Instant Trend

Get Twitter and Facebook updates instantly to your wrist. This concept watch has integrated Bluetooth so that when you pair with your smartphone, any notifications received will be transmitted directly to your watch. Great for keeping up to date with what’s going on with your friends and with trending topics across the globe. You can scan through recent notifications by pressing the buttons.

Reading the time is simple, just add the blocks; 12 blocks for hours, 5 blocks for groups of 10 minutes and single minutes 1-9. The design is made of stainless steel and also has world time and date.

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19 Responses to “Instant Trend”

  1. avatar werwolf より:

    this is an amazing concept! it’s absolutely, totally on my “buy immediately when realized”-list.
    love the overall design, love the functionality. all of it.
    if you’d add a way to customize displayed content + various colour variants (metallic wristband + blue or green and perhaps white wristband + red) this is going to rock my world several ways.

  2. avatar numero6 より:

    One word : WONDERFUL.

    The best of all this design blog for me. Love the concept of multiple timezones displayig

    Would be it be an OLED display ?

    I already have a silver Keisan, a Tibida, a Nekura Progression, a Kyokusen, and a black Fusion DT1, this one could be my next acquisition ! ;-)

  3. avatar eternally より:

    Brilliant. I love the color and chunky look of the design.

    If you’re going to give it bluetooth notification abilities, you might as well add some kind of vibration and/or light-up feature for incoming calls. You could also use the watch’s display to show the track information for whatever MP3 your phone is playing as well. Making it capable of receiving the ID3v1 data for both the standard iPhone and Android media players would cover most of your customers, I bet.

  4. avatar FuzzyGoodle より:

    I like the sleek design and how, in the Tokyoflash clock mode, things that aren’t actually part of the time display are just lines.

    In the Tokyoflash clock mode, which little segments represent which numbers. Like, for the hours, which is the first to light up (1 o’ clock)? Which is the second? Is there a pattern?

    And the display for multi-time mode needs some work. It looks awkward and weird. I have no idea how you should change it, but I wouldn’t buy it because of the present method.

    The notifications mode idea is great. You should be able to somehow control which notifications get sent, too. What happens if the message is too long to fit on the screen? Would it “scroll”?

    And just curious, what’s with the # on the second line of the example notification?

  5. avatar Danman より:

    I am really loving this design. This looks to be a Bluetooth watch that I might actually use.

    I have a couple of criticisms/suggestions though; Is screw on the left side necessary? – To me it just seems to detract from the overall style. Also I agree with eternally about the call notifications thing, although that may be a bit to ambitious.

    Overall, a great design. If you end up making this design, please manufacture it in chrome as well as black chrome!

    • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

      Hi Danman, thanks for the comments. The screw on the side is for the USB recharging port.

  6. avatar Botector より:

    it is kinda cool but i honestly don’t see the point. I mean if you have a smart phone then you can already get twitter and facebook and even update your status. but there are lot of people that seem to like this watch, so i don’t know maybe it’s just me.

  7. avatar bhanlon7 より:

    This is great, it is like the previous e paper designs, but with the suggestions we made. I agree with the above suggestions on different color options and also a vibrate feature.

  8. avatar shinyoka より:

    Wow, Micro Blogging, great feature, now i can see how all my friends doing with out sneaking on the web while i am working. It should also have a self memo feature if it have a usb feature.

  9. avatar Radiosity より:

    Yes. I would immediately buy this watch. Seriously. Send this one to production. The style alone, even if you can’t pull off the blogging idea, is just ideal Tokyo Flash.

  10. avatar Tokyo Pimp より:

    You guys have the best design ideas around bar none! I hope you rule the world one day.

  11. avatar dubiousmike より:

    Looks sweet, as always. I question if this will work on an AT&T iPhone. AT&T doesn’t allow me to tether devices to share the data plan, so unless I am missing something, I would not expect this to work unless I jailbreak the phone.

  12. avatar より:

    ‘When?’ is the only question I’ve got.

  13. avatar Avatara より:

    This is mint! I really hope this one becomes reality. The future of wrist wear is Tokyoflash!

  14. avatar ACERO より:

    Simplemente ASOMBROSO, MARAVILLOSO, ESPECTACULAR. Me gusta el multi-modo de ver la hora o los mensajes, lo que será todo un reto será la duración de la batería, tendrá alerta vibratoria?

    Y aunque no la tuviera está CIBER-ESPACIAL, este reloj, será mi próxima adquisición, saludos desde México.

    TokyoFlash RULES!!!! YEAH!!!

  15. avatar zming より:

    i wonder this watch has vibrations. Cause when it has new notifications we don’t know till vibrations comes out. i am wondering if blue tooth stereo headset could connect to my I phone + This watch . that would be perfect! So i am wondering vibration is it included in this design .very attractive design Would buy it for sure :D i hope this would comes out before end of this year :) ! so excited and tempted to get one right now! :D