The Ripple Effect

A natural design with the appearance of a water droplet, this acrylic speaker has smooth curves that move from the center out to the four legs.

The speaker inside emits sound from beneath and the LED display in the center shows the frequency of sound in a ripple effect.

With a USB cable, this would be ideal for desktop use.

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5 Responses to “The Ripple Effect”

  1. avatar Greenjalapeno より:

    Beautiful product=Beautiful Packaging. Create a nice theme with the packaging allowing the consumer to feel unique and confident he/she has chosen the right product.

  2. avatar mulder より:

    Interchangable acrylic covers or different colours would look good. Maybe selling them as a pair for true stereo sound may even be a selling point.

  3. avatar MennovanVelzen より:

    Full stereo???

  4. avatar doktorG より:

    What about “power”? The design would be far messier with a power cable (or cables for the ‘pair)