    Tokyoflash Sensha Concept Watch…

    The latest concept from Tokyoflash features a stainless case, and a display that tells time with light-up rings which indicate hours, minutes and 5 minute intervals. Vote for it and it could get real…….

  12. avatar aleksjay より:

    I think for the date that it should only display the number of the day inside one of the circles.

  13. avatar prcedric より:

    With the number of the day in the hours circle and the month in the 5 minuts group circle, I buy it now

    • avatar funkywatchlover より:

      i dont think that numbers would are apt for this design. the whole beauty of the design is the deminiscence of conventional dials yet without any hands or numbers.

  14. avatar Kagis より:

    The watch looks stunning at first glance. More color options would be wonderful as they are featured in some of the other watches which have multiple colors (eliminating any distaste for the current color and allowing “customization” of your watch). The USB charging would be a nice feature but it’s not really necessary. It seems that the watch might become a little too thick on the face if there was a USB charging. The band of the watch is amazing and shouldn’t be changed in any way. It’s a good size and the design of the band looks amazing. One thing that would be very EXTREMELY helpful is an always on display like on the Rogue watch which is now discontinued. Along with an always on display an alarm mode for the watch would also be useful. An AM/PM indicator would be a nice touch also as long as it remains subtle and doesn’t stand out too much because the 3 ring design is amazing and it seems like anything more added to the watch would just seem crowded. The face of the watch seems like a good size and shouldn’t be changed. In my opinion the face of the watch on rectangle watches should be around the length of an average wrist (making it not too big or too small). As a lot of people mentioned, a black version of the watch would be cool. Overall great design! I would buy this watch in a heartbeat.

  15. avatar funkywatchlover より:

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS DESIGN. but as i mentioned in another post i think it’d be great to have a touch sensor of any kind, maybe capacitative either on (part of) the steel frame or on the glass? or conceal any buttons otherwise?

    although buttons do make a nice design element this one would do great without.

    • avatar Kagis より:

      it looks like a communicator you might see in a sci-fi movie haha. Hope it goes into production so I can buy some :D

      • avatar funkywatchlover より:

        me too i love this thing. i reckon it comes with an “always on mode”.

        also have another suggestion for material and colour:

        The steel bracelet should be brushed.

        And even better:

        would it be possible to have a strap like in a bracelet design that looks evidently different from Steel??

        Maybe magnesium or an alloy or ceramics like on the hublot big bangs? Or look at the white ipods:
        They have some plexiglasscoating around a white alloy or plastic surface and it looks so stunning and FUTURISTIC. wouldn’t it be possible to use something like that as a bracelet?

        boy i love it :D

  16. avatar kalel より:

    this watch looks so epic, I want it lol

    It should have an always on display though if you have to press a button to see it then it wouldn’t really be as great, colour choices would be cool to although the green looks epic as it is